Monday, February 17, 2014

Writing Your Listings or Descriptions For Your Products

Writing Your Listings or Descriptions For Your Products that you are offering for sale online.

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Writing Your Listings or Descriptions For Your Products is where we are going to try to focus with today's topic. This is about the text the you use that will help in advertising your product. The listing you create can help you with making your sale. 

When you write your listings you need to understand what your customer's needs are, and what they are wanting to get from your products you offer. In your listings you want to help them see the results of the product, and why they should buy it. You want to share about your products offered their size, their length, how you made it, materials used, etc etc. While doing this you also need to make your customer realize the benefit, and the pleasure of them owning your products too.

If you can help identify what the customer is hoping to gain from owning your products you offer you are letting them know that you do understand what their needs may be, and what their desires are also. You want to make this about the customer as well. 

When doing your listings it helps to think like the customer. Think about how you shop as a customer. You want your customers to be pleased, happy, and comfortable with their purchases they are receiving. 

Try to have a clear picture of how the customer will benefit, and what their end result will be with owning products you offer. Try to practice putting the customers needs first. Try to switch your focus from just making a sale to the service of your customers. 

Key elements to effective writing are the What, the Why, and the How. 

The WHAT is the basic features of what your product is, what it's made of, what it measures, and etc. This should be the first paragraph of your listing descriptions. Try to make this short, and sweet if you can as you are leading them into the Why of your products. 

With the WHY of your listing you would like to describe to your customers the benefits of of the product that you are offering. This is one place to think like the customer to help them envision them having your product, using it, and what uses they can have from it in their homes. Try to give them a picture that they can envision from your description that you are offering. You are giving them the product in their mind simply because you offered a form of a visual for them to see. 

When it comes to the HOW of your description this is where you the seller come into the picture of your listing. Pretty much here you tell the customer how you are able to answer their questions or their needs, and confirm this is why you are the person to buy from. 

When you write your listings you want the customer to feel that you understand what their needs, desires, and wants are. These types of descriptions can add to the life of your photos, and listings. Your are helping the customer envision having your product in their world.   

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