Monday, March 1, 2021

Federal Glass Bowl Candy Dish Compote Holder Wood Bowl Glassware Home Decor

 Federal Glass Bowl Candy Dish Compote Holder Wood Bowl Glassware Home Decor with LilacsNDreams. Hello to everyone who visits today!

Yesterday was kind of a lazy relaxing day. So, when it was time to consider what to share with everyone I was a little bit stumped, and not quite sure what to share this time. So, I went back through old pictures, looking at past things I’ve done, having memories of things I did, etc. That is when I decided to share a little bit of things I had done over time. The pieces I am sharing have all sold back in time when I started this change of interests for selling. This would be around the time I was getting started with repurposing different pieces, and I was starting to experiment with painting too. I miss some of these pieces, and wish I still had them. I enjoy being able to combine sometimes a vintage piece with another to give it a new life for others to be able to enjoy too.

This is a Federal Glass Bowl Candy Dish Compote Holder I had repurposed, restyled, and upcycled. 
This was a cute, sturdy little piece that I combined 2 pieces of glassware uniting them to make this one compote piece. Many uses for it like a candy dish, candle holder, jewelry dish, catch all, in bathroom with some soaps and things, and the possibilities are endless. I used a gorgeous iridescent clear glass bowl by federal glass. I united it with a glass candle holder with an hexagon shape to make the base/stand for this adorable piece. Both glass pieces were sturdy, and just adorable together! It look store bought.

Now, this is a picture showing some items I found while thrifting back in 2011. Pay more attention to the brown wooden bowls. Those bowls were my first projects that I painted. I used white spray paint, a French blue spray paint, and the pink paint I used was a pink slipper color. It was a trying time to learn to paint with spray paint, what to do so it wouldn’t run, and I also tried a little of distressing with the white and blue bowl compote stands. The other pieces you see I eventually did some plate compote stands with them too. Creativity of uniting pieces is fun, and makes the finished items unique in small ways. Adds a little life, and character to items being repurposed and preserved for new times and uses.

Below you will see a picture that shows the wooden bowls I had painted with the colors mentioned. I was pretty proud of myself, and how they looked when finished. It excited me to do more too!

Hope everyone enjoyed seeing some of my first repurposed, and restyled pieces I made. I haven’t done as much with the compote plate stands like I use to. But, I do dabble a little bit with it yet. 

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams everyone! I appreciate you stopping by, and hope to see you again soon. Take care till the next time, and be safe everyone! Toodles . . . . 

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