Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vintage Collectibles Home Decor With Glassware Collections

Vintage Collectibles Home Decor With Glassware Collections can come from many of the well known glass makers such as Fenton, Westmoreland, Indiana Glass Company, Cambridge Glass, Colonel, and many more. 

Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! How many of you have a fetish for collections of glassware. Colors, shapes, sizes, vintage collectibles, home decor, dinnerware, drinking, and so much more.  There is a lot out there. I myself like to collect it, and I also like to find pieces that I can reuse with repurposing too. 

Some of the glassware sought after might be opalescent, maybe a milk colored glass that can be white and some soft pastel colors, patterned glass, pressed glass, depression glass, carnival glass, and there is so many beautiful pieces out there to explore. Today many of the patterns, and colors that were developed from designers are not as easily found, and not considered new anymore. Keep in mind over time due to popularities of some of the glass work made that reproductions have also been made too. You can find some pieces that are reasonably priced, and you can find some pieces that are very hard to find, considered rare, and their prices can be quite spendy too.  Know that the prices can fluctuate with different places.

Glass has been around for a very long time, and it is used in many ways too. Some glass is so beautiful when a ray of sunshine hits it showing its design, pattern, iredescent coloring, and a beautiful array of colors it makes you melt, and you find yourself saying awww, oohh, wow, and etc. Glassware is found with home decor, sometimes dinnerware, wine glasses, goblets, drinking glasses, figurines, and in many shapes, forms, and colors. 

When shopping for glassware make sure to check for any imperfections on the pieces. Cracks, chips, crazing, how many imperfections, etc. How bad are the imperfections found can also determine how much the actual piece would be worth in todays market. Sometimes a small chip that is found on the peg foot of a designed bowl will not effect the value of the piece. Yet, if the chip were bigger, maybe discolored, and if there is more than one chip or crack it can also go against the value of the piece found too. 

When shopping for pieces to add to your collections, or to start your collection keep in mind you should do some homework with this as well. Check the internet with places selling vintage collectibles, antiques, or some people also buy used glass pieces to repurpose with too. Check around on the internet with different places, ask questions of some who are with social medias, check with your library books, and sometimes having some of your own books on hand is an advantage too. 

When you are shopping for glassware there are many places to go that you can get pieces to add to your collections. Online sales have been a very good place for people to look at. Some will shop Ecrater, Artfire, Etsy, and Ebay among other online venues too. Some of my favorite places to shop for items myself is with Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, Flea Markets, sometimes a church auction will have things, different auctions that are held in your area, and so on.

Make sure to do your homework, make some notes before you leave to go shopping, get some small pocket sized books to help you that can be carried while shopping, have FUN shopping, enjoy and learn things along the way, and soon you will be putting together a collection that you can take pride in showing to others.

Happy Collecting to all Glassware Collectors! Enjoy, have fun, build something that you admire, and take pleasure in. Thanks for sharing with LilacsNDreams everyone. Have a wonderful day, and come back to visit again soon. 


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    1. A perfect glassware adds shimmer and style to every aspect of home decor. They can brighten the dreariest of days all year round. It sparkles, it shines and the elegant etchings can't be beat. Thanks a lot.

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