Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Packaging Your Products You Sell to Feel Special

Packaging Your Products You Sell to Feel Special 

Welcome to LilacsNDreams with the topic today of Packaging Your Products You Sell. This is something that we all deal with at some point, we all started some where with this issue, some of us have found ways that work for us over time, and some of us are learning as we go with things, right?

Packaging your product is an important part of selling online. This is the first time that you will be making an impression with your customers. Packaging can actually help you turn one sale into many more with customers too. 

When we all ship we worry about getting our products to the customers in a timely fashion, that the package is intact, and that it was properly packaged to get to them. For those who do shop online consider your past experiences you have had with this. So, when your packages showed up to you were you Wowed, or impressed by it? Was this experience what you had imagined it to be? Or, did the arrival of your package, and seeing it disappoint you? Keeping this in mind you would like to impress your customers as they receive their packages, and have them be wowed by it too. 

Over time you will always look for ways to improve your packaging. Of course making it cost efficient, but making the customer happy as well too. This can mean a lot to your business. Keep an eye out for new, and improved ways that you can package. Search around to get some ideas of packaging, and what others do that seems to be successful. Another good source to search around with would be at Pinterest too. 

Try to keep the outer appearance of the package neat, clean, and presentable. Something to consider when doing this would be your shipping to, and return labels. Maybe on your return address labels you could consider having some made with your logos, use the fonts you generally use with the branding of your business, and etc. Some might do the ship to label by hand. For a faster, and more convenient way you can also print with your computers too. This is the way I use as you can print your labels with Paypal, from ebay, etsy lets you print labels, and you can also go to the USPS site to do this too. 

Now, depending on what you sell will also determine the supplies that you use to ship with as well. For smaller items using padded envelopes is good. For bigger, and bulkier items using boxes is generally used for a more safer, and secure delivery. Some will use ribbon, tissue paper, bubble wrap, peanuts, insert invoices with thank yous written on them, include a thank you card, include your business cards, and etc. 

Over time you will continually strive to improve, and to personalize the shipping experience for your customers. The next time you receive something in the mail, and it makes you feel good, excites you, and you are pleasantly pleased. Then, ask yourself how can I apply these same elements to my own packaging for my customers. 

Remember to visit with Market Your Creativity to read more detailed about some of these steps that are being shared. Follow with her, and see some of her visuals that she shares as well. 

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and see you next time. I wish you all the best. Have a Happy Day . . . . Happy Hump Day Everyone!!

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