Thursday, September 13, 2012

Organize It Create It Lets Get Organized Everyone

Organize It, Create It, and Lets Get Organized Everyone!

Hi there, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Organizing, Getting Organized, Organizing small areas, creating things, and etc is something all of us are always working on. There is soooo many things out there to do, ideas being shared, and it's amazing all the creativity being used with what we have at home, or how cheaply it can be done too. 

Whether it is at home, from a Thrift Store, something you found on clearance with a retail store, or just any sale with any store you can use some of the smallest, and simplest things you wouldn't imagine until seeing it done by someone else. Often as what happens with me not just what someone else has done, but maybe it helps you think of something too. We all have some kind of creativity within us, and once we see it we also realize how cost efficient that it can be too. Below are some pictures I have found when roaming the internet. Sometimes with Pinterest, maybe a blog, a website, or just someone sharing what they have done. Also, keep in mind that some people also do this, and share it with different market places available for us to purchase too. 

The bathroom, the tub, the shower is always a place it would be nice to have some extra organization with. Sometimes the shower caddy is not enough to hold what we want, or we need something bigger to hold things too. Why not add another shower rod on the opposite of your shower curtains, or doors? Pretty nifty idea, huh? This was found at with no link back to where it came from.

Repurpose a Cup Mug Holder by transforming it into maybe a scissor holder for your craft area, those who do scrapbooking, and etc. This was found at

This is a nifty idea to organize with, and also to keep a little bit of that vintage with us too. Using Vintage Matchbox Holders is a really neat idea. 

I could think of different ways of organizing with a Paper Towel Holder like this shoes. Use this with your counter tops, your desk, on the table, and etc. Use some plastic sleeves, and some rings to add them to the holder. Store some embellishments, stickers, recipes, and etc. Organize it to your needs as has offered here. 

Here is a really nifty idea! A simple quick filing of everyday things, and have the pen and pencil holder right there for you too! Using a dish rack for this organizational purpose is a really neat idea to consider too. This is something that was also found at with no other link to share of it's origin. 

What a unique way to organize an area that is often used. A corner where we throw everything could be better used by organizing it so it is easier to find things, and actually gives us more room to store some things too. Great organizing of the desk, or corner kitchen counter areas too. Another terrific find at which came from

Here is a wooden box that was made to organize jewelry with. Not saying it would have to be for jewelry only. Possibilities for all them small pieces that we have a hard time finding, or not knowing where to store them to be found later. I found this at

Oh yes! Finally an idea to help with the organizing of purses. Doing something like this would make them have an easier access within our reach, better organization of course, easily accessible when changing from one to another, and etc. This picture shows us to use some simple shower rings with the hook, and a rod. Another great find from   

Under the sinks can always be a night mare. We tend to store many things there to help us with our cleaning of all sorts. Yet, it is so hard to get to some things at times, or what a mess it can easily become too. As I like to use with different things a tension rod is a great thing to use as shown here. The bottle handles easily hang from it, and it is not big or gaudy either. gives us this great idea to consider. 

As mentioned earlier there are so many possibilities out there being shared, and so many working ideas that we can consider for our own homes, and our own purposes of organizing. So, what do you think? Is it time for you to organize, and restructure just a bit? I know it is for Me, and I am making my list of things needed to be looking for too. Let's get organized everyone!:)

Hope there are some ideas helpful to you being shared here today. If you have something you would like to share, or add to this please know you are welcome to do so. Love hearing from all of you, and enjoy all the wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams, and hope to see you again soon everyone. Take care.


  1. I love your blog! Being addicted to being organized is a burden but my friends love it when I help them organize their closets, garage, etc. These ideas are brilliant and I can't wait to share them. Great post! -- Jan

  2. Jan ~ Thanks so much! Love your kind words, and I can soooo relate to the organizing of things. OMG! I get things moved around, make more of a mess, organize things, and's like it never happened. I search, and search for things to do, and just love all that I am seeing, and able to share with others too.

    I will have to dig around some more, and see if I can find some more great thing to offer....organizing is something we all struggle with. Do they have like an Organizingholics place, or something?:)

    Thanks for the visit, and your kind words, and good luck to you Jan!:)


  3. Fantastic Blog!! Love the organizing! I need some of that here!!

  4. Thanks so much Ashley!:) I appreciate you dropping by, and sharing some kind thoughts. Take care, and have a wonderful weekend!!