Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What to Name Your Business or Existing Business

What to Name Your New Business, or Existing Business

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Our topic is still about business, and kind of a building stepping stone version of some things to do, and consider. When we build our businesses we should do so with the intention of selling it. When doing this it will help you think of longer terms of your business. You might be considering what to call your business, or maybe planning on in the future of changing your name of your business you have now. 

As time has gone along you learn a little bit more of what to maybe consider when you choose a name for your business. Like is it keyword rich? Another thing to consider is if the domain is available for it as well. Many ask also if it a good move to give your business your own name. 

Using keywords, and a domain is important in helping your business to be found online. While considering names for your business you can also check the availability of a domain for it as well. There are many providers out there for services of having your domain with. I myself have used GoDaddy for years now. Remember, there are others to choose from, and it is something you will want to look into further to see which one will better serve you. 

Now, if the business is you then it is acceptable and understandable giving it your name. Now, if the business is to be of something you love, then it might be better to give it a name that reflects that. Doing this will be more workable for you to brand it as well. 

Using your name maybe could work for like a high end designer. An example would be like Michael Kor who has done well, and has a known name for his products. Maybe you will have a service for hire like a wedding planner, a local personality, or as a photographer too. You can also consider using your name for your photography, and of course many who are writers also will use their names too. 

If you would fall under some of the examples noted then you should use your name for your business. Me? I like the idea of choosing a name that you can brand for you, and your business. As you choose your name consider many things with it, and how you would like your business to be known too. 

When naming your business it becomes an exercise in doing so. Consider using words to describe your business, maybe how your products make people feel, and maybe reasons as to why you enjoy making what you make. Write some ideas down on a sheet of paper. Then, consider if you were to draw a picture of what your business is to represent what picture would you draw. Maybe what symbol do you consider with it, colors for products sold, and different things like that. 

As you come up with some sample names to use for your business consider if it will match your product, and your theme. Is it a universal name that you could use to blog with, and to also market with too. If you would choose to expand your business will this name work for it?

These are a few things to consider when naming your business, choosing a name, and hopefully will give you some ideas of what to consider as you do this. Remember to visit MarketYourCreativity as Lisa does well explaining things, giving you ideas, and is doing pretty good for her business she is building. 

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and sharing some time with Me today. Wishing you all much luck with your business ventures. Have a Happy Day, and hope to see you again soon!

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