Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2013 From LilacsNDreams

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ! from LilacsNDreams ! !

Hello everyone! I have missed all of you, and my blog this past week. I want to apologize to everyone, and let you know that you have not been forgotten. On Christmas Day due to complications my Father was air lifted to the hospital, in ICU, and I have been there since then. Last night...Sunday....we just got home to take care of things. 

I had to come by here to let you all know I was thinking of you, and my blog/site, and hoping all of you had a wonderful Christmas too! Here is to a New Year, new plans, new goals, and wishing the best to everyone! Have you set some new goals for 2013? You are so welcome to share with us here your ideas, and thoughts. 

Please be safe, have fun, and enjoy the bringing in of the new year everyone. Take care, and see you again soon at LilacsNDreams!

                    HAPPY NEW YEAR . . . . 2013 ! ! ! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Do It Yourself Gift Wrapping Creative Ideas

Do It Yourself Gift Wrapping Creative Ideas. 

Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! Christmas almost here, got all the gifts you want to buy, and now the part of gift wrapping. Do you like to gift wrap? If so, do you buy your own rolls of paper to use? There are some pretty papers out there to choose from, but once in a while they all start to look alike don't you think? This time of year we sometimes like to put our own personal touches to the gifts as well too. So, why not be creative with your gift wrapping, and make it fun too. 

Below you will see examples of some gifts done in a creative way. These ideas hopefully will also help you to maybe think of other ideas not mentioned here as well. I found this list with Country Living

Mix Tape by using some festive masking tape, or consider some washi tape too. Alternate the tapes horizontally, vertically, and so on. As in this picture the tape mimiced the ribbon used. The snowflake was fashioned from some frayed candy cane colored paper straws. Neat huh? This comes from Joy D. Cho

Box O' Joy can be just as fun as the gift inside too. Use subdued tones, maybe some fun prints, polka dots, and etc. Buy boxes already decorated, or maybe decorate some of your own with scrapbook paper, material, an old shirt, maps, and etc to create your decorative boxes. These are from 
 Use an adorable musical theme. This is done with some repurposed Jingle Bells sheet music to give this some festive cheer. Enlarge music on copier, and then print it onto thick paper. Use a satin bow of course, and the jingle bells provides the finishing touches. Comes from Grapevine Invitations

Another creative idea is to use ready to wear. Put some new life into a thrift store shirt you found, add a brooch to the package. Not only is this an adorable idea which gives a person more gifts when unwrapped with the brooch, and the shirt, but this also makes it eco-friendly too. This came from Jenn Playford

These are all wonderful ideas shared by others, and there is still so much more out there to consider using as well. Many many ways to have fun wrapping those gifts for under the tree. Use craft paper, yarn, ribbon, buttons, tissue paper, use wall paper samples to maybe make some letters, old maps, magazine pages, fabric, etc. 

For gift tags you could also have fun creating too. Consider using a twig, ornament, glitter buckles, buttons, playing cards, etc. Make some pretty velvet flowers, or paper flowers to add another touch as well. 

So, do you like gift wrapping, or are you bored with it? I would suggest you consider making it fun to wrap by using some fun things from around the home, and giving your gifts a special little touch of their own from you. Fun, creative, and special.

Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams today. Take care, wishing you all a wonderful holiday, and see you again soon.  

                          Wishing everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS ! !

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Everyone From LilacsNDreams

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Everyone From LilacsNDreams!

Hello, hello, hello, and how is everyone doing? WOW! Just a few more days, and christmas is officially here for us. Is everyone ready for this? I have most of my things done, house is pretty much in order for everyone to arrive, and stay. Busy, busy, busy. I will be ready for a long break after this season though. Time to slow it down, and work on some projects too.

I did get a chance to stop at a local store of ours that has relocated into a new building. Did it more, or less to see how the bigger place was, look around a bit, and see if their prices had changed much with this new building. Pictured you will see a Big Jar I found with the lid, has the rope & Santa decoration around the neck of the jar, and inside the jar the strand of red lights came with it too. I just could not refuse this piece, and love it on my kitchen counter top. Yep, got home I checked to make sure the lights worked, cleaned the jar out, cleaned the lid, and lit this baby up. When I got to the counter is when I found out that all christmas items were 50%. So, for $3.00+ I could not complain with this item. 

Anyway, I do believe I have all the food for our dinners we will have. Now, wish me luck in the morning as I have to get up extremely early due to the snow we all of a sudden are getting here. Snow, snow, and more snow. It hasn't quit, but yet oddly enough there are a few areas I can still see some of our grass peeking through. I just hope we don't get too much so I can get through it in the morning. Living on a farm someone was usually here to run the tractors, and scoop the snow. No one here right now, and am hoping I can get through it till I get back home. Picking son up from airport as he is on his leave for holiday till the 3rd. Daughter, and grand baby here by Sat. morning. Dinner on Sunday, and Dinner, left overs, and some other goodies brought in for a day of family again. 

