Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Blogland Witches Ghosts Goblins

Happy Halloween Blogland Witches Ghosts Goblins!
 Welcome to LilacsNDreams on this hollow day of Halloween. Seasons changing, weather is changing, seasons of Holidays, family and fun time, and soon the end of the year will also be here. Till then we have some changes we will be going through, having fun, enjoying, and preparing for Thanksgiving, and soon Christmas. Then...we can celebrate the beginning of another new year!

So, today we will start the festivities with trick, or treating, and wishing everyone a super Halloween celebration! May you have much fun, enjoy it, and please be safe as you enjoy this time too. 
 Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams everyone. I wish you all well, much fun, and be safe with your Halloween festivities. Take care, and see you again soon!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Ruby Plaza End of Year Changes Soon Here, What to Do

Ruby Plaza End of Year Changes Soon Here, What to Do, and are you ready for it?

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! For those who sell vintage, and antiques you might be aware of the Market Place called Ruby Lane. There had come a time when Ruby Lane made another site from them called Ruby Plaza where you could sell items that were newer, and not vintage too. Many sellers who used these sites enjoyed it, and found it beneficial to them to belong to both sites offering their products. 

It had been announced quite some time ago that Ruby Plaza the sister site of Ruby Lane would be closing by the end of the year 2012. The site is still active, some sellers are still selling there making preparation to move onto other places, and some of the sellers are also able to move their products into Ruby Lane as well. 

Some of the sellers from Ruby Plaza are still considering where to go with their goods that are not vintage, some are new, and some are Thrift Store finds too. There are many places on the internet to consider. Keep in mind that not only are there other Market Places, but some of your social networks also allow you to sell from their sites as well. One place to consider for this which is growing is called Vintage Rising. Lora, also known as ElsiesAttic, who is the owner to the site there has been working to help this site grow, and also to remind those from Ruby Plaza to come by, and consider becoming a member to this community as well. I do like the saying that Vintage Rising has on their site as well . . . Find Up-Cycled Vintage, Handmade Crafts, Supplies, Thrift Store Goods, and much much MORE! It's Vintage that's Reborn . . . . It's Vintage Rising! 

If you have heard of Vintage Village you will know that Vintage Rising is a sister site to this as well. Vintage Rising started out as a Social Network where others could share about their items such as Handmade, Altered, and Vintage. Items that had been repurposed, and upcycled using vintage components of sorts. With the announcement that had been made about Ruby Plaza closing Lora started to do more work with the site to offer a bit more for those who sold at Ruby Plaza, and were looking for places to go to. Sellers that are members there are now able to show their items from Thrift Store Finds also. Items of new, gently used, and things you would find with Thrift Stores, Good Wills, and such. Now, if someone were to visit, and see an item of interest they can then contact the seller to purchase it, and be invoiced through Paypal, or maybe Google Wallet. If they are not invoiced directly they could also be directed to maybe a venue the item is listed with to purchase. How fun, and how convenient don't you think?

Keep in mind that many do still use Ebay, and also complain of their forever changing fees and rules. There is also Ecrater where listing is free, final value fees are free, and they allow you to offer payments through Paypal, and Google Wallet too. Some might use Facebook, and they also use Yardsellr through there as well. Now, these are not all the market places on the internet as there are still more out there to find, and explore. Finding what works for you is most important. Like using your own Blogs is good too. This is something that has been done by me also with no problems of invoicing through Paypal, or Google Wallet.  

I hope that this bit of information will be helpful to some of you who are still deciding, not sure, trying to view all your options, and etc. Visit the sites mentioned, and remember there is much more out there to see too. On your journeys make sure to visit Vintage Rising, and join with others there who share the same things, offer the same things, learn from each other, help each other out, make some new friends, and become a part of a great community. 

Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams, and happy to see you visit again soon. Any questions make sure to leave a comment here, or also contact Me if you would like too. I wish you all well, and much luck to you. Hope you had a great weekend, and wishing you a super week. Toodles Everyone:)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

QR Codes or Scan Bar Cube Used in Mobile Shopping

QR Codes or Scan Bar Cube Used in Mobile Shopping. 

Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! I have seen this topic at different times about these QR codes, or scan bars. I read them, and then make notes to myself that I need to work on it more myself. Do any of you use them? Have you found them to be useful, and beneficial to your sites and what you do? If so, please share for those of us who are still learning. 

I know there are people who put these QR codes on the back of their business cards which will drive people to their websites, market place, blogs, and etc. It's another good way to get your name out there, and to have people find you even quicker. Also, it maybe is a good thing to consider in order to keep up with technology of today too. Here is one article at Mobile Marketer that covers some things in more depth for you to read about.  

For those who have the iPhone, Smart Phones, or can get the applications on your phone what you do when you see when of these scan bars is simply point your phone to the bar cube, and the lazer will read the information that is embedded, translates to your link, your company name, your location, or a contact number too. It will automatically bring up the information for you, and you can then click to go to the site, or just view the contents of the scan cube too. Imagine that! All of this within the palm of your hand too! 

Most websites are mobile friendly, and my understanding is that it is suppose to be simple to make these codes, and it can be done for free too. Hmm, makes this more tempting, right? I have noted a few sites that I had found to use for making this QR code if you are interested. You should be able to make it, and then download it to your computer to then use it for where you want it used at. Here are some of the QR sites I found to share with you.  (google approved and simple)  (more in depth and can offer more choices)

Another way to think of these QR codes is it is just another way that you can extend the information that you share in real life about your website, your business, your blog, and whatever it is that you do. Another great way to get exposure. Look at how many people are using cell phones, smart phones, iPhones, phones that they can get these applications too. Technology keeps growing, and this is another way to go along with that growth too. 

Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. Glad you stopped by, and will be great to see you again soon also. Take care, and have a wonderful day everyone! Toodles. . . . 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Glass Hound Hoarder Fanatic Home Decor Garden

Glass Hound Hoarder Fanatic Home Decor Garden

Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! Glad to have you visiting. I have a confession to make to you. I have a tendency to hoard different pieces of glassware. Some might consider me a hoarder of glassware too. Sorry, but when I see different shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and all that can be done with glassware I sometimes become infatuated with it. 

There is colored glass, clear glass, old glass, textured glass, worn glass, window pains, glass prisms, and so on. Some of these pieces can really have some beautiful reflections that come from it, and oh they are sometimes so sparkly too. Like many other things I also feel from it the moods that some funky glass pieces can add to a space, or a home too. 

When I started seeing more of the glass pieces being upcycled into different things, the more excited I became with it too. I enjoy painting, and doing other creative things too. Yet, I still seem to favor the glassware just a lil bit more.

Glass totems can be made for inside the home, or the outside with your porches and gardens. They are great with glassware being stacked, maybe adding some stones or gems to them, add a figurine, a few flowers, and etc. When making these sort of pieces you need to make sure to use the glue that will work with these items during weather changes. 

I have seen pieces used making bird feeders, pieces made to serve with, used in home decor, weddings, bridal showers, holidays, and given as gifts too. Below are some pictures being shared that I had found of items done with glassware. Most of the pictures came from the Pinterest boards which also had their links to who they came from too. 

Isn't this bird feeder that was made from a blue glass bowl with it's lid, and a glass candle holder just ingenius? I really liked how this turned out, and sorry that I cannot share a link with as it was not available. 

I love seeing glass jars used in many ways, and this is a lovely way to repurpose it, and upcycle it with a little bit of glue, paint, and some other pieces. Why buy an apothecary jar when you can do one that fits more into the decor of your home, and of course the way you would like to see it too? 
 Is this not fabulous?! Different pieces of glassware were used, different colors, different designs, and along with it a few of the colored gems were also added to give it a little bit more character of it's own too. This is something that could sit outside on your porch, in your garden, or adorn a place in your home too.
 I just love this idea, and is something I have not come across till now. I do have this one on my list of to do as well. Gonna take a little time, little patience, but is a fabulous piece when it is done too. Always looking for ways to decorate bottles, and this is one of them to consider.
 This is another glass totem that was done with all clear pieces of glass. Different shapes, sizes, and patterns were used. It turned out nicely, and would be a conversational piece to those passing by too.

