Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Google Allowing Apostrophes Punctuation in Item Titles and Descriptions

Google Allowing Apostrophes in Item Titles and Descriptions, is it allowable, and is Google now approving it. 

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! Hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend, and that Monday was good to you also. 

We all know about that big search engine called Google. As time, months, weeks, days, and hours go by things are always changing with them. They never really hand out anything that says definitely about different rules they want you to follow. You just get everything in pieces, and pretty much learn as you go too. 

Topic I seen come up in Etsy recently was about if the apostrophies are allowed in our item titles. I enjoy when people share what they know, what they have learned, and also can show where they also got their information from to confirm it too. As long as everyone plays nice, gets along, and they are no bad feelings about the discussions, and opinions shared. 

Anyway, it use to be that Google did not allow different punctuations within your titles for your listings. They also did not approve of it within your item descriptions, and if you did use it you would see some sort of symbol used in replacement by Google. With your titles it was always felt that those were extra spaces to use for letters, and to put towards more keywords if you could with your titles. Also, when searches in general were done how many people actually use punctuations with the keywords and phrases they are searching, right?

I spent a little time last researching in Google about this, and what they had to say for rules of this issue. Will they allow the use of apostrophes, and punctuation, or not. It looks like it is acceptable with some things to use the punctuations necessary for some of your titles. Google announced that they will no longer ignore certain punctuation marks.

‘ (apostrophe)
. (full stop/period)
, (comma)
: (colon) – however the colon that is a piece of the large intestine currently outranks the punctuation mark of the same name
; (semicolon)
# (number sign)
% (percent sign)
@ (at sign)
^ (caret)
( ) { } [ ] (bracket) – parentheses, brackets and curly brackets are all combined into the same search result
~ (tilde)
| (vertical bar)
“ (quotation marks)
< (less-than sign)
> (greater-than sign)
$ (dollar sign)
! (exclamation point)
& (ampersand)
_ (underscore)
- (minus sign)
+ (plus sign)
= (equals sign)
\ (backslash)
/ (slash) – however, guitarist Slash currently outranks the punctuation mark of the forward slash

This is nice to know, and hopefully helpful to those of you who need to use it. Google has no character limit to what they read, but they do limit to what they will display with your titles. General rule is that there is a maximum 70 character limit which includes spaces in the item titles. I myself like to use the spacing I am allowed for keywords, keyword phrases, and words that would be popular in searches for items that I offer. 

Thanks for stopping by to share your time with LilacsNDreams, and hope this tid bit of information was helpful to some of you with inquiring minds. Have a wonderful day, and come back to visit again soon. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reuse Repurpose Upcycle Items of Vintage Good or Bad

Reuse Repurpose Upcycle Items of Vintage Good or Bad, What do you think?

Welcome to LilacsNDreams, and hope all are having a wonderful day! Many things we do with repurposing, upcycling, reusing, saving landfills, avoiding garbage throwing, etc sometimes will stir up a few mixed feelings, and thoughts with it. 

Over time I have watched how it has been growing with using vintage items to refurbish, repurpose, upcycle, reuse, reimagine, and all of that good stuff. Now, some of those vintage pieces that get used is because they do need a face lift of their own. Some are being saved from the dumps, garbage, and landfills. Other vintage pieces are used because they might have a minor flaw, sometimes the items have not sold over a very long time and the room is needed, maybe they are a lonely piece from a set, and then there are some items that have no flaws, but have had a glorious life. The owners sometimes feels that they would like to show the item in an updated form that fits more with the times of today. I know that whatever the reason may be there are vintage items, and pieces that are being used with repurposing, upcycling, reusing, and etc. 

As you use some of these pieces please keep in mind that there are some who feel strongly about how they should not be used in this way. They feel it not to be right, and vintage items should be used in crafting of sorts. A long time ago I once seen a comment made about how repurposing will be the end of all antiques. 

Over time there have been ways to preserve items that have been come damaged of sorts, and greatly loved over the years too. So, why not make them into something wonderful since they have already seen their glory days. Sometimes taking something old, and making it new again in another way is appealing to some of the collectors of today also. Keep in mind that sometimes "antiques" reminds some of their grandmothers things, and that just is not the In Style for the younger generation of today. When being open minded about things it can be understood how some feel that vintage items are being destroyed by doing these things too. 