Making my list of what items I still need. Not sure where my head has been, but I have to wrap gifts, and haven't gotten the wrapping paper yet! Plenty of tape, but no paper...LOL:) I do hope this finds everyone doing well, and everything is being done in your preparations for the christmas season as well. Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams everyone. See you again soon, and have a wonderful, fun, and enjoyable Christmas!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Adobe Flash Player Update for 11.5.502.135 Not Working

Adobe Flash Player Update for 11.5.502.135

Welcome back to LilacsNDreams, and always happy to see you back, or stopping by to visit. I know, I am a little bit off today...what is new, right?:) Anyways....I have a question for some of you. Which browsers are you using? Do you use Fire Fox, Chrome, IE, or what has been your preference?

Now, for the next question. Have any of you downloaded that newer version of Adobe Flash Player? Whew! That thing is throwing hissy fits with me, and not playing nice either. I have downloaded, disabled, tried to restore my computer to another time, and then a few days later I went to the Adobe site, and downloaded the thing again. My problem I am having is that I keep getting them darn boxes popping up saying how it is not working, send a report, stop the program, etc etc. Sometimes it gets so bad I have finally gone into my tools for my add ons for Fire Fox, and disabled. Yes, I forgot to mention I am using Fire Fox for my browser. I have used it for years with never any issues. Security has been great with it, no problems with pop ups, and I have enjoyed it. 

This Flash Player add on for the newer version is really something else though. At the adobe site they did have a section where everyone was asking questions, complaining, trying to find answers to fix it, etc etc. From what I could read, and remember of it I was given the impression it was with all the browsers everyone was having problems. So, I finally went to ESN, one of the social networks I belong to for my Ecrater Shop. The administrator there is knowledgeable, and has always been able to help with odd things too. I asked her about this issue. She told me how she uses Chrome, it does the automatic updates, an she was not having any issues. Hmmm....I seen others complain about all the browsers, and having issues. 

So, last night I had come to my blog to work on it, and there were a couple of my plug ins not working for me. My clock, and my Christmas Banner count down. Was working earlier, now it wasn't. So, I went to my Fire Fox add on, and activated the adobe flash player to work again. URGH! There started those darn boxes popping up again about program not working. So, I tried the next thing I could think of...waiting till this afternoon naturally as I gave up last night. I do keep a Chrome browser button on my desk top to use sometimes. Clicked on that, and wouldn't you know. My blog plug ins were doing great, no pop up boxes, and here I am reporting to you all about this issue. 

So, if you had this issue were you able to resolve it, and make it work for you with the new adobe flash player update? If so, what browser are you using, and what did you do to make it work? As for me, I am using Chrome right now, and unfortunately I might have to keep using it to keep peace of mind with this plug in issue. 

Thought I would just share a little bit of something down to home a bit, and that we all deal with everyday with the use of our computers, our life lines...LOL:) If you are having issues, or found a work around please do share with us here. I want to thank you for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. I wish you all well, and hope to see you again soon. Now, for me, back to hopefully some more listings with Ecrater, and Etsy. Take care. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bottle Brush Trees Pink Vintage Ornaments Glitter

Set of 3 Itty Bitty Pink Bottle Brush Trees This is a listing that I found at Ebay by tobibritt. She does some really nice things using vintage pieces, and making these creations.

Vintage Ornaments Bottle Brush Tree This is yet another creation that was done by the same artist for her listing at Ebay as well. Oh, did I mention that she signs, and dates her creations that she does too?

Vintage Ornaments Bottle Brush Tree Santa Baby is also another listing done by the same artist. You need to visit to see this person's creations, how they do it, and what they are using too. She does quite well with selling these beautiful creations of hers too.  

Bottle Brush Trees, Pink, Vintage Ornaments, Glitter, and fun!
Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone, and hope you are enjoying the pictures, and links being shared to you by a seller that I have found at Ebay who goes by the name tobibritt. If you like bottle trees, the creations of them, glitter, pinks, using some vintage pieces, and having some lovelies showing in your home, I would give her a visit. I also found that she has a shop at Etsy, has a blog, and has a website too. With these last 2 places mentioned you can read a little bit more about her, and follow along with her journeys of creating. She shares other things as many of bloggers do which makes it fun, and interesting to pop in now, and then for a visit. She appears to keep things upbeat, festive, and is enjoyable to visit from time to time as well. 

I enjoy finding these bottle brush trees, am in awe of some of them that are created, and of course have it on my list to work on, and do some for home along with selling also. Most of the trees I have found have been adorable, come with the general stands, are displayed in little villages, and etc. With this seller she caught my attention with how she does these just a little bit differently making these pieces unique, and attractive for those who buy them as well. 

So, if you like bottle trees with a little bit of glitter, some ornaments, and want something just a little bit more unique stop by to visit the places mentioned for this creative seller. 

Also, I would like to note if you would like to follow along with some of my posts with my blog, and with my page for my shoppe blog you will find the RSS feed buttons in the upper right with a few other buttons you see there for G+, FB, Twitter, Flickr, and Email Me. Give them a click, and give them a follow. I mention this because some people like to follow these RSS feeds to be updated with things, sometimes feel spammed by emails, and I hope that maybe you will want to follow along with LilacsNDreams, and LilacsNDreams Shoppe with my feeds.  

