Monday, March 21, 2022

Repurpose Upcycle Reuse What You Already Have


Repurpose Upcycle Reuse What You Already Have

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Happy to have you stopping by. Last night I was thinking of repurposing, reusing, upcycling, and how many times can we do this to particular items. How many items in your home have been repurposed, and reused in some way. Also, are the repurposed projects from home, were they found items while thrifting, or were some pieces handmade by others. 

I LOVE to repurpose, upcycle, and reuse things myself. It can be more cost effective using what you already have, it’s fun to thrift for items to use, and these projects are great for your home or reselling too. Another reason to repurpose is that some of your pieces already have character, maybe some patina, some of their own details, and so on. Newer pieces do not have some of this. So, before you buy new have a look around. Carefully look for some pieces that you could reinvent. Some of the pieces might just need a little updating which could be new material, maybe united with another piece, paint touch up, some kind of new hardware, and so on. Just have fun reimagining them in new ways.

Remember I am suggesting some ideas before we start throwing things away, or sending them off some where. Nearly everything has possibilities for a second life. Seeing beyond what things are to what they can be can be fun, and a money saver too. A few ideas have been shared below of images shared for viewing.

This is a small Pedestal Plate Stand that I had made. I used an adorable little dish bowl, and attached it to a glass candle holder for the base stand.

Great idea! Use some of your favorite coffee mugs that maybe the insides are worn from time, or just some extras not being used. Add some styrofoam to put some succulents into, and add some filler around that. Adorable showing this on shelf, counter, window seal, etc.

Always looking for ways to do some small organizing, and using an old muffin tray would be perfect for small things as shown. Add an old handle to it if you like to carry it from spot to spot. The pan can be cleaned, and used as is. It could also be painted if you would like too.

Another great idea to reuse with some of your favorite little plants, succulents, etc. Old single coffee cup, bowl, glass bowl vase, and so many possibilities.

Got an old grater not being used? Why not smooth the cutting sides, and then hang it upside down for storage of colored pencils, maybe some crayons, scissors, and different things by your desk or for the kids.

Have an old shutter, and wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it. Picture above is 1 of many ideas what to do. Give it some paint, add a couple shelves to it, and it is something uniquely done for your home. This would be great in the bathroom, kitchen, your bedroom, in your office, and many possibilities.

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Don’t be afraid to share, or comment with things shared here. Love hearing from you, and enjoy reading what you share. Take care, be safe, and see you again soon!

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