Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Halloween and DIY Dryer Vent Pumpkins Homemade

Halloween and DIY Dryer Vent Pumpkins Homemade is a fabulous idea!

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! Well, our summer is now gone, and the calender says that on the 22nd of September Autumn begins for us. Still nice weather, but the days are not so hot and humid, and the nights are cooling down as well. School has started, Homecoming events with schools, leaves are changing for the season, and our first holiday that we will soon have upon us is Halloween. 

How far ahead do you prepare for holidays at this time of year? Do you decorate a lot? Maybe you are like me, and like to decorate outside, and inside the home as well. Course the easier the project, the less expensive it is, the more I can make and create with too. Halloween as we know always shows us pumpkins everywhere. Some are used for decorating outside the home, some for inside the home, and just so many things we can do to make these as well. Don't take me wrong, I enjoy using the real pumpkins, and making things. But, I also enjoy crafting to make even a few more things, and sometimes those can also be stored to use for next year Halloween too. Some items can also carry over into the next upcoming season as well such as Autumn, Harvest, Thanksgiving, etc.

Below you will see pictures of some simple pumpkins that were made. These pictures were ones that have been shared on the internet, and if you search a little more sometimes you will find instructions for doing these as well. Something simple, and are adorable when done too. 

Depending how you want yours to be completed will determine how much of what supplies you will need. There is your glitter spray to consider, some spray paint coloring for the pumpkins, cinnamin sticks, cut piece of wood, stick from your own yard, maybe some moss for texture, leaves, vines, and etc. To start these pumpkins you will need some dryer vents. 
Cut these dryer vents to the sizes you wish your pumpkins to be. Once you have that done you just bring the ends together, and glue them making a round circle shape of the pumpkin. Next, get your spray paint out to add the colors that you want. There is the traditional orange, white has become popular, I have seen black pumpkins, and there is no rule to this. Choose what you desire to use with your home.
Once you have them painted you can then add a little bit of glitter if you would like. As for the center stems that is where you can choose to use cinnamin sticks, a cut piece of wood, maybe a stick from your yard, use the empty roll from toilet paper, and just whatever you choose is going to be good. Once you glue that in the center of the pumpkin you can add some filling of moss around it for texture. Maybe you would like to add some leaves, or maybe some kind of leaf vine too. Whatever you choose it will be wonderful. There is no right, or wrong to how you create these adorable simple pieces. Do what works for you, your family and friends, your home decor, and what your creative mood feels at the time too.
Now, I know I seem some dryer vents around here some where. Guess I will have to go digging for some of it, and if I don't find it I shall head to the store. You know you could also consider some of the black vents that are used outside the home too. Just a last minute thought, but also hoping to help you be inspired as well. 

Something simple, something cute, and something fun to do with little work makes for a really fun DIY craft doesn't it? Hope this helps some of you by showing you a little bit, and giving you some ideas to work with as well. Inspiration is everywhere, and I hope you have found some here. 

Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams, and hope to see you visit again soon. Enjoy, have fun, take care, and have a wonderful day everyone! Toodle Loo............

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