It has been great seeing you here, and I appreciate you sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. Thanks for the visit, and hope to see you again soon!   

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Decorating With Lights Trees and Fun

Blue Christmas Tree, White Lights in Kitchen Bay Window
White Christmas Tree, and 3 lighted gifts all on floor in this picture. Since this picture I have moved the white tree up onto the end table next to it at left, have the tall glass vase holders with pink, white, and silver bulbs in them on each side of the tree. In front of tree is a glass candle holder with christmas print on it, and sitting on each side of that candle holder is a red rocker ornament that says Grandma with a pillow, and a green rocker ornament that says Grandpa. Picture below this is without the flash showing the lighted gifts again.                                                                                                  

White Christmas tree on other end table in living room with different pink ornaments hanging on it, and colored lights as well. 

Same White Christmas tree from above, but tried it without the flash this time. Sorry, got a bit blurry, and my editing could not fix all of it.   

This next picture is of our living room with the garland and lights in the archway, and showing the white trees with the flash on the camera. Our home is small, and after 4-1/2 yrs I am still adjusting with it. Only time I have hesitations is with decorating because I like to decorate for the holidays:)                
Here is a picture of the front of the house facing the road. You can see the small white tree lit in the window. On front of porch is a green wreath with red lights, and then green lights put around the porch rail. In the corner is standing Santa Claus. He use to move, sing, dance, but our grand daughter has worn him out...LOL:)

Coming from the front porch is our longer porch on the side of the house. In the window...which is our dining room is a wreath with lights. In the kitchen bay window is the blue christmas tree, and the porch rail has colored lights going along them.
Here is more of a close up of some of the longer porch with the colored lights on the porch rails, lighted wreath in the window, and again the christmas tree in the kitchen bay window.

Christmas Decorating With Lights, Trees, and Fun. 
I am one who enjoys Christmas, and all the decorations with it too. This year I still do not have as much done as I normally woud do, but was able to get some of it done to make it festive for company soon to be here. I generally have different blow ups that are in the yard, lighted moving reigndeer, and etc. For the first time I was doing this by myself too. Excuse the messes in the picture showing the living room. Whew! Had lights all strayed out testing them, moving things around to make room, and also trying to work on a few pieces that will be offered in my shops for sale too.

Christmas is not far off now. About 14 days away now. I am not done with things yet, quite a bit more to do, mostly getting ready for company to be here for a couple of days. Daughter, and grand baby will be visiting from out of state for about 3-4 days, son will be home from army basic training for couple of weeks, and the joy of people coming and going as they please, and get around. Christmas day will just be a lounging time for us as we are doing things a few days prior to that with all the schedules of everyone. Daughter, and grand baby will be leaving back home on that day. So, enjoying all that we can, while we can.

Thanks so much for sharing your time at LilacsNDreams today. Hope everyone is ready for this festive holiday, and able to do all that you are wanting to do. Take care everyone. Enjoy, have fun, be merry, and see you all again soon! Have a wonderful week, and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL ! !

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Decorating Colors Themes DIY Projects

Blue and Silver Christmas

Blue and Silver Christmas decorating

Purple and Silver Decorating

Purple and Silver Tree Decorating

Traditional Red, Green, and Gold tree decorating for Christmas

Red, Green, and Gold tree topper decorating

Snowman Themed Christmas decorating

DIY table runner done with ribbon that was weaved! How Neat!

Of course the Whimsical Fun Christmas is great too!

Christmas Decorating Colors, Themes, DIY Projects.

Christmas is not really much further away. Are you ready? Have you done your decorations, or any this year? I know, there are some that do not do decorating, and some this year have chosen not to decorate for different purposes. I have a hard time getting into the Christmas mood unless I have some decorating done myself. Anyway, if you decorated what did you do this year? Do you have certain colors you decorate with? Maybe you decorate according to a theme you have chosen. Along with decorating were you able to get some DIY projects done to decorate with too. 

For Me I use lights...inside, and outside the home. I use wreaths, I have a big standing Santa that my grand daughter wore out with dancing him all the time, and playing his music too. But, he is still a good decoration to have which I hung onto him for that. I have a small home, and to make sure I have room for everyone coming this year I have put smaller trees up around the house. On an end table which that one is white, and has lights and pink bulbs on it, on the floor another white one...don't know if that will stay there yet and it does have lighted box gifts with it, and I have one in the kitchen bay window too. That one is a blue tree with white lights on it. Sometimes I use traditional colors, and sometimes I will choose certain colors to use, or focus a color in one area. I generally put out vases, and have flower arrangements that go into them as well. Those I have not done this year. But, there is still time, and they might still come out....once I can see the table again with messes I have made:)

If you decorated, what did you choose to do this year? Did you choose a color, or a theme? Did you do some handmade projects for the occasion as well. If so, would love to hear what you did. Please share with us your fun decorating festivities. 

Thanks so much for visiting with Me today, and sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. Always happy to have you drop by. Take care, and see you all again soon.