This is a very simple thing to do, but a clever one to consider as well. Use your wine glasses for drinking, or also use them for decorating your tables, and home with too. Just flip them over, add a flower before setting it to the table, and on the base, or now the top of the glass add your candles. Simple, but yet another creative way to use glassware.

This is a piece that was done by me, and is listed for sale in my shop at Etsy too. I used a vintage green relish dish tray that looks like new with no signs of use to it. I then found a glass candle holder with design, and from home interiors that is in a like new condition too. This piece is fabulous in the sunshine coming through the windows. In fact when the sun hits it just right you can see a few minor different hues with the clear glass too. It will also reflect some of the green from the dish on it as well.

 There is so much more out there on the internet that can be shared involving glassware. Don't forget there is also the vintage collectible pieces that are a treasure to find too. I could carry on, and show you so much more. I would suggest checking with google, or bing and seeing what other treasures you could also adore too. 

Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. I enjoyed your visit, and hope to see you again soon. Toodles everyone. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Why Buy Anything Vintage Collections of Today

Why Buy Anything Vintage, Collections of Today. 

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Have you ever had anyone ask you why would you by vintage. I mean why would you want something that is old, been used, has a history, not new, sometimes needs altering, and when you could buy something new. 

Well, when you buy vintage you are getting something that is unique, rare, brings back memories, a piece of history, a treasure, or a keepsake. Also, when you are buying a vintage item you are getting something that cannot be found at every chain store by the thousands too. The items are limited treasures just for you. 

Vintage is a product of a specified period of good quality. "They don't make things like they use to" is a statement that is often heard, and is absolutely true! 

There are many things that are popular today with vintage shopping. That is why many like shopping thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, and so on. You can get some great prices on vintage pieces. Items often sought after are the vintage clothing, vintage and retro furniture, vintage jewelry, vintage accessories, and vintage home decor. Some of the pieces that are found can also be altered too. Maybe it needs a stitch here and there to sew, some paint touch ups, has a missing part that needs to be replaced or filled in, sometimes a little sanding, putting it back into shape, or sometimes it just needs some TLC with a simple soft wash too.

The styles, the colors, the uniqueness, quality, stability, durability, etc were great then, and are surprisingly sought after in times of today. I have, and always will like vintage myself. I adore the glassware of times past, I like the mannequins or dress forms that you often see, some of the furniture, etc. I enjoy being able to add a piece here, and there into the decor of our home. I have been working on our bedroom a little bit, and am pleased with things I have there in regards to a cedar chest, old chair, a lamp of my grandmothers, the vanity dresser, my grandmother's old jewelry box with some old perfumes that adorn it, and I just love working with it. 

So, do you have a special period in time that you like to collect with? What do you favor collecting of vintage? Many vintage pieces are wonderful conversation pieces, don't you think?

Happy Treasure Hunting to all you vintage collectors of things. Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams, and hope to see you again soon. Later...

                                     Today's Treasures With Yesteryear's Charm..........

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Social Media Selling and Best Practices

Social Media Selling and Best Practices

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Happy Hump Day to all of you visiting with me today! I know you often see things about Social Media, and there is a lot out there to read about this particular subject too. There are many choices for Social Media. Some use Social Media for ways of advertising their venues, showing links to their shops, so they can have back links to maybe their blogs, keeping in touch with family and friends, meeting new people, learning, sharing, and so many more things. 

I have often read about Social Media being an important factor for those who sell. There are many choices we can use for Social Media such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and of course our Blogs too. I have recently made a sale that came from my Shoppe Blog page, and of course am thrilled with it too. Feels better than dealing with one of the other venues, and is much more personable dealing with customers too. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Please read on everyone.

There are some general tips to consider when looking more into Social Media, and putting them into use for your business. 1) Evaluate the available tools before you start 2) Genuinely contribute to the conversation 3) Create a separate account for your business 4) Start small 5) Listen and engage 6) Cross-promote your social media channels 7) Do Not expect instant results.

