Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year With 2014 Goals Plans Dreams

New Year With 2014, Goals, Plans, Dreams

Well everyone the year of 2013 is almost done. In a couple of days we will be starting our new year of 2014. For many we have one more day/evening of celebrations bringing in the new year. Do many of you have plans to celebrate with family, friends, or will you be home alone? Hopefully you can enjoy this special time in some way. 

With the beginning of a new year comes goals, plans, and dreams that we would like to achieve. Some will set goals for themselves, and there are some who do not like to set any goals for fear of not completing. Then, when it's not completed you have that disappointing, and discouraging feeling too. 

I try to set a few goals for myself. Generally I will set smaller goals to achieve so that they are easier/more realistic to achieve. Then, as I achieve those goals I will set another new goal in it's place. Keeps me busy, thinking, and something to work for as well. 

This year I am focusing more on setting goals for my shops I have online. Not only my shops I sell with, but also for blogging and my website too. At the same time I also want to narrow down the places that I sell with, and some of the social networks that I am signed up with as well. I would like to focus more of my energy, and time with places that I see results from them. In doing this I can better focus, and give the proper attention to those places which in turn will better assist my customers as well too. I have already begun with a list, and I have accomplished something from that list as well. On the 22nd of this month I put in my 30 notice to discontinue my membership with one of the platforms I was using. I debated, but decided it was time to do it. No sales from it, my views are way down there, and I want to focus more of where my traffic is at. 

So, it's a start for me with my list that I have made. Hopefully I am able to accomplish more as I move along with things. One day at a time, and I do not want to overwhelm myself with it all like I use to. Whew! LOL:) This is feeling good already!

After this week I hope to have a better layout of topics that I will be posting for everyone here. Another item on my list of goals to work with is better planning, and scheduling of different topics for ya'll here. If you have any ideas, or suggestions of things you would like to see or discussed leave a comment about it. No promises, but I really do appreciate the ideas shared and the suggestions which leads me into ideas too. 

Hope everyone had a good Christmas, and a wonderful weekend. Here is to a prosperous, and wonderful new year in 2014! Thanks for sharing time with LilacsNDreams, and see you all again soon.

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