Monday, September 17, 2012

Reorganzing Your Home With More Ideas to Share

 Reorganzing Your Home With More Ideas to Share

Hello, and Good Day to all of you visiting with LilacsNDreams! Happy to have you here with all of us. I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend. Was very nice here, cooler at night, but gorgeous days yet. I am thankful for that because I am sorry, but I just am not a winter person. Fall I can handle, but that cold stuff.....Well, we don't get along too well. 

So, how many worked in their homes this weekend? Some might have crafted, some painted, some were gluing pieces, little bit of sanding, cutting wood, etc. If not crafting, did anyone get a chance to visit some Thrift Stores, and to go junking? I got 1 think glued, and other pieces are sitting together I have paired with each other, and that is all the further I got. I do plan on organizing more things around here, and am forever looking for other ideas of those who have done so to help inspire me into doing something. 

Below are a few more simple ideas to maybe help us with some of the smaller things. Great ideas, and some are inspiring too.

Here is another idea of how to use a 2 tier cake plate. Course I like it as it is something I enjoy making. This picture helps others see how versatile those pieces really are. Plate Glass Pedestal Stand repurposed.

This is one of them there simple things, and who would have guessed to do this, right? DIY Cable Organizer
This is a before..which we all can relate too. Then, here is the after. It was all organized with using binder clips. How neat is that? Another small thing from the office that can be used. Binder Clip Organization

This is a simple inexpensive thing to use. Actually my sister uses this, and it has done wonders for her in saving room, and knowing where some things are too. Pantry/Door Organizer  Many uses for this with snacks, packet seasonings, etc. Also, cut this down smaller to size to fit inside the cabinet doors as well. Neat, huh?

I always like that kind of rustic look with some things, and this idea is one of those times too. This is a wine bottle holder that is being used as a wrapped towel holder. How many times a towel is forgotten, and how things get messy getting out from shower to get one. If one of these was hanging by the shower, or near by anyway, would this not be a saver for all of us? Towel Holder  This came from another blogger at

Well, here you have it. A few more ideas of how to organize, and make things a little bit more simpler for you too. Hope you enjoyed this, and it was helpful to you as well. I know I got a few more ideas from this myself:) 

Hey, thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. Always a pleasure to have you here, and hope to see you again soon.

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