Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Monday Have a Beautiful Monday Bloggers Blogland

Monday Monday Have a Beautiful Monday Bloggers Blogland!

Where does the weekend go? Why does it go so fast? I can relax all weekend, and on Monday I am still dragging. WOW! Here it is Monday again everyone. Up late last night, had doc appointment this morning, seen the blood suckers again, and home I am....finally! It is getting hot out, and suppose to have heat advisory today also. So, in house chillin, doin things for hubby, and then roaming the net to do my own thing. 

Reading, searching, revising pictures, and hopefully listing a few more things with Ebay. Yes, them wonderful auctions. I still enjoy listing with Ecrater, and have some things at Artfire, and Etsy too. But, when I would like to have inventory move I will put things at Ebay, and then sometimes also at Ecrater. Each place has their own fees, their own costs, so I can sometimes do some different prices with items offered at these places too. Stop by to visit, and see what is being offered. Things change, and I try to do it with my inventory too. 

Nothing special for all of you today with a Blog Post. Just wanted to drop in, say Hi, and wish you all well on this hot gorgeous Monday! Hope ya'll are doing well, and are getting things done as you wanted. Take care everyone, and see you again soon. 

                                                           HAVE A BEAUTIFUL MONDAY!!

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