Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fire Fox Browser and Using Adobe Flash Player

Fire Fox Browser and Using Adobe Flash Player

Well, here it is Saturday, and hopefully this day goes better for me. Nothing serious, just a computer thing is all. For my browser I have used Fire Fox for a very long time as my default browser being used. I have not used Internet Explorer for so long now I don't think I would remember how to use it myself....LOL:)

Ok, yesterday...Friday.....I had a minor issue that usually I can fix. Dealing with the Adobe Flash Player. I have not been able to be updated with the newer versions, and that has been fine with me as I do not do a lot with things that I need to worry about using that player. Well, hubby decided he wanted to play his darn games on the computer, and of course it was coming up that my Adobe Flash Player was outdated. So, in order for him to play I decided to update the Flash Player...if I would have been thinking I would have just had him sign over to Chrome, and used that for playing his games. 

Anyway, of course I went through the same delima I have for quite some time with the player. It could not be downloaded, boxes keep coming up saying 11.9 r900 has stopped working, etc. etc. So, off to the control panel I went to remove the Adobe Player. Course, after doing this, getting upset I could not get the older version to the player back, etc....I then thought of him using Chrome to play his games. 

He played, he had fun, and later in the day I decided to work on the computer, and get that darn Flash Player put back in. I knew I would have to use the older version which was fine with me as I never had any issues with it before. Well, today it is not working. I cannot seem to get an older version put back in, have gone back to my computer restore to a later date, and that is not working either! I have turned off the anti virus, deactivated my firethreat protector, and I still cannot get the newer version of that Adobe Flash Player installed, and of course I cannot seem to get the older version installed back in either. 

Here it is 10 o'clock at night, and I still do not have the Adobe Flash Player installed for my Fire Fox browser. So, the heck with it, I am over to Chrome browser now and will use this for a while. At least till I can figure out the issue over at Fire Fox. I know, I know, Chrome is good too. It has more speed, and it is a recommended one to use as a browser too. But, I am one of them there "old" dogs stuck in their ways a little bit sometimes...LOL:) Not really that old, just saying:)

Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams as always. Here's to wishing you all a splendid weekend. Have fun, and be safe everyone. Enjoy the holidays, and see ya'll when you come back. Toodles...........


  1. I had something similar happen and I had to switch to Chrome... so far so good, I only use Firefox now for some of my "detailed designer Ads". Good to know you are back and up with the "fix".

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by NativeByDesignz, and happy to hear I am not the only one who has had this darn issue. Yes, I got an older version of Adobe Flash Player "finally" installed again, am using Firefox again, but still have chrome around for just in case. I have slowly been using chrome, and do like the speed with it.

    Thanks again, and have a wonderful Monday.....Happy New Year!!