Thursday, February 20, 2014

Blogging Represents Your Brand, Drives Traffic to Online Storefronts

Blogging Represents Your Brand, and Drives Traffic to Your Online Storefront.

Hello there, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Today I will talk a bit about blogging which is something I enjoy doing. I want to share with you how blogging represents your brand for your business, and how it can help drive traffic to your online storefronts. Actually it is good for those who have websites, and is a form of social media that is good to use. 

When you blog you should do it regularly. Remember, if you don't have a business yet this is still good to have for a business that you might have some day. If you don't have any intentions of starting a business I believe it is still good for people to do. As you sit down to write for your blog you will ask, like many do, what is it I want to say? Once you start sharing it only gets better for you. 

When I first started to blog online I had no clue as to what I was doing, what I wanted to say, how to get started, and then nervous if anyone would actually find me to read anything. Getting started can be hard. I didn't think I would really have anything to say, or talk about. Over time ideas would come to me, I would read something that would give me a thought, and I learned to make small notes to myself of these ideas for later uses. 

It can take a while to find your way of what you think you should say, or what you think that maybe people would like to read. Once you get started, once you find your way, you will find that blogging is not as bad as you first thought. You find that the words come pouring through you as you open more to share, and more of you is revealed for others to see you which is good for business too. You will find over time how this helps to reveal your brand. 

If the business you have chosen is meant for you then you will find yourself eating, sleeping, dreaming, and living your brand. So, share it to the world in a conversational style way by using a blog. 

The blog is an ongoing thing in conversations between you, and your readers. People can come to your blog that would like to get to know you, and maybe ask you questions too. It's great when they wish to share things with you, and the other readers who visit. With your blog they can read a full post compared to the short messages with Facebook, or with the 140 characters that can be used at Twitter. 

Don't be offended with people who are not interested in reading. Some people do not like to read which is okay. Your target audience is going to be with those who are online looking for something of substance every time they visit online. This helps those who like to dig a little deeper, and get more of a feel for things by getting to know you. Consider it like writing an email to a good friend of yours which will help you share what others are looking for. 

Some of the traffic that comes to my shop is from my blog. Once in a while I enjoy sharing items that others are offering to help boost a little traffic for them as well. You will find that the blogging community is friendly, engaged, and they are willing to help other bloggers too! Blogging is not like visiting some of the forums that we have with our online storefronts. Some of those forums can get kind of mean, people get rude, and like others I cringe when it happens to me or see it happening to others. 

The blogging community is certainly people who like to share, and are friendly writers. We all look for new stories, some inspirations, and etc. You will also find that they are happy to link with you, tweet, pin, post some of your products in return, and that they enjoy sharing as well. The more that you can share the more your links are put out there, and the more clicks you can get too. It's a revolving circle. 

So, where do you start to blog? If you have your own website sometimes a blog can be made with that. Many will use the free blog from Google known as blogger.  There is also wordpress that many will choose too. Some will start with, and later will switch to the self-hosted site. Keep in mind that you can also get your domain with a place like GoDaddy, and have that directed to your blog with blogger too. That is something I do for Me. So you might ask, which one is better, and what do I choose? Many like wordpress, and there are some that prefer blogger. Here is a little article about blogger vs wordpress. See what is being shared about the 2 places. 

My preference is with blogger as I have a hard time getting around with wordpress. I am not a computer techie person, and blogger was easier for me to work with myself. Who knows, maybe some day I'll grow up more (LOL), and venture over to wordpress. Till then I am with blogger, and have been content with it so far. I like things simple I guess.  

If you would hop on over to visit Lisa at Market Your Creativity check out Day 14 in her series that she shares about how to build your own creative business. There she gives you some links for the beginning blogger, and for the advanced blogger too.  

Well, there you have it for today everyone. If you are not blogging I hope you will consider it, and know that it truly is good for you to do. It's one of the forms of social media that is good to use when branding, and building your business. Don't forget, you don't have to have a business to blog either. Many do it to share with family, and others too. 

Thanks for sharing time with LilacsNDreams today, and hope to see you again soon. Take care, and have a Happy Day!

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