Whew! I could write a book just about this alone with these tips, and then sharing a little bit about the places mentioned. Actually, there was some good things, and points that came within my Ebay Seller Information that I received. If you click on the link, and follow to that being shared by Ebay you will understand it more, get some good things from it, and hopefully it might help you just a little bit more in knowing what places maybe you should use, where to focus your energy with, and so on. I will note that in this list they did not mention anything about Pinterest, but I would also recommend that as a place to also consider in using with your social media as well. The place is growing, and is slowly expanding out with all that they are doing too.

Over time I have narrowed down which Social Medias I use, which ones I participate with, seen the ones I benefit more with, and which ones are helping me. Everyone will have their own choices, and own opinions of what works. Remember, the choices are yours to make, and use what you are comfortable with, and what you see is working for you.

I wish you all a wonderful Wednesday or Hump Day! Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams, and hope you enjoyed it. See you all again soon. Take care, and have a Happy Day!

Monday, October 15, 2012

USPS Announces Rate Increases For 2013

USPS Announces Rate Increases For 2013.

Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! Well, it is that time of year coming upon us. The holidays, things changing, end of the year, taxes soon upon us, and of course there are pay increases that usually show up too. It has been announced with the Postal Service the increases that have been submitted for review. If they are approved those will go into effect on January 27, 2013. Seems like we just had an increase, and here it is again already don't you think? Time just flies. 

USPS Rate Increases for 2013  So, in preparation for those who do a lot of shipping, if you are a seller of treasures, a buyer of things, etc. Give the link a click, and have a read about what is being proposed, and what you can expect with the increases as well.  

So, here are some of the highlights of this announcement if you do not wish to read all that is shared with the link I provided to you. 

Highlights of the new single-piece First-Class Mail pricing, effective Jan. 27, 2013 include:

Letters (1oz.) — 1-cent increase to 46 cents
Letters additional ounces — unchanged at 20 cents
Letters to all international destinations (1oz.) — $1.10
Postcards — 1-cent increase to 33 cents

New domestic retail pricing for Priority Mail Flat Rate products include:

Small box — $5.80
Medium box — $12.35
Large box — $16.85
Large APO/FPO box — $14.85
Regular envelope — $5.60
Legal envelope — $5.75
Padded envelope — $5.95

New domestic retail pricing for Priority Mail Flat Rate products include:

Small box — $5.80
Medium box — $12.35
Large box — $16.85
Large APO/FPO box — $14.85
Regular envelope — $5.60
Legal envelope — $5.75
Padded envelope — $5.95

So make sure to make note of this everyone, and sellers get ready to make your adjustments needed with your items you have listed too.
Hey, I hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend! Here is to Monday, and wishing you all a super week! Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams, and hope to see you again soon. Take care everyone, Toodles. . . . .

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Simplicity At Its Best Treasury at Etsy by MariasFarmHouse

Simplicity At Its Best Treasury at Etsy was curated by Maria from MariasFarmHouse. 

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone. Below you will see a Treasury that was done at Etsy by MariasFarmHouse with Etsy. I am happy to say that an item of mine was added to this wonderful collection too. My Pink Cupcake Plate Glass Pedestal Stand. This was actually one of my 1st pieces I homemade when I first started doing the cake cupcake plates, pedestal stands, candle holders, jewelry dishes, and etc. 

When you get a chance stop by to visit with the treasury at Etsy, and visit with the wonderful sellers there to see what they all have to offer. There are some really talented people there, with some lovelies you might like too. 

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and sharing your time with me today. See you again soon. Take care. Toodles.......




Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Social Networking Social Medias and Ning Groups

Social Networking Social Medias and Ning Groups, Do you belong to them?

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! How are you doing on this fine Wednesday? 

Hey, how many of you like to socialize? We do it with gatherings for coffee, tea parties, when you are out eating, maybe some where having a drink, while shopping we sometimes socialize, we socialize with our hair dressers, and then there might be workshops you attend, and so on. Everywhere we go we like to talk, meet people, and most of all share with those who share the same interests that we have. When we socialize with others we share things that we know, what we heard, some things we have learned, we share techniques, we ask questions, we learn, and even more fun we make new friends too.

If you like to socialize in person why not socialize online too? There are so many places that we can meet people online, share the same interests with others, and it becomes a daily routine in all we do. Many people will use Facebook to keep updated with family, and friends. But, sometimes that is not enough, and we desire to have more. Joining different groups who share some of the same things can be a blast, and very beneficial to all of us too. We do it for pleasure, and many of us will also do it for business as well. Sellers like to have a way to get their names out there for others to see on the wide world of the internet. We like to share our goods that we have to offer, it is interesting to see what others have to offer as well, and yes buyers also like to belong to some of these sites as well. Not only can a buyer see what is being offered, get some ideas of where to shop at, but they can also ask questions of sellers too. Sometimes socializing can give more of a personal touch to things, people can get a better of idea of who you are, and what you do.

There are many places out there for people to belong to, and when you use the search engines you can also find different places as well. Over time I have belonged to many places myself. Yes, I have accounts with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on. Over time I have found different groups that are with what they call Ning that are like a community of people. I have joined with some who share the things I like to read about, ask about, learn from, get assistance from, ask for advise, and most importantly meeting new people.  

 Vintage Rising Where Recycling and Creativity Come Alive is a great place to join, and get involved. The community is growing, and has many things going on there to get sellers involved with each other too. I am enjoying watching this place grow, seeing what others have to offer, and to see work that has been done by others too. 

The Vintage Village Where Vintage Never Gets Old . . . is a sister site to Vintage Rising, and they both are owned and operated by the same person. Her name is Lora, and many might know her as ElsiesAttic too. Yes, this is a community that deals with people who sell vintage, and antiques. Over time I have also watched this community grow, and come to where it is today with another great group of people there. 

With both of these sites they have many things to offer to people of like interests. Learn of different venues that are used by people selling their goods, and what they have to offer. Many times you are able to buy directly from the sellers of these places without having to visit the venues, or their websites that items are listed at.

So, if you like to do a little socializing, a little bit selling, want to share things from your websites, and meet some new people I would suggest visiting with these places. I know there are many other places out there you could choose from, but why not visit with these first to see what they are all about? Give them a try, and if you have any questions don't hesitate in asking them. Lora, and the people she has helping her are great people, and are always willing and able to assist you as well. Don't be afraid to tell them that you heard it from LilacsNDreams

I appreciate you taking the time to visit with LilacsNDreams, and enjoyed you sharing your time with Me. Take care, and hope to see you again soon. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Pumpkins Halloween in Home Decor Decorating

Halloween Wooden Stand Up Door Sign is an adorable project to be done at home. DIY, or include the family too. Visit for supplies, and instructions needed by sowderingabout blog. Enjoy your visit, and fun!

Pumpkins With Attitude is just to cute, adorable, sweet, and funny too! Visit mysalvagedtreasures blog for supplies, directions, and details. 

Here is a wonderful Fall Centerpiece that was done by realcoake. Visit their blog for the idea, and how to of this adorable fall centerpiece they did.

Hello everyone, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams. Always happy to have you stopping by to visit, read, share, and say Hi too. Nights are getting cooler out, leaves are changing and falling, watching people rake in the yards, and Fall is in the air. Tis the season that is now upon us with many changes, and many things that everyone is doing as well. Many people like this time of year. The season changes, colors are changing, and them creative juices are once again flowing freely for many. Fortunately, with blogging many like to share pictures, and instructions for some of their wonderful ideas that they have completed.  So much fun to see all of them, and never enough time to visit each, and everyone of them too.

Above you will see 3 pictures that I had chosen while reading other blogs, and found delightful. Just give a click with their blogspot names, or you can also click on their title name of the pictures too. Hope you will find this as enjoyable as I did. I can be addictive viewing, reading, and sharing with all these wonderful blogs everyone has. Great way to learn, and a great way to get your creative juices flowing as well. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, and sharing your time with LilacsNDreams everyone. It has been a pleasure, and real treat. Hope to see you again soon. Take care everyone. Toodle Ooooh.....