Monday, February 24, 2014

Some of the Social Media Basics to Know

Some of the Social Media Basics to Know

Welcome to LilacsNDreams where I will discuss some of the social media basics that you should know to help you with your business. 

Facebook is one that we all know, and is by far one of the most popular ones for anyone to start out with. Most of your small, and creative businesses do have a Facebook fan page. It is simply a great way for you to connect with your customers. 

To create a Facebook fan page from your home tab (the news feed page) on the far right dial click on create page. The rest of your process is pretty much user friendly, and self explanatory for you to use. Decide on the type of business that you own, fill in the necessary information, and twala there you have it. 

For those of you with an Etsy shop you can connect your facebook fan page to it. On your Etsy account page click on Info & Appearance under the Shop Settings category. Under the heading of Links you will see the check box that is for a Facebook page, and for Twitter. Click on the Link a Facebook Page with your shop, and connect the two. This will then result in a Like button that is under your Etsy Banner. 

Twitter is misunderstood at times. It is not for advertising as many think. I would recommend strongly to not go through your shop, and try to tweet one product of yours after another. This kind of thing will result with a large amount of the unfollows. 

Twitter is for networking by reaching our to your peers. It helps to make connections with your customers, and other businesses alike. Like others it helps to contribute to your business.   

A few suggestions that will help you to benefit with Twitter is to consider tweeting bloggers with an interesting comment, or suggestion from their posting. Consider maybe tweeting an article that you found interest in. You could tweet about a story for some of the same interest as your industry. You could tweet about one of your favorite characters in a program while you are watching the show. 

You can also link your Twitter account to your Etsy shop by going to your Etsy Account Page. Click on the Info & Appearance under the Shop Settings category. Under that heading Links see the checkbox for a Facebook Page and a Twitter Account. Just click on the Connect with Twitter to connect the two. You will then get a Follow button under your shop banner also. 

Pinterest is something we have all heard about, and has grown and populated amongst many people. Inspiration boards are fun, and very inspiring for many who visit. Have a board for your shop with others shared from Etsy. Have a board with like interests, and products of not only your items, but of others that fit into your same industry too. Have a board that represents blogs which of course you will have yours pinned in there too. When you pin things you can also share them to Facebook, and Twitter too.  

Instagram has been another popluar form of social media that has become popular as well too. I haven't tried this quite yet, but am working on it. I have seen many great comments about it. Many start an account by their shops name. They then will post likable, and some trendy pictures of their products. As has been seen they will then #hashtag like crazy. You will then answer inquiries from others in the comments section of each photo. They will show prices, and they can link the pictures to their Etsy shops and other places of business. 

So, what other forms of social media have I missed? Believe me, there is plenty out there. Some of you have found success with using other places as well as what has been mentioned too. If you have a favorite not mentioned by Me I would love to have you share with us, and also share some of your experiences with those that have been mentioned too.   

As always don't forget to visit with Lisa at Market Your Creativity to see what more she is sharing of these business topics, and helping out with too.

Thanks so much for sharing time with LilacsNDreams. Until the next time I wish you all a Happy Day, and see you again soon. 

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