Monday, February 24, 2020

Vintage Collectibles Repurposed Upcycled Recycled DIY Handmade Treasures

Vintage Collectibles Repurposed Upcycled Recycled DIY Handmade Treasures with LilacsNDreams. Welcome Everyone!

Spring is in the air and I feel it with the great weather we’ve been having. Ready to open the windows for some fresh air in the house. Do some painting, cutting, gluing, creating, crafting, and treasure hunting for some vintage collectibles along with treasures to repurpose too. So ready to get out of this winter slump blues with the gloomy weather. I love spring time with everything fresh, new, growing, and the air full of life.

This past week was quite a hectic week. Ever have one of those yourselves? Almost everyday was an appointment, something scheduled, and really no free time for anything else. I apologize for not having some craft to share with you, or even a vintage collectible that was found while thrifting. Hopefully this week will be more productive with it being open for anything. Try to get some crafting done along with a little more downsizing of things. I need to add some things into my Shoppe at Etsy as well.

Time is getting closer for our son to be home, and done with the military. So, a few preparations need to be made for that too. Organizing, little more downsizing, and getting house ready for his stay too.

I wish you all a great week with all you do in your crafting, repurposing, and treasure hunting for some vintage collectibles along with found pieces to craft with too.

Thank You for visiting with LilacsNDreams! See you again soon.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Vintage Collectibles Embroidery Kit Marjolein Bastin Hallmark

Vintage Collectibles Crewell Embroidery Kit Marjolein Bastin Hallmark Sold by LilacsNDreams! Welcome everyone! 

I apologize for being absent lately. I caught that horrid flu bug that has been going around everywhere. This past week was not very good, and really knocked me out. It’s still lingering, but I am moving around more, and getting along better.

The 2 pictures above of a Marjolein Bastin desk calendar is a very heavy, and sturdy piece along with the Crewell Embroidery Kit still sealed were both sold this past week. I was fortunate, and thankful to make these 2 sales. I was very slow moving, but I accomplished wrapping, boxing, a big manilla padded envelope was all completed for these shipments. Once sales are completed I ship items within 24 hours of payment received. Excluding holidays, and weekends. 
I need to get more items listed with my Shoppe at Etsy and with my Facebook Marketplace too. 
Now, hopefully I can start working on things I am scheduling to do with no more delays.

Thank You for visiting LilacsNDreams! Pleasure to have you, and hope to see you again soon. 

Monday, February 3, 2020

Diamond Rings, Handmade Pink Candle Holders, Spring Fever

Diamond Rings, Handmade Pink Candle Holders, Spring Fever with LilacsNDreams! Been beautiful out, and spring fever was even stronger this past week! I should be crafting, creating, making some handmade projects, taking pictures and listing some vintage collectibles at my Etsy Shoppe. Instead I was either lazy, or when I had energy I was going through a few things, adding to piles to donate, or a pile I started for some items to be offered on FaceBook Marketplace. I’ve been considering putting some of my purses I have on Poshmark too. Still thinking on that one.

Below you will see 2 pictures for diamond engagement, wedding, cocktail, collectible rings that I listed at EBay. I am offering them as Fixed/Buy it Now, or considering reasonable offers. They both have appraisals with them too. To see more pictures, and descriptions you can visit LilacsNDreams at EBay for all of that. 

These next 3 pictures are of a set of pink candle holders that I have had for a very long time. I bought these years ago from a woman who would do the listings on eBay with items her husband would make. I have a blue set similar to these that I am keeping that was made by him also. He would buy the different wood pieces, put them together, and then paint them. He painted these a Pink Slipper color. Back at that time that was a popular pink color that was used for quite a few things. These have sat for displays only in my homes. They have the hole at top for tall pillar candlesticks which I never used them. Instead I would set little decorative saucer plates on the tops, and then set different sized and colored candles on those with arrangements, or candle wreaths. Trying to down size....a little bit anyway. So, these have gone to the pile to list on FaceBook Marketplace soon. 

Yesterday, and today would have been great days to take pictures. Instead I would roam around house  doing different little things, or going down the road for errands, grocery shopping, etc. Beautiful days, and I think I caught a little cabin fever.

I want to Thank You all for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Glad to have you stop by, and hope to see you again. Hopefully I accomplish a little more to share this week with everyone. Take care everyone, Toodles!