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Repurposing Treasures For Home and For Resale


Repurposing Treasures For Home and For Resale

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Happy you stopped by! So many things that so many of us do when we craft. Some like to do completely handmade, some like to repurpose…upcycle…restyle…reuse…we like to paint, some items need glue, we design by sometimes uniting pieces, sometimes just a light cleaning gives new life to pieces too. These treasures are special because to us they are one-of-a-kind pieces that are special in many ways. I think it is fun, and enjoy seeing the creativity and excellence of so many talented people that is being shared too. I am often in awe of seeing so many things others are sharing from their vintage collectibles to their repurposing crafting styles. Some share through their blogs, their websites, and of course with all the different selling platforms being used too. 

So, what are some of your favorite things you like to share, or offer for sale? What are some of the things that you use to craft with? Are you specific to 1 area, a certain category, or maybe your interests are spread with different things. I love my vintage collectibles, and always will. I also take much joy in repurposing, and restyling different things I find. I love glassware, sometimes different plates bowls pans, I like different wooden pieces I can work with, and I truly enjoy many things with possibilities. Many pieces found are lonely pieces, come from unwanted broken sets, most are gently used, once in awhile new or like new condition, sometimes vintage pieces may be used for crafting, and so on. A lot of these treasures are found in Thrift Stores, Good Wills, Market Place, Junking, Yard Sales, sometimes curbside pieces are found, and pretty much anywhere that someone has something to offer. Sometimes my own treasures are used giving a new life to things, or a change with home decor. 

When I first started repurposing I did a lot of cake plate stands, candle holders, soap dish stands, jewelry holder stands, candy dishes, catch all pedestal stands, cloches, and many things to fit in with home decor. I enjoyed making these pieces because they were quite universal with many uses through out the home. Sometimes I showed how some of the pedestal stands could be flipped over used in another way too. That would determine the base that it had. I often showed different displays with my pictures to give everyone ideas, and maybe help them be creative with pieces too. 

Now with some of these things I did some light sanding, gluing, painting and spray painting, uniting pieces together, doilies, sheet music, ribbon, modpodge, and so many things you can use to create with. 

I enjoy doing this, find it relaxing, I’m at peace when working on things, and take pride in all the treasures I offer for resale, or for those that adorn my own home. I enjoy seeing the work of others who craft, and learning from many who have shared their treasures too. I am by far no expert with this, but do enjoy sharing with you. Even sharing my mistakes so that we all can learn from those too. 

So, what do you like to do? Is it pleasure, fun, business, or a hobby for you? What favorite things have you had the pleasures of making, creating, repurposing, restyling, finding, and etc.?

Below I am sharing just a few things from times past that I have made. 

Cloche Cheese Plate that I painted a pink slipper color. I laid a vintage doilie within it. Very fun piece to use, or mostly to decorate with.

Cheese Plate Cloche which I painted blue. I later found a doilie to lay in it. I also added some little trinkets with small pictures within it too.

Christmas Wall Decor I had made using plastic candy canes from Dollar Tree store, I braided some red and green ribbon to use as a hanger for it, mini green and red ribbons from Dollar Tree, and a Joy ornament I found at Walmart for the center of it. 

Black Cloche Cheese Plate Stand that was fun to make. I attached a wooden candle stick as the pedestal stand. I painted it black along with the cloche base too. I added white ribbon around the neck of the stand. Then, I cut some organ sheet music from a book to put in the center, and in middle of the stand. Used modpodge to seal this. This was really fun to show, display, and do different things with. 

Decorative Couch Chair Bed Pillow I made using 2 cloth placemats from Dollar Tree. I glued the pieces together around the edge, and used poly fill to fill it. These are so soft, and was actually my first one I made. 

White Cloche Cheese Plate was done here. I painted the base a pretty clean white color. In the center of the base I then added a cut from some sheet music I had. This was so adorable in person when it was dressed for displays. 

Blue White Cake Plate Pedestal Stand that I had fun putting together too. I found a pretty soft blue plate that has white snowflake designs through out it. I used a metal scroll candle holder, and painted that white which I later attached to the bottom of the plate. I enjoyed using this new lonely plate I had found, and uniting it with the metal scroll candle holder as its pedestal stand. Looks so much better in person, and it has so many possibilities too! Cake plate for serving, make it a candle holder stand with decoration around it, use it as a jewelry dish, in the bathroom or kitchen with some rolled cloths, set your dish soap and scrub pads on it, use it for organization, and many endless possibilities. 

It’s the beginning of the week, and I wish you all a great week! Take care, Happy Crafting and Treasure Hunting Everyone! Thanks for visiting LilacsNDreams! See you next time.

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