Monday, June 24, 2024

Heavy Rain Flooding Tornadoes Northwest Iowa Towns

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How was everyone’s weekend? Wet, dry, stormy, windy, and it seems that everywhere around we all were facing something. I was out of town for weekend with a Class Reunion. This year we were going to see a few more from further states than we previously had. So, was kind of excited for that too.

I knew that going home I might see an abundance of water in different areas. Northwest Iowa was having rain that was resulting with tornadoes, and a lot of flooding too. Was a nice sunny warm day when I left. As I got further north it was becoming cloudy, and then taking on that gloomy like feeling as things are working there way to surface,

I was staying at my sisters for the weekend. We unloaded my cat, and her belongings as her new home will be with my sister. Tonight I am missing her here, kind of the routine of things she would do, and hoping she is adjusting with the new home. Sat down for a bit to rest, and talk. Then, the tornado siren was going off. Really, is that the kind of night we are going to have? 

I later cleaned up, and went out for supper. I was going to be at our classes meeting place early, but that was fine. As the night went along. Classmates came in, and we accumulated a nice group. Everyone having fun talking, sharing, taking pictures, and having an enjoyable evening. Some phones were receiving weather notices, and soon tornado sirens were sounding. Boy, was it raining too! Nice stream was in front of the building. The sirens stopped, and we continued on with our gathering. About 5 minutes later the sirens went off again. Windy, and really raining outside. Couldn’t really leave. I guess a tornadoes had landed outside of town from where we were. We just figured if it had to be our class of 84 would go out with a bang. We were fortunate to have some visiting from out of state, or a distance with the weather before and now. Things calmed down, and we all kept an eye on things as the night moved along. Some towns dealing with flooding, not entering or exiting some towns, and a lot of water. Finally we all parted for the night knowing we were gathering again the next night for a cookout.

Woke the next day to some towns flooded, and some having evacuations from apartments, homes, nursing homes, and so on. In town for us there was a water restriction issues. They asked for everyone not to take showers, do laundry, and things like that.

Despite everything we had a good night with our gathering, and sharing memories with laughs and the enjoyment of everyone’s company. Nice night with a nice breeze on the patio. Very comforting, and relaxing.

These are some photos from Spencer Iowa. They were flooded badly as you can see. 

This is a photo of flooding in Rock Rapids, IA. So much water!

Another town with flooding was Rock Valley, IA. Just horrid the water they had too!

This is only a few pictures of things happening around us. Homes with water in basements being dealt with right in Sheldon, and all around us. Even up in Sioux Falls, SD got a lot of water too. It has really been bad so far this year with Northwest Iowa. And the northern part of IA too. 

This is a picture of The Falls in Sioux Falls, SD. Bottom picture is from 2 weeks ago, and the top one if from the rain and flooding at the falls now. What a difference, right?

I hope everyone is getting through the weather if you are experiencing it. Enjoy, and be safe! Thanks so much for visiting LilacsNDreams! Happy to see ya, and I enjoy the company. Hope to see y’all again. Till the next time Have a Great Day, and be safe with all you do. Have a great week everyone! Toodles!!


Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Pop Up Canopy Tent With Sides Vendor Fair Events


Hi, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! I know I’m a little behind this week. I am sorry I apologize for that. Wednesday house and dog sit for friend, and this weekend I will be gone all weekend too. So, trying to keep up with things at home to have it all done for the week, and to be organized a little for when I’m gone.

Ok, last week I discussed a little bit about the vendor fairs we do, that I enjoy them, and while we are taking time off from it I have been working on new ways to do our booth set up. Along with that is also the canopy that we use. We have done some events outside which I don’t mind too much. One exception is when it gets windy. We do not have side walls for our canopy. During some events we noticed a few would put their walls up, and yes it helped them with their booth. So we considered some walls for ours. I came across a deal to get a set of sidewalls for the canopy. I got them, and about a week later my neice informed me that our canopy is a 12 x 12. The walls I got were for a 10 x 10. So, the next thing is do we get another canopy to fit with these walls? Do we get another pop up canopy that comes with the walls? Upon viewing different brands, and some styles I have also seen some with the 4 walls, and an awning too. It would be nice to have the awning, but is it really needed? Then, trying to see what other vendors are using, and what they suggest to use. A lot of it depends on what money you would want to spend. 

