Monday, January 27, 2020

Green Vintage Baby Carriage Stroller Spring Cleaning Fever

Green Vintage Baby Carriage Stroller Spring Cleaning Fever is at LilacsNDreams, and Welcome to everyone visiting!

The bigger holidays are over, gone, done. Slacked off for a bit, got lazy, but am feeling the need to clean house, reorganize, downsize a little, feels like spring cleaning! Moving a few things around, making piles to donate, and also some things I will list with FB Marketplace too. The weather has been pretty descent. We’ve had a very light snow, and it usually melts right away. Temperatures for us have been in the 30s which has been real comfortable here. 

Below is a green vintage baby carriage stroller  that I have had for a little over 10 years. I pulled this out from our room, and decided it was time to let it go to a new home that will cherish it. Big old sturdy piece that has the wood like handle, with a metal frame. The material is a green canvas that has seen better days, but still looks good for its age. Sadly, it has been sitting folded down, and not displayed for others to enjoy. So, decided it was time to let go.

Sorry I did not post to you all last week. I took a spill with the ice in our driveway, and have been pretty soar from it too. According to doctor I was swollen through my shoulder, he was concerned with a fracture  in my shoulder bone which xrays show there was none. I have been really soar there, my left side, the knee, etc.  So, I have been slow moving, and working my shoulder to make it better. Sadly, at the same time the arthritis in my right hand has not been very nice to me either. Darn ice, right? 

Thanks so much for stopping by LilacsNDreams everyone! See you again soon.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Angel Wing Ornament Handmade DIY Upcycled Restyled

Angel Wing Ornament Handmade DIY Upcycled Restyled by LilacsNDreams. Welcome, and glad to have you visiting today.

I love vintage collectibles, and I also take joy in creating projects by repurposing, handmade, DIY, upcycling, restyling, and so on. I hate seeing things go to waste if some how new life can be given to it. Sometimes new life may be given to a vintage collectible item, something used being united with another piece, create another use for some treasures found, and sometimes new pieces might be used to create something as well. I take pleasure, and joy with the things I do. Sometimes I keep items, and  most of the time I do all of this so that I can offer items with my Shoppe at Etsy Eventually I hope to be able to sell things myself with either a page on my blog, or maybe paying a monthly fee to have a sight of my own with the shopping cart, and so on. Girl can think, and dream a little right? Anyway, moving on sharing my simple project I did the other day.

I have like 3 angel wing ornaments I had picked up along the way. Especially with Christmas, and now I wish I had gotten a few more. I have been having creative repurposed, handmade, DIY, upcycled, and restyled ideas with these. I used 1 to make a glass angel. As you can see below I used 1 as it was intended as an angel wing ornament. I restyled it a little bit. This first picture shows the items I started with. 

This second picture shows how I put the pieces together. The only thing I haven’t done yet is put the phrase I want on the clear bulb. I want just a little different than the ones everyone else has been making. I’m thinking like “Always Remembered” or maybe “Not Forgotten” All of a sudden it will come to me.

I used a Christmas ribbon with this ornament I made. So, this one will be more for Christmas time like maybe on our tree. If I had used another ribbon that was a little more versatile it actually could have hung some where in the home all the time. Something to keep in mind for the next one that I will make.

Been a little under the weather this past week. I think everything caught up with me from the holidays. Hopefully this next week I can get another project completed. 

I want to thank you for visiting with LilacsNDreams. Wishing you all a great week, and hope to see you again. Take care everyone!

Monday, January 6, 2020

Christmas Holidays Celebration Over and New Year 2020

Christmas Holidays Celebrations Soon Over New Year 2020 with LilacsNDreams. Welcome, and glad to have you stopping by for a visit.

All the preparations of shopping, wrapping, decorating, buying food, cooking, and etc. All the time, and preparations spent making it a joyous time. Then, like that it seems like it’s all done, and gone. Of course the proof for holiday celebrations lingers with all the cleaning, organizing, removing decorations, and so on. 

Daughter and family left on New Year’s Day, hubby left the next day, and son headed back to base on Saturday. Here I sit looking at the piles of decorations I’ve removed inside and from outside the home, trying to reorganize the house, and my energy levels are not very high right! I have a set of lights in the arch of the kitchen entry, and the tree to bring down. Things are almost back in order. How are all of you doing? Hope it’s a little better than me. 

Below is a picture of a quick wrapping I did of couple of gifts for our granddaughter. The joy of watching her face light up with activities, and her surprises is very fulfilling. 

Below are 2 pictures of a couple of items I sold from my Shoppe at Etsy too. The Vera Bradley purse was wrapped as a gift, and shipped to her. That was actually fun to do.

The Christmas Holiday season was very enjoyable with all of our family together to celebrate this time. Trying to finish with bagging everything, and getting it all put away. I am ready to do some crafting, taking some pictures, and to spend time with filling my Shoppe at Etsy with more things too.  Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, and are recuperating from all of it. 

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Take care, and hope to see everyone again soon.