Monday, February 15, 2021

Wooden Spindles Repurposed DIY Upcycled Craft Ideas

Wooden Spindles Repurposed DIY Upcycled Craft Ideas with LilacsNDreams. Welcome, and glad to have you stopping by today!

I myself have not done much crafting with wooden spindle pieces. I so adore the different things you can do with them! You can find scrap piles of the wooden spindles being offered from some of your favorite thrifting shops, or maybe inquire with some too. If you google it you can maybe find some offered by homes being brought down, and another place to check is with your Habitat For Humanity stores too. You might have some within your possession now with maybe an old chair that is falling apart, some old table legs, some from an old fence, finials from some old beds, another place is from balusters, and so on. 

Let your creative minds find many ways to craft different things with them. You can make different candle holders with them, make some different tiered stands that are popular, make side tables with them, ladders,  dragon flies can be made using ceiling fan blades attached, angels with different items for wings, and just so many endless possibilities it’s exciting. I have a few candle holders myself that were made from these. I have 2 heavy white ones that came from a baluster, and 1 is part of a table leg. I’ve had other simpler ones made that are lighter and painted a slipper pink, and french blue too. 

Wooden spindles are great to use for either small, or bigger pieces for different holidays of the year. Some can be made for different seasons, and you will find some made for outside uses with the porch, and gardens.

Here is an angel that I mentioned earlier. So many ways to make these, and have fun too! No rules, but made the way that suits you with your decor, style, and likes.

This is one of many dragon flies you will see made. This particular one was made using some old ceiling fan blades. I have seen some made using different wires to form the wings too. Again, endless possibilities which is so much fun!

The joys of crafting with all the possibilities is so fun. Even thoughts, and thinking about it you easily get caught up with the flowing creative juices. 

The pictures above were all found on the internet by googling wooden spindles images, and another great source for ideas is with Pinterest too. A couple of crafty places to see is with , and also with too. Couple of pictures came from them sharing their creative ideas. 

I hope the ideas shared here will help you with your own creations, and help you with some ideas to consider too. It’s always a pleasure having you visit LilacsNDreams. Hope to see you again soon. 

Take care everyone, and be safe with all you do. Till the next time. Toodles . . . .


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