Monday, March 15, 2021

Etsy EBay Bonanza Ecrater Poshmark Mercari Marketplace Platform


Etsy EBay Bonanza Ecrater Poshmark Mercari Marketplace Platform with LilacsNDreams. Welcome to all who are visiting!

Been thinking about, and trying to feel what platform is for me to sell on. There are so many choices out there. Trying to choose one, or which ones you would like to use can be confusing. Everyone says sell here, sell there, no this one is better, etc. You need to choose the platform that will benefit for you, and what you sell.

I started years ago with EBay. Back then it was fun, and I looked forward to listing things there. Things started changing, and honestly I was changing too. From EBay I moved onto Bonanza, Ecrater, Artfire, and I did land on Etsy where I spent more time there too. 

Things are changing again with Etsy. Fees, rules, how they are charging the sellers, advertising fees that are forced upon you according to the money you make. I was fortunate enough to be able to opt out from that. If you offer free shipping, advertising, and so on its suppose to help with your position of how you are found in searches. Honestly with what little bit I do I have been seen more by my internet actions than what Etsy has done. 

So many places, so many ways to put things together for you to sell. Using a platform you pay fees with, place that you could pay monthly plans with, and many things to consider. Maybe you wish to do Big Commerce where you can work with Facebook Marketplace, and Instagram being in same place. You could consider Shopify, or maybe Square Space too. Then there are ideas for your own website.

So, now you need to consider the shipping company or companies you would like to use. Trying to use the best rates possible with shipping costs being an issue for some right now. If you do some of your sales yourself you need to have a payment processor for completing transactions by collecting money paid. 

Wow! It can be overwhelming can’t it? I have a friend who has a store at EBay, she does well, and enjoys what she does. She has also been using Facebook Marketplace, and doing pretty good there. Less hassle, less fees, and rules to abide by. If you offer items for sale there you should also consider offering shipping with your items too. People notice a difference with sales there by offering shipping which makes it better. I also just found out that if you have an item to sell for over $500 on the Marketplace they do not permit you to offer the shipping. Why I don’t know, but I do find it odd. Some are able to get around that by noting their price for $123, and explaining their asking price is actually XXX amount. 

I’d love to have my own website which takes a little money for that. So, till then I use Etsy a little bit, I show things with my Blog/Site that I have, and I have been picturing items that I will be offering at Facebook Marketplace for sale. Wish I could do more, and be speedier about it too. Unfortunately, there isn’t much support from home to do these things. So, working at my pace, and time I have for me is limited some days. 

I apologize if the posting I offer today seems kind of short. I have been feeling a little under the weather today. Nothing serious. I think yesterday caught up with me riding around looking at properties for sale, checking some areas out for living, realtor in the morning being given information and ideas to look for, etc. Over did it a bit I think, and the weather changes aren’t helping a lot either.

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Stop on by anytime, say Hi, share something if you like, and hope you enjoy the visit too. Till next time take care everyone, and be safe. Toodles . . . . 

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