There are many different ones to consider. Some are more water and weather resistant than others. Some do come with sand bags. I have also read that straight standing legs are better than the slanted tent legs too. Also, should we consider a color, or just use white? Right now we have a light gray which has been ok. The new table cloths are a royal blue, and the shelves we will be using will be black. Just so many things to think about. Of course with many of them I prefer to read reviews so I can consider issues others are experiencing as well. 

So, another project added to the list of to dos is to consider this issue with the tent. An average booth spot is 10 x 10 which we are accustomed to. So that would be another factor to consider when looking at them too. I don’t know, what do you think? Have you had this experience, and if you have what brands have you found to be good. Or, what style has benefited you? Please, feel free to share with all of us. 

I want to thank everyone for stopping by LilacsNDreams! It’s always a pleasure, and I appreciate the visits. Till the next time everyone. Take care, and Toodles!

Monday, June 10, 2024

Repurpose DIY Handmade Vendor Fairs with LilacsNDreams

 Hello, and welcome to LilacsNDreams! Happy to have you stopping by! Hope this finds everyone doing well, and ready for this new week. 

I sometimes do Vendor Fairs with my neice. She had done some, and one time asked me if I wanted to join her. Not only join her, but to bring some of my pieces along I make. It generally fits in with what she does with things handmade. She has done shirts, pens, tumblers, blankets, and a lot of kid things. Then, I add in my repurposed handmade home decor, and it looks pretty good together. 

Right now we are taking a break with her having a new baby. We both have been watching different events being scheduled, and of course missing it a little bit too. I watch different facebook groups, and the internet with different pieces being made, and get many ideas from everything shared. Course a lot of notes are made, pictures kept for reminders, and watching different sales to accumulate some pieces that can be used for different projects. 

Note: NONE of these pictures, or projects are mine. They are from people sharing in different facebook groups, the internet, and Pinterest is another good place to look too. So many different things are used, and United to make such adorable pieces to use for your home, given as gifts, and to be offered for sale for others to enjoy. I just love spending my time looking! It’s kind of like window shopping, and sometimes I admit I spend too much time looking too. For me it’s addictive, and I just so enjoy it that I get lost in it all.

Another thing I have also been doing during this time off is watching some of the vendor groups on facebook with things other vendors share about how they are setting their booths up. Some are set up for inside, and some for outside too. Yes, I completely agree how your booth appearance is will help bring people in to visit, and look too. When I would decorate my windows for my physical store I once had, it brought people in to buy, look around more, and gave them ideas as well too. Some of the vendors with their booths have noted seeing some difference with the change in their booth set up. Generally we would use 2 tables, sometimes 3, and then set wooden crates on top to give more room to show products. Nice, but also blocked views sometimes of seeing people when you’re sitting behind the table. Also, made it a little confusing when they pay for products too. 

Many are showing the different cloths they use to cover their tables, and share their opinions of why they use what they are. Others show the tables with wooden crates on them too. Depending on products being sold some show the back drops they are using, some have added tabletop shelves, floor shelves of different sizes, and also some have shared their checkout areas they have set up too. It’s amazing all the time, effort, thoughts, and everything that goes into this process. When we are ready to do the vendor fairs again I will be better prepared. Still use a table, but I believe in using the tall shelves to also display with. They hold more, easier for people to walk around to look at everything, and they do sell foldable shelves too. They transport like the tables, but I guess are a little bit better to transport too. I also have recently ordered a foldable shelf, but it is a smaller one to use for our checkout area. 1 shelf for the cash box, and another shelf to put bags that are used for items bought. Now…to decide on the taller shelves, how many to get, and where to buy from too. Hey, at least I have some time to look around, and become more organized too.

Pictures shared are not mine. Google what you are looking for, and you’ll see products offered from Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Hobby Stores, EBay, and pretty much everywhere items can be found. I just wanted to share ideas of what I have seen, and found myself. 

Well, thats how my time has been occupied quite a bit lately. I truly need to start working on organizing my work area with storage items I have bought to help, and getting items separated into places that I will be crafting with too. So many things to do, and I need to learn to organize my time a little better too.

Thanks so much for visiting LilacsNDreams, and hope you enjoyed what was shared today. Take care, enjoy crafting, and all of your searches for items too. Till the next time everyone….Toodles!