Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Social Networking Social Media With Photo Sharing Applications

Social Networking Social Media With Photo Sharing Applications. Here is a little more to add in with some of the discussions we have been having of Social Networking, and Social Media.  As we have come along with some of those posts about Social Networking I hope it has helped with some things for you knowing how big that this all is, and how much is really out there.

Photo Sharing of different applications plays a part with our social networking, and social media of today as well. This is yet another tool we use to share, and to help market our items of vintage collectibles, handmade, homemade, market places, venues, our online sales, and so on. Remember I am only mentioning a few. If you would wish to see more, experience more, or research more I would suggest maybe googling for a little more information, and links. 

Photo and Video Sharing:

You Tube - On this video sharing website users can share, and upload new videos. Here you can put together photos, some music, and then make a mini video of your products to be shared with others on their blogs, websites, and etc. I even seen on tv recently a politician in the area using You Tube to get his word out there for his campaign. 

Flickr - This website is used for hosting pictures or images, and videos too. This community of members can share, and make comments on the media that is shared. Sometimes in a google search of things I have found some images that ranked well enough to be shared within these searches. 

Picasa Web Albums - Another free photo sharing website that is connected with Google. This free Google Tool is sometimes considered by some to use for sharing their images, and for image editing too. Simplicity, free picasa software for photo editing, organizing, and uploading are some things I found mentioned for this use too. 

Photobucket - This free service also has a paid service that is offered too. This service allows you to have photo sharing albums that you make, or organize. You can also display, customize galleries, and slideshows too. Some of these you will notice on different blogs, and websites as well. 

Twitpic - This website is used for users to easily post pictures to Twitter. Since they are one of the top rated Social Networks they should have something to, don't you think?:)

Instagram - This is an iPhone application that has been growing, and I have seen some bloggers using it too. Yes, it is another form of sharing photos. The phone applications is a growing thing used by many. Sorry, I myself have not quite advanced that far yet. But, I feel it might be coming:)

As you can see the form of Social Media is yet another thing that is growing with using photos, making your images clickable, using videos, and so on. It is all good, and advantageous for many who Social Network. As mentioned it is another tool for sharing different things, showing items you make, sharing your great finds for the day when thrifting, and offerings of items you are selling too. 

I hope that this little segment has once again been of use to you. Sometimes those little things we do, or those small little things we put together has more advantage to us than we realize. Thanks again for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams, and hope to see you visit again soon. 



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