Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cute DIY Snowmen Made From Mittens

Cute DIY Snowmen Made From Mittens

Cute craft idea to make snowmen with! I know that socks are used, have been used, but using a mitten is such an adorable way to make these snowmen.  I love how there even appears to be an arm with this snowman to hold whatever you desire to put there.

How many times have you lost a mitten, your child has lost a mitten, and there you have only one mitten. Generally when this happens many of us will throw them away as they do us no good. Now, if you happen to find a single mitten, or lose one make sure to hang onto them now. Such a cute creative handmade item to make with them.  

This idea was first found with Croissant and Lavender. Stop by there to see what little goodies they are showing with using a mitten, and adding some other characteristics with it too. Just adorable. Careful, you might finding yourself oohing and awing over these little snowmen.

It's Wednesday, and we have a week left for Christmas. It never hurts to add a few more crafty little things to make with everything else you have done. I know I am still doing some small things, or at least working on some things yet. I should get them completed though so that I can again, one more time, clear out my dining room from working in there. LOL:)

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and I hope these little snowmen have helped you with some of your creative juices. Hope to see ya'll again soon. Take care, and Happy Crafting everyone!

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