Monday, June 4, 2012

Blog and Blogging Platforms Are Social Media Tools Used

 Blog and Blogging Platforms Are Social Media Tools that are used as well. I apologize in advance as I know some of this seems a bit repeated, but trying to cover everything I am finding, or can think of as well too. Think of some of it as a reminder for our notes. Thanks so much for understanding everyone.

As I have mentioned before, and reminded to all of you there are many platforms out there to Blog with. With that in mind I will mention just a few to you, and if you know of more you would like to add to this discussion, please be so kind as to do so. 

Blogs Blogging Blogland:

Wordpress - There is and remember there is also It gets confusing, but there is a reason for them having it this way too. One of them is more detailed having a paid domain, some different plug-ins offered which can better assist you. Wordpress is one of the popular blogging tools that is used, and the content management systems that is being used too. 

Blogger or Blogspot - Another popular service platform being used that does allow multi user bloggers. They do have time stamped entries which is nice for referencing. This blog publishing service does allow private blogs, or you can choose to use multi user blogs as well. One advantage to using this service is that it is a Google Tool too.

Tumblr - This service has become more popular over time. Their social networking website has a blogging platform that allows their users to post short form blogs. 

Type Pad - This blogging service can be targeted to the non-technical user. They also provide photo albums, mobile blogging, and it also supports multi authors too.

Weebly - This place is known to many for a free website, but they also include blogging too. Threaded commenting went live in December of 2011. When you comment with a blog post you have the ability to directly respond to other comments, and then having your comment appearing in the line below the original comment. 

Windows Live Writer - Some have mentioned how this is nice to have. It is an offline editor that is to work with all platforms.

Remember, everyone has their own preference as to where they blog, and how they blog. What one person might like, or what can work for them does not necessarily always work for the next person too. That is another reason that choices are good for us to have. I have found some who have their own websites, but have also found the ease of adding a blog to their site as well. You will also notice that some of the Social Networks do have a place to blog, or have added it over time for others to be involved with as well. 

As mentioned this is not all the platforms that are out there for blogging. If you find more please let us know. Choices are a good thing to have to find the one that suits us, and works for us with our own needs. 

Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams, and hope you found this to be helpful as well. Take care, and see you all again soon. 



  1. Great post, some social media services are a great way to get in touch with your target audience or client base.

  2. Most definitely, and I agree with you about the involvement with social media, and finding target audiences too. I know the more involved with some of the social medias I am it helps....Sometimes I find these much easier in search engine results than I do some of my own listings that are offered for sale. Odd I know...but it is the issue of being involved, participating, Google likes to see activity which happens with these places:)

    Thanks for visiting Maria Mendez! Have a wonderful week!:)