Thursday, February 6, 2014

How to Sell With Market Places You Choose

How to Sell With Market Places You Choose

Have you chosen the market place you would like to start selling with? There are many options available out there, and you will have to choose what feels good to you. Make sure you research them a little bit before you sign onto one. 

Etsy is for handmade, upcycled repurposed, vintage, art, and supplies. An alternative to this is Artfire. Etsy has really taken off from where it started back a few years ago when there was just 400,000 active sellers which it is now up to more than a million, and counting. Other alternatives to look into would be Ebay, Amazon, Storenvy, Indiemade, Zibbet, Ecrater, and there is plenty more to consider. It depends on the type of products you intend to sell, if you want to sell straight out, or if you prefer auctions like what is offered at Ebay. Some will be free to list, some will have small final value fees, some will offer different payment processors that you can choose to offer with your shops, and many other things. 

Once you have chosen the place you would like to start with, and have set up shop with your shop name, policies, shipping, and etc. You will then want to get started with pictures of your products for you listings. Make sure that your pictures are bright, crisp, and clear. With good pictures your products will be noticed. Remember that the photos are a very important part of your customers first impression when they visit your shop. 

Next you will want to work on proper listings for your products you are offering. Remember as you do this that the customers cannot touch the product you offer. So, you will have to describe a physical experience for them. If you do not take the time to list your products properly then the customers will not give you the sale. 

Don't make your listings like they are going to be on craigs list. Customers won't go for that. They like to have the descriptions in full so that they do not have to spend all their shopping time asking you questions. Instead welcome them into your shop just like you had a physical storefront. When they click on your picture they want to feel that you have taken the time to respond to their interests. 

This is all a part of building your shop. With the early stages of your shops you will have time which is on your side for you to do things with. You could start a blog with the same shop name, or if you already have a blog maybe you would want to use that for your shop name. Use Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram. Set up some social media accounts, and spend some time establishing those places as well. As you get busier you will be able to choose the places that are more enjoyable, and that you find benefit with too. It's all a part of building your small business. 

Think about one of your favorite places that you like to visit, and shop with. Remind yourself of the atmosphere, and the surroundings it has that you so enjoy. This is what you would like to incorporate into your own shops so that your customers will want to take a part of your business home with them.  As your business grows you will refine things along the way. 

Keep in mind that the market place you choose is just a starter home for you to build with. Also, do not be disillusioned by business takes off the minute you open shop. It takes time, many things to learn, mistakes will be made, but it will grow with patience and work of it. Visit with Lisa at Market Your Creativity to learn from her experiences that she shares with everyone. 

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams in learning some ways to start our online businesses. I enjoy it, and hope to see you again soon. Have a Happy Day everyone!

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