Monday, January 13, 2014

Gaining Business Perspective With Personal Attempt

Gaining Business Perspective With Personal Attempt

Welcome back to LilacsNDreams! Today is about some business perspective with personal attempts. 

Some of us might paint, glue, decorate, and create something for a friend or relative which is then our hobby. Yet, when you list that hobby of yours online to try and sell it is when it becomes business. This is something we need to realize when we are doing this. It will help us eventually with making our hobby into a business. 

You will often hear the term saturated market when discussing your passion, and don't let it scare you. This means there is a higher demand for what you enjoy doing. Sometimes this can create a problem because we might think about it, and scare ourselves with the issue of there is so many upcyclers and repurposers out there, so many painters, so many crafters, many hobbiests, many offering their services, and so on. Please, don't let this damper things for you, and get in your way of making your hobby a successful business. When you start your business around your personal creations, or your services it is natural to do this. It is only natural that your personal feelings, and thoughts will be involved with this as well. 

When you are in business you need to be open to feedback, or as Etsy calls it now reviews. If you take the outside views personally then you will be closing yourself off to critism, and taking them as insults. So, as hard as it can be, you need to be open to feedback. Remember these people are in their own way helping you to make them a customer, and maybe repeat customers too. 

When scoping out the market sometimes it is good to find some role model businesses. This type of business will be someone, or a business that does things similar to what you would like to do and achieve. The answers you sometimes seek will be within this gathering of the role model you have sought out.

Your role model can be an example of how you would like to turn your product, or your service into a business. Incorporating some of their ways into how you do business can help spark some ideas for you with the growth of your own business. 

Go to google, and do a keyword search for product, or services of your liking. Upon doing this you will see those that show within the first few pages of search. Within there you can find a role model that you like, or maybe you know of a business already that you would like to consider for your role model. 

Then, try to figure out what is working for them by asking yourself a few questions. 

• How do they present, or show their products online
• What are they calling the product that you make
• How do they describe it
• Review how their customer policies look
• What might they be doing better than you
• What are you maybe doing better than them
• Make sure to see how their about page reads too

Bigger businesses will often leave their marketing, copyrighting, and some advertising research out there for you. What you need to do is dig a little deeper, enjoy, and learn to use it to your advantage.

Yes, some of them spend a lot of money on their advertising. If you are like me you won't have many funds to begin with on this venture. So, you learn to do it in other ways like using Facebook. Learn how to use the curve in another way by applying it into something else that will work for you. 

To see more ideas, and what has been shared with you so far in this venture visit Market Your Creativity. Lisa sells on etsy also, and has done well for herself. She started out small like many of us, and has built her sales with what she enjoys doing. From this she has decided to share things to help others which I think is really sweet of her to do too!

Thanks for visiting, and sharing time with LilacsNDreams. Hope to see you all again soon. Take care, and have a Happy Day everyone!

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