Monday, October 26, 2020

Repurpose Restyle Upcycle Reimagine Vintage Letter Wood Blocks

Repurpose Restyle Upcycle Reimagine Vintage Letter Wood Blocks at LilacsNDreams

Hi there! Glad to have you dropping by. Repurpose Upcycle Reimagine Restyle is something you can do with so many things. Old, new, collectibles, and a little bit of everything can be left as is, or recreated with any of these steps. Below you will see I used some old vintage collectible letter wooden blocks. There are many different things you can do with them, and I chose what I did with them. I spelled a couple words with mine, Sewing and Quilt. Not only did I unite wooden blocks to spell these words, but I added some embellishments with them too. I used some vintage sewing spools with some having thread on them yet. I added some straight pins, safety pins, buttons, needles, etc. I used an industrial glue that dries clear, and does well bonding too. Both of these items are listed with my Etsy Shoppe. Visit to see more pictures, to purchase, or contact me at and I would be happy to invoice you myself with PayPal. Contact me with any questions. I am happy to assist you.

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and hope to see you again soon. Till the next time take care, and be safe. Toodles . . . .


Monday, October 19, 2020

Halloween Craft Repurpose Upcycle Restyle Candles Black

Halloween Craft Repurpose Upcycle Restyle Candles Black at LilacsNDreams! 

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams where I like to share vintage collectibles, repurposed treasures, a little upcycling and restyling, and of course some DIY handmade craft projects too. 

Next weekend is Halloween already! Last weekend of the month, holiday season change, and more. Where did that time go, right? Things have been so gloomy this year of 2020 that I look forward to the upcoming seasons for some change, and the feel of the holiday spirits. 

There are many crafts, and creations during this time. There are so many creative people sharing what they are doing so that others can try some of the same things. But, each piece is always unique because they are made with different hands that put their own special touch to things. 

Candles are always great for many occasions, holidays, different seasons, and just because. They add a nice touch to many homes, and their decor. Below you will see pictures for the popular pool noodle candles that are being made. I had fun with these, and it was a learning experience for the next time too. I had 2 different sized noodles that I cut different sized candles with. Once I did that I next made sure I got holes made in the tops of them. A place that the tea light candle would set into. Then I spent time painting each piece black. Once that was all dried I then added a colored glittered glue that I had for these. I added the glue twice in the same places trying to get that melted wax look. It didn’t completely give me the look I was wanting. I might have needed a thicker, or better glue. Also, using a glue gun might have been a little bit better too. 

So, I got that much done that I could then add my black tea light candles along with some little Halloween decorating. I used a bigger skull, smaller skulls, couple of bats, I found a single black rose to add in along with some white spider webbing too. I set this all into a simple distressed white tray with rope handles. Now, if I would have used a pizza pan painted black you might have seen things a little more clearly too. 

This was fun, I enjoyed doing this, and would do it again! In fact, I’m already looking for a few more noodles, the colors I can find, and etc. I’m ready to make some candles for fall and Thanksgiving, and getting ready for Christmas too. It’s been a while, but I purchased a single candle from the store the other day. Wow! I didn’t realize how much those were costing now. So, doing what I’m doing making these is more cost efficient, I end up with a bundle, colors and sizes I want, how they’re decorated, and etc.

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams today!Hope I gave you some ideas for yourself with crafting, or maybe if you find a crafter who can offer their services to you for this too. Take care, and be safe out there everyone! Till the next time, Toodles . . . . . .

Monday, October 12, 2020

Halloween Decor House Decorating Tis The Season

Halloween Decor House Decorating Tis The Season with LilacsNDreams. 

I truly like this time of year! The festivities, the gatherings, celebrations, decorating, and all the fun that 
comes with it too. I know this year is gonna be different for many, but I intend to do the best I can to enjoy this time with family, and friends.

If I haven’t mentioned it already our son is home from the service after serving 8 years. Now, with that said I will also comment it’s been that long since he really enjoyed celebrating holidays too. So, this year will be good starting with Halloween. I will say it is nice to have someone here to help me a little more with some of this too.

Ok, all the pictures below here are from one side of the house front till the other. The last picture captures how it looks at night.

There are 2 items missing that will be added on Halloween night. Sitting by the door will be a scarecrow holding a bowl of candy with his head down. Now, when you reach for a candy his head pops up, and he gives you a slight scare with the noise he makes. Also, that night we’ll have the left part of the porch blocked that you can’t see on the porch. In that corner will be a sensored spider that jumps out at ya. We need him to be back in the corner so he doesn’t attack anyone...LOL!

Enjoying the season, and having fun too.


Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Have fun, be safe, and see you next time. Take care everyone! Toodles . . .


Monday, October 5, 2020

Farmers Market and Simply Blessed Calendars Dollar Tree


Farmers Market and Simply Blessed Calendars Popular From Dollar Tree with LilacsNDreams

Have you seen the rave for these calendars? They are very hard to find! The Farmers Market is very very scarce. The Simply Blessed  is also another calendar that is hard to find. These calendars are from the Dollar Tree, and have become extremely popular among Crafters. I was fortunate to be able to get 3 purchased through a Dollar Tree group that I’m associated with on Facebook. Anxiously awaiting for that arrival.

I have found some of these calendars on Mercari, Poshmark, and of course EBay too. The prices range from $6 up to $19.99 I have found. Of course a lot of that has a shipping cost on top of that price too. Sad when they sell for a $1 at the Dollar Tree. 

The artist to these calendars for Dollar Tree is Jennifer Pugh. I found her selling on Etsy as well. She has a bundle that you can buy. The bundle is not the calendar. What it consists of is a picture of each one in the calendar. These pictures are done on a 12 X 12 page that is blank on the backside. No print of what you see with the calendar pages. It’s a white blank. Of course it is a better paper too. With this you also get a bonus of 3 pages. They are adorable. Also, at Etsy with Jennifer she is offering sheets with the smaller 2 X 2 prints, and I think it was a total of 4 sheets with that offering too. 

Jennifer Pugh is the artist who has her deal with Dollar Tree. Her pictures are copyrighted, so you cannot make copies of them. She does enjoy seeing all the crafting that is being done with these calendars too. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

So, if you want look her up on Etsy too. See what she’s offering there, and keep an eye out for what she designs next.

I wanted to make a small note here about an issue I had on Facebook recently. My LilacsNDreams page there that I’ve had for a long time decided to have some issues with it. It’s my page, but it got to a point I couldn’t do any postings on it. I found where it said my page was in good standing, no restrictions, but for some reason all of a sudden I didn’t have the permissible authority to do anything with it. Course I couldn’t get anyone at Facebook to help me either. I sent in a lot of reports with screenshots of the error I kept getting. Still no response, or fix to this day. So, I started another page, and called it Lilacs’N’Dreams Blog/Shoppe. If you get a chance stop on by there some time. I had a minor glitch that was happening with access to my pictures. I was able to back track, and fix that. Whew! 

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams everyone! Till the next time take care, and be safe. Toodles . . .