I myself LOVE antiques, I Love things old, I so adore things with a past, I very much enjoy learning about older pieces, and hearing some of the stories that follow them. Unfortunately, some of these pieces would not fit into our home, with our decor, and the way that we like things. 

Over time I have watched those who love vintage, and antiques. I have seen others who so enjoy repurposing some of these kind of pieces too. I have also seen some be upset over the crafting of these pieces as well. Like anything else there will always be the pros, and cons to things of what we do. I can understand all the feelings that would be involved with this issue. 

So, what do you think? How do you feel about this? Please remember everyone, no fighting about this, you are very welcome to share, and also keep in mind that everyone has their own opinions to things. There is no right, or wrong. Just some good people who like to share. 

Thanks for visiting LilacsNDreams today everyone, and wishing you all a wonderful day. Take care, and see you again soon. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How Many Pictures is Enough to Use and Show

How Many Pictures is Enough to show with all that we do online?

Hi there, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams. Gonna bring up a simple topic today for ya'll. Many of us do online sales, have websites, work with blogs, and for the most part we are trying to sell our goods that we have to offer. Along with us offering different products for all to buy we include pictures with our listings. A question that gets asked sometimes is How Many Pictures is Enough?

Some people only like to do one picture, and feel it to be enough. Sometimes some sellers can offer too many pictures that you can get lost in when viewing. Better yet, too many pictures and they all start to look alike too. 

With each venue we use to sell our products with they all have a different amount that is allowed with our listings. Ecrater allows up to 10 pictures, Artfire allows up to 10 pictures, Ebay has changed and is allowing up to 12 pictures free, Etsy allows up to 5 pictures. These are ones I am familiar with, and do know that there are other venues out there used by many others too. 

For many of my products that are vintage I like to show all possible pictures that I can. Main view of an item, top, bottom, both sides if they are different, makers mark, any flaws that are visible, sometimes pictures with some possible uses to help customers consider some things, and etc. For items I repurpose upcycle I like to show all pictures possible which sometimes can include the before picture of how things looked too. When I do pictures I try to remember the customer.....they are not there to see it in person, feel it, smell it, look it all over, etc. Also, sometimes pictures can explain more of what our words cannot tell too. So, if I can use up to 10 - 12 pictures I try very hard to fill them all up. Sometimes I find that only being able to use 5 at Etsy is difficult because I think I need to show more. Then, again, only having to show 5 is sometimes enough too. 

Each item is different, each seller is different, each person has their own feelings of what should, and should not be done. But, you as a customer, what do you like to see? Do too many pictures get used sometimes in your opinion. Perhaps sometimes there are not enough pictures shown for your shopping purposes. Would love to hear some opinions with this. Share with us all what you like to do, and why you do it. 

Remember everyone, there is no right or wrong to things I talk about here. Much of it is opinions, and sometimes I share how things should be, or what research does show us. So, go ahead and share with us all here. Keep it clean, no one be nasty, and please remember everyone does have their own opinions that they are allowed to. 

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams today everyone. Take care, have a wonderful day, and see you again soon. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Glass Bell Cloche Dome Decorative Home Decor

Glass Cloche Decorative Home Decor

Glass Bell Cloche Green Anchor Hocking Vase Pink Flowers

Glass Cloche Candle Holder Repurposed Vintage Inspired

Glass Bell Cloche Dome Decorative Home Decor of today, and times past. Above you are seeing pictures of some Glass Cloches that I have repurposed, and are being offered in my shops. 

The first one at the top is the first Glass Cloche I had repurposed, and upcycled. This piece has sold with my shop at Etsy too. I used a glass fish bowl, or candy bowl. Added a upcycled ceramic knob with some pink ribbon, white lace, and with the drinking glass had added some rose decals to give a little bit more character with this. 

The second picture is a glass vase that was altered by turning it over, and adding a small mini candle holder at top for the knob. Inside the glass cloche is an Anchor Hocking Forest Green mini vase with some pink flowers that have been added.  This item is still available with my shop at Etsy also.

The last picture is a Glass Cloche made from a Vintage Trimont Candle Holder as the base, the glass is also from a wired candle holder, and soft pastel bouquet was done by Me, and added to the mini terra pot with a soft gold accent around the pot. You can see more pictures, and details for this item with my shop at Etsy as well.

Now, some people might ask what is a Cloche? The word cloche is french for bell. Cloche jars had originally been hand blown jars that were used to protect plants from the cold, and from the frost too. You may also find them referred to these as well:
• Bell instrument like with music. The restaurant bell shaped cover used for plate of food to keep it warm. Also, a dome clay shaped oven used for baking the single loafs of bread.
• The Cloche Hat which is a close fitting hat that women worn by flappers in the 20s.
• Row Covering which was a row of coverings protecting plants from those cold temperatures.

Basically, the Cloche was, and still is a rage in home decor. You will find websites that sell these different Cloche pieces, and some of them can be quite spendy too. To save cost you will find many crafters who have made these same pieces for a smaller cost. I myself enjoy making cloches, and then offering them to others to enjoy with my shop at Etsy, or also with my shop at Artfire too. I have viewed other crafters who have really made some beautiful pieces using vintage glass, or whatever pieces that they could find from Thrift Stores, and Yard Sales too. 

Cloches do have many uses. They can be very pretty, and can also be paired with many different things making a variety of different looks. Cloches are great for adorning mantles, counters, tables, some knick knack shelves, using floral arrangements or maybe a single flower, maybe show some precious photos in them or on them, show some seashells, ornaments, nests and birds, and so many possibilities. The pieces can be very versatile, and adorn any room in the home with all that you can do for your displays with them. 

Yes, I admit to liking Cloches, and having fun repurposing pieces into them too. I also adore some of the cheese tray Cloches by painting them, and adding some little touches of character with those too. Sorry, I could carry on with this, but do need to find a landing place with this. 

Thanks so very much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. I am happy to see you visiting, stopping by, and finding Me too. Don't be afraid to leave a comment, or add to this topic if you wish. Have a wonderful day, and come back to visit again soon.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reuse Repurpose Recycle Upcycle Discarded Treasures

Reuse Repurpose Recycle Upcycle Discarded Treasures by using bits, and pieces of the past with present, and making something new. Giving things a new life!

Me, Myself, and I along with many others spend time roaming the internet, reading things, learning things, and etc. Along the way with all of this we also will find people who are creative, people showing what they have made, showing what they do, some show how they do it, and so on. Over time this has become a yearning with me to do things by reusing, repurposing, and upcycling items. For me to do this it is relaxing, and it is fun being able to put some of my thoughts and ideas into something too. I enjoy the smile that comes to my face, and hopefully you will smile with some of it too. 

I have googled some of these more common words used by everyone to give an idea of definitions to some of those popular words we use. 

•Reuse - whatever the purpose, you basically reuse the item for the same purpose more than one time

•Repurpose - take an item and reuse it for something else (repurpose it) before it goes through any breakdown, and reformation. For example a shirt that is being used to make a handbag, or maybe a shopping bag. Maybe using a metal pipe for some kind of sculpture. Use something in a new way.

•Upcycle - this is familiar to recycle in which you take something, and rework it into a new form for a continued use. The main difference is that you are not altering its form back into its components for reuse. 

•Recycle - return material to a previous stage of cyclic process; converting waste to a reusable material. Example of a recycled box that is broken down, and made into a new cardboard. Another is plastic is melted down, and melted into a new plastic.

I know, sometimes it gets confusing. How we use the words, and explain them also means something too. 

I hope this minor explanations for some of these popular words has helped you in some way. I know it gets confusing. Heck, I sometimes find myself there too. I have commented before that is you are not able to reuse items as they are why not repurpose them, or upcycle them to make something that puts a smile to your face, and also with others too. 

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams everyone! Have a wonderful day, enjoy all that you are doing, and come back to visit again soon. If you have something to add that would be great! Please do as all are Welcome.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Repurposing Dressers and Things From Home

Repurposed Dresser Draws

Repurposed Crib into Desk Working Area

Repurposed Dresser into a Kitchen Island, How cool is that!

Dresser Repurposed Into Bench

Repurposing Dressers and Things From Home. How Cool is this?! Just in case you haven't noticed, I just love things that have been repurposed, and upcycled! The things you can do, the creativeness, preserving of what we already have, and the money that we can save too. Wow! What transformations that can be done.

Apologizing real quickly to ya'll. I know, I know...falling a bit behind here today, and this post was not early morning ready like I usually schedule. Bear with me please. Just time of year, slacking off a bit, and some long term ongoing health stuff too. Not to worry, still here, just a bit slower lately. 

I love to go into Google, or even Bing and Yahoo to research about repurposing, and upcycling different items. Sometimes I get my own ideas from seeing what others have done, or it actually makes me look at items in my home in a different way. Oh, yeah, when I go out thrifting my head swarms with all the yummy things I find, and also with all the possibilities that some pieces hold too. Sometimes it does take much at all to transform a piece. A lil bit of cutting, a lil bit of gluing, a lil bit of paint, maybe adding this to that, and endless fun possibilities to dress our homes with. 

Do you have a big project that you have worked on lately? Maybe you have something special that you have done, and are willing to share with all of us here. Would love to hear from you, and have you share with us.  Don't forget that you can find some creative pieces at Artfire, and also with Etsy too. Also, you can find some things with Ecrater as well. Now, time for me to get back to picture taking, and working on some gluing pieces of my own today. Wish Me luck!:)

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams today. I appreciate all who visit, and find me. Take care, have a wonderful day, and see you again soon! Till the next time my blogging friends.....Happy Repurposing and Upcycling!:) Have fun creating!:)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Monday Have a Beautiful Monday Bloggers Blogland

Monday Monday Have a Beautiful Monday Bloggers Blogland!

Where does the weekend go? Why does it go so fast? I can relax all weekend, and on Monday I am still dragging. WOW! Here it is Monday again everyone. Up late last night, had doc appointment this morning, seen the blood suckers again, and home I am....finally! It is getting hot out, and suppose to have heat advisory today also. So, in house chillin, doin things for hubby, and then roaming the net to do my own thing. 

Reading, searching, revising pictures, and hopefully listing a few more things with Ebay. Yes, them wonderful auctions. I still enjoy listing with Ecrater, and have some things at Artfire, and Etsy too. But, when I would like to have inventory move I will put things at Ebay, and then sometimes also at Ecrater. Each place has their own fees, their own costs, so I can sometimes do some different prices with items offered at these places too. Stop by to visit, and see what is being offered. Things change, and I try to do it with my inventory too. 

Nothing special for all of you today with a Blog Post. Just wanted to drop in, say Hi, and wish you all well on this hot gorgeous Monday! Hope ya'll are doing well, and are getting things done as you wanted. Take care everyone, and see you again soon. 

                                                           HAVE A BEAUTIFUL MONDAY!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Some Internet Copyright Laws and Some Things to Know

Some Internet Copyright Laws and Some Things to Know.

Welcome back to LilacsNDreams, and happy to have you visiting. Todays topic is something that is an ongoing issue. Some have problems with it, some have not experienced any issues, and some are experiencing issues all the time. I once had an issue with my blog posts being copied by someone with wordpress. I don't mind the copying as long as I know about it, and most of all am given the credit for it too. Something we all try for is to make sure we get the credit for anything of ours that is seen on this big old internet. 

Through a little research I found that the corrected form of copyright notice is "Copyright or ©, Date, by Author/Owner". Everything that is from April 1, 1989 is copyrighted by the owner/author whether it has a notice of it, or not. All internet users should assume the work is copyrighted unless otherwise specified by the author. "I grant this to the public domain" Anybody can copy, take, or use without giving credit to the owner IF this has been announced. You can also contact the author, and be granted permission of use too. The Copyright Law is Civil Law. 

You can go to many places, research the internet for Copyright Laws, and read many things about this issue. Many times you will see the same thing being repeated. Some things will be said again in different ways with different references. Doesn't hurt to hear some of the repeats for us to understand some of it. 

Copyright protects the original works of authorship which include literacy, musical, dramatic, and artistic works like poetry, novels, movies, computer software, architecture, and songs. Copyright Does NOT protect facts, systems, ideas, or some methods of operations. Although it might protect the ways these things can be expressed. 

Names are NOT protected by Copyright Law. Although some names may be protected by trademark law. Does not protect titles, slogans, names, and short phrases. In some cases again they may be protected as trademarks. Some of this came from different topics at http://www.copyright.gov 

Copyrights protect the creative expressions that have been reduced to a tangible form such as books, pieces of recorded music, computer programs, screen plays, photographs, paintings, motion pictures. 

Trademarks protect brand names, literally marking items in trade. The idea behind the trademark is to protect the consumer by giving them some confidence that items branded with a certain mark are authentic, and come from where they purpote to come from.

Patent protects innovation. While you cannot copyright an idea, you can patent one. www.benedict.com   

Copyrighted works on the internet include software, news stories, screenplays, novels, pictures, graphics, usenet messages, and even email. In fact, the frightening reality is that almost everything on the internet is protected by copyright laws. 

At one time for afforded copyright protection you had to put the world on notice by attaching a copyright notice to the work. This is no longer the case, but it is still to attach a copyright notice with copyrighted work in order to be eligible for certain types of damages. 

4 Elements That Are Needed: The term of copyright or the copyright symbol - The year of copyright - Name of the copyright holder - and use the phrase "All Rights Reserved"

Foreign country copyrights can be a little bit different than we have here in the United States too. Like they use the symbol, and we can use the word copyright in lieu of the symbol. 

Please keep in mind that the copyright may not always be the author, or creator of the work. Companies should be considered, their employees working for them, and etc. 

So, when we are using pictures, or showing pictures that came from some where else we need to remember to give the proper credit of where we got those pictures from. Kind of like pinning with Pinterest making sure the proper credit is given, or when we show things with our blogs or websites we need to give the proper credit also. 

Hope this little tidbit was helpful to some of you. If you Google, or Bing some of this you can get more information as well. There is a lot out there. Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. Come back to visit again soon. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Handmade Homemade Hand Altered Reused Repurposed Online and Locally

Handmade Homemade Hand Altered Online and Locally.

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! I researched some of our words we use for when it comes to the Homemade, Handmade, and Hand Altered too. Found it a bit interesting, and thought I would share since it does get questioned sometimes. I questioned it, read, and sharing with you all is so much easier to read, right?:)

Handmade is considered made, or prepared by hand rather than by a machine. Made by hand, or a hand process, and made by people using their hands. Individual pieces, or materials that compromise a finished item. Paint, wire, pieces combined to create a final item. Projects with a lot of hand work.

Hand Altered appeared to have a bit more suggested for it. Glue, Nail, Screw, Sew, Whittle, Affix, Staple, Embroider, Mix, Inscribe, Paint, Draw, Photograph, and so on. Any alteration, or embellishment to an item by hand, or by machine controlled by hand, or the traditional or craft method. Hand Altered can also be referred to as hand embellished, or hand assembled. 

Homemade can be referred to pieces that are repurposed. I also seen it noted made, or prepared in the home, made by oneself, and crudely or simply made. Creative touches, quality supplies, ingredients.

So, why would we want to buy pieces like this? What makes these pieces desirable compared to new?

1) You find something unique. You are not wearing what everyone else is wearing. If you are one who likes to keep up with the trends of things you could fix it up with a one of a kind accent piece.

2) Super Craftsmanship for handmade items with individual care, some special attention, there is a focus with details, a quality control, and so on. Another thing is that there is no assembly line with some unskilled workers either. 

3) Putting some money into good hands. When you pay the craftsman, or artist for their work they are actually the ones who get the profit from this. When you pay for this it is not for a CEO of some company, any of their overhead, and things like that. You also can improve the economy, and make a difference by shopping Handmade, Homemade, and Hand Altered. 

4) Better Customer Service. That is something that we all are always wanting. Buying this way you also get individual attention from the seller too. Sometimes when you receive your products there might be a bit more personalization with it like having a handwritten thank you note, once in a while a seller might add some sort of gift with your purchase, etc. If for some reason you had an issue with the shipping, damages, some kind of mix up, maybe the item was faulty, it is almost always taken care of effectively. When you buy this way you could have a better chance of a refund, a replacement, or sometimes a return too. You will notice that these sort of issues happen less frequently due to the care, and the concern that the Seller strives for in having Happy Customers. 

5) Go Green. These smaller scale operations will produce less waste, recycled materials are used, industrial salvage pieces, found objects, etc. Items could have gone to the landfills, but with these techniques they are spared, and used. 

6) Get Custom Items and Alterations. It's kind of nice having things that were made for you. Pleasurable to receive one of a king items, and to help you complete some vision that you might have of something not out there yet too. Not to worry if you do not have the skill to make these things because there is someone out there that can do it. 

8) Make Someone's Dream Come True. Many people dream about quitting their day job, becoming their own boss, and doing what they love to do, and doing it all day everyday too. 

                           "Do What You Love, and the World Will Follow. . . . ."

Many categories fall beneath these topics mentioned. Vintage collectibles, home decor, clothing, jewelry, soaps, lotions, bath products, reused, housewares, glasswares, etc. They all have something that is in common. Start from scratch, or connect things and pieces making something for You. 

There are some wonderful sellers out there who do some wonderful work. You can find them Online, Locally, sometimes Flea Markets, Craft Shows, and etc. When you can visit with them, see what they have to offer, do some early christmas shopping, find pieces for those special occasions, birthday gifts, adding to your home decor, and so on. Give them a try, and have fun with it too. There is much to see out there, and much to enjoy. 

Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. Come back to visit again soon. If you have anything you would like to share, or add to this I am happy to hear from you. Your comments are welcomed. Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Feedsacks Burlap Sacks Used For Repurposing Handbags Home Decor and More

Burlap Chair Upholstered With Burlap Sacks

Feedbag Decor at Olivine

Burlap Sacks Kitchen Curtain

Feedsacks Burlap Sacks Used For Repurposing Handbags Home Decor, and so much more!

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! I just love using all sorts of things to repurpose with, recycle, upcycle, reuse, and much of it is with or about being vintage inspired too. I hate throwing things away, and I hate that I keep so much too...LOL:) But, I also hate seeing things going to garbage because I know some where some how there is a need for it, and something that can be done with it too. Which brings me to Feed Sacks, and Burlap Sacks. Remember, there is always more, but this is a start. Some of the bags used might be less than perfect, have maybe a minor stain with it, some minor flaw with the fabric, but some of them are so yummy big to use too! As bags you could hold many things from Flea Markets visited, when you go Thrifting, shopping for your animals and traveling with your animails, or for other travel purposes too. These materials can also be used in making pillow, curtains, covering some of your furniture with, and etc. So many possibilities. 

Let's see there are the Grain Sacks, Feed Sacks, Burlaps, Seed, Flour, Sugar, Salt, and Coffee Sacks which can all be used. For the Handbags the same material could be used to make the handles, and other materials found could also be applied for use with these too. Get a big enough bag you could maybe store some of your pet foods in them for those times that they need to be kenneled, or maybe staying with family/friends too. 

Along with the totes and bags I have seen sunglass and eyeglass cases made, some checkbook covers, table mats, table runners, napkins, hand tags, a table cloth, and soooo many more things. Endless possibilities. 

In your pioneer days some of the families' only source of cloth for their needs was from these different feed sacks that they would use. Clothes, little girls dresses and blouses, menss workshirts, women's aprons, dish towels, and so on. The way I talk that list could really carry on with all sorts of ideas. 

Using these kind of materials is good for our environment, part of being green, some enjoy that rustic look with their home decor of covered furniture, wall hangings, and other things mentioned too. 

When I did a Google search I got a few pictures to share with you that you see above. The links to where I got them from should also be there for you to visit as well too. I did not make any of the items shown, but they have come from other very crafted, and talented people. 

Hope this little tidbit helps some of you with them creative juices, gives you a few ideas, and to also remind some how the vintage and old can still be used in today's times. Have fun everyone, and if you have some other ideas to share, please do! Can never get enough thoughts, or ideas about things, and I always love to learn and see more too...like many others. 

Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams, and hope to see you back visiting again soon. Take care everyone, and have a wonderful day!:)


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vinegar Water For Cleaning Deodorizing Disinfectant and More

Vinegar Water For Cleaning Deodorizing Disinfectant and More.

Good Day, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Many of us are always looking for ways to clean, deodorize, disinfect our homes. Finding ways to do it effectively, inexpensively, and not having so many different cleaners around with all them chemicals too. Honestly they shouldn't be pricey, chemical-laden to be effective, and don't always have to be store bought either. One well known effective way that is versatile for your home is to use some vinegar, and water. 

Many benefits of cleaning with vinegar. It is inexpensive, no harsh chemicals, it's an effective sanitizer, stain remover, cuts grease and soap scum, dissolves mineral build up, and so much more. There are 100s of uses for this cleaner. I have read you Do Not use it on marble, make sure to test small area before you use it with finished wood surfaces or tile, and like any other cleaner avoid contact with your eyes, and prolonged contact with skin.

As you will learn after more research that vingear can be used with cleaning your home, making health and beauty products, remove odors, rid of pests, and so much more. You need to experiment with different recipes to see what it can do, and to find what works for you as well.

A precaution I did read is to NOT directly add vinegar to materials containing ammonia. This will create some harmful odors for you. 

Vinegar can be used to clean so many things in your home such as chrome sink faucets, BBQ grills, steam irons, items that have a mineral deposit, microwaves, some of your gold jewelry, and I have used it in assistance of cleaning some of that stubborn glassware too. It truly does work. 

Of course with this versatile method of cleaning there are way too many recipes to mention. Also, when you find a recipe you might find at times you will alter it to fit with what works for you as well. You will find recipes to mix it as is with the white distilled vinegar, and water. Sometimes you find mixing vinegar, and some salt can serve a purpose. I also had come across a method for baking soda, and some vinegar that is to work with unclogging and clearing a drain too. 

So, for about $2.00 a gallon what a savings this is for everyone. So many uses, and all in one bottle, or gallon bought too. I do have a small recipe to share with you. I have not tried it yet, but it is a starter for you, ok? Take 1-1/2 cup water in a 2 cup liquid measuring cup, add about 1/2 cup of white distilled vinegar....you see the white distilled vinegar used all the time. Heat in microwave for about 3 minutes, and sometimes less. This can help clean out your microwaves after you have mixed this, and can use it. 

Have any special vinegar recipes you found to work? If so, please share them with us, and let us know what you found to work for you. Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. Come back to visit again soon. Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What to Look For and Steps For Thrift Store Shopping

What to Look For and Steps For Thrift Store Shopping. 

Welcome back to LilacsNDreams, and Happy Thrifting everyone! It's the 4th of July, many activities happening due to this, and many of your thrift stores and second hand stores will find themselves busy too. When you go out thrift shopping you want to enjoy it, and make your experience a really great one too. Some people thrift because it is a hobby for them, and there are some people who do make a living from thrift shopping too. Most importantly is that you Love what you are doing. Having a passion for this can make a really big difference by doing something you enjoy which in turn allows you to be more active with it too. You have your own style, and what's really neat is you do not end up spending a lot of money. More people have been shopping the thrift way than they have the new way. A penny saved is a penny earned.

Remember when you head out thrifting for the day that it might not always be a bed of roses for you. When shopping just remember that you are doing something that you enjoy doing. When you left to shop this morning were you wanting just cute stuff, things to repurpose with, or were there some big ticket items you wanted to find. Before you leave make sure to search your area for thrift stores, second hand stores, etc. After a few times of thrifting you will start to learn the stores, which ones you like, which ones are more organized, and the ones that you find better deals at too.

When you head out thrifting for the day make sure you are dressed comfortably for it too. A nice pair of walking shoes is a must. Wear some loose clothes so that you can move around easier, and freely. Feel great while you bend, reach, doing some digging, and have fun with it too.

If you plan on being outdoors with some of your visits make sure to check on the weather, and what to expect. Remember that timing can be important in thrifting too. Sometimes being the early bird is good. With tag sales find out for sure their last day of the sale since most will have everything 1/2 price that has not already sold on that day. 

Hey, if you like having company when you go thrifting make sure to take someone with you. Make sure it is someone who also enjoys thrifting so that you can all enjoy the shopping experience for the day. 

Before you leave to go thrifting make sure to budget your spending too. How much are you willing to spend for the day. Remember, it is easy to go over board with spending due to all the goodies, and must have treasures you will find. If you have specifics you are wanting make sure to have a list made to use for your searches. Once them specifics have been found then you can spend some money on other things you find along the way.

Most of all when you are out thrifting for the day, Make It Fun! You have a day out to enjoy, save some money, and digging for those unwanted treasures by others. Flea Markets, Yard Sales, Thrift Stores. . . . . Once loved items found to be reloved again. Have fun everyone, be safe, and enjoy the Holiday too. 

Thanks for sharing with LilacsNDreams, and see you again soon. Take care, and Happy Thrifting!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Trash to Treasure With Thrifting Repurposing Recylcing and Reusing

Trash to Treasure With Thrifting Repurposing Recyling and Reusing. Welcome to LilacsNDreams for a little more share time of something that I, along with many others, enjoy doing. Thrifting, Repurposing, Recreating, Reusing, Collecting, and as some would also consider making Trash into Treasures.

I have always enjoyed vintage collectibles, and another side of me hates seeing things being thrown out too. Every time I might consider throwing something away, or maybe donating it I always have that little thought in the back of my mind....what could I do with this, what else could be done with this, maybe I should paint it, maybe this piece could be glued to that part, is there another way I could use this, and so on. No, I am not a hoarder of treasures, but consider myself to be a keeper of such things.

You have them same thoughts too? Sometimes vintage collectibles are used to repurpose with. Other times it might be a lonely piece that needs a little loving. You know, a single plate, a glass piece that is missing it's partner to it, a single candle stick that came from a set, etc. I love thrifting for things like this. Yes, I thrift for the home, and sometimes things to wear, but I also look for them lonely pieces that no one wants anymore. I feel that if given a new life they could also bring joy to someone adorning their homes with such things. 

Instead of buying new, why not save a little bit of money and do some thrifting, and reusing of pieces. With the reuse market of today you actually will find items that are both good quality, and are inexpensive too. Keep in mind that not all thrift store merchandise is junk. Sometimes they need a little wipe from the dust that collected, maybe just need to be cleaned and polished to be alive again, maybe just a little mending of sorts, and so on. If you would really honestly look you would also find that you will see brand name items being offered in good used conditions, some are like a new condition, once in a while some items are new with their tags and were donated to the thrift stores, and of course this is all found at a much more reasonable price too.

Thrift Stores are found in many areas, and there are many ways to be thrifting too. Visit Goodwill, some stores specify they are a thrift store, your local second hand stores, Savors, your missions stores have some really nice donated items, and then there are some stores that operate with their monies going towards maybe women shelters. There are many kinds out there in all sorts of forms, shapes, and sizes. There are many possibilities hidden within these stores that are looking to be reloved. Consider it doing more with less, and loving your home again. Sometimes turning junk into treasures is a feeling of accomplishment, and loving some of them pieces all over again. 

I have different Thrift Stores I will frequent, but always enjoy finding a new one to add to my visiting list too. Thrift Stores, Second Hand Stores, Consignment Stores, Goodwill, Missions, and more. I find many things to add to the home to make it more comfortable, and to make it a welcoming home for all to visit as well. Where do you like to thrift, and what do you like to thrift for? What are your passions when it comes to thrifting?

I want to thank all of you for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. Make sure you come back to visit again soon. Never know what I might share next, and of course I enjoy when everyone shares along too. Happy Fourth of July to all.