Monday, April 22, 2019

Vintage Wood Letter Blocks Repurposed Crafted Quilt Word

Vintage Wood Letter Blocks Repurposed Crafted Quilt Word

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! I have had a productive busy kind of week. I was able to list a couple of other items with my shop at Etsy. Hubby was in last minute so I did some quick errands with that. I had a sale come through on Friday for me at Etsy in which I got that prepared, and shipped right away. I also was able to get a little crafting time in too! That was enjoyable, and I'm anxious to do more too!

A while back I had found a really small plastic container with a just few old wooden letter blocks in it. I'm not lucky enough to see this often when I am thrifting so naturally I snactched them up right away. Unfortunately, they had been pushed to the side with other craft projects when our son was home on leave for a couple of weeks. Well, during this past week I brought them out, played around with them a bit, course I started to get an idea and went thrifting through some of my own stash of this, that, and what not items. Got the glue out, and I got things put together with my little creative crafting. That is one thing I like about crafting. I always have a general idea of how I want to do things, but somewhere along the way I alter a little bit here, and a little bit there. Or, while I am sitting and waiting on glue to set, and dry my eyes will look around, and create things along the way that I can use with the project at hand. I enjoyed making this project with the letter wood blocks, and ordered more wood letter blocks because I have another idea for something I would like to create. 

With the left top picture it shows the items I set out to work with. With the top right picture it shows the wood letter blocks that I put together before gluing them. The picture below this shows one of those moments I had while I was waiting on glue to dry with the blocks. A little silver bead sat looking at me with one hole in it. The straight pins I wanted to use somewhere with the blocks was set into that hole. Reminded me of a little mini pin cushion. So, I dropped some glue drops on that right away before it got away from me.

The 2 pictures you are seeing below is the completed project that I did. I put wood blocks together spelling QUILT, and then I added different little embellishments to the top of the attached blocks to dress it within the quilting theme. 

I had fun doing this. Things sort of fell into place for me when I got started. I enjoyed it, and got excited with it that I was sharing pictures right away with a friend of mine showing what I was doing. She asked if I was going to do more, if I was keeping this, or will I put it in my Etsy Shop. I did spend time today searching for more wooden blocks at a reasonable price that I can craft with. I found some that will work for the next project. Unfortunately, I checked in on my order and found that the seller is on vacation. I will have to wait a full week before shipment will be done for my purchase. 

Oh, well, I know what to do when those do get here. Guess I'll just have to find another craft to work with, huh? LOL! I have some things sitting here that can be worked on, and shouldn't take me long either. Also, I have some Anchor Hocking Blue Glass Bubble Plates I need to find. They are some where in this room. I seen them when I was organizing things. Now...I can't remember where I put them. Be nice to find those, and get them listed in my shop too.

This has been a pleasure sharing these thoughts, and ideas of crafting with you. I hope you have enjoyed this, and maybe it has helped you with some of your own ideas too. 

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Domain and Domain Name is it Needed is it For Me

Domain and Domain Name is it Needed is it For Me

LilacsNDreams Welcomes you! Topic today is something that is often discussed, and questioned if it is really needed. The Domain, Do I need a Domain Name, is it really needed, and is it really for Me?

Many of us are sellers online, are considering selling, have chosen to work with things we enjoy, maybe you have been blogging, or maybe you are considering a website for yourself. All of us are always looking at ways to improve our sales, trying to get our name or presence out there, and just doing everything we can to make our online presence better for us to be seen and found. 

We look at different venues to sell at that we know about, or have found in our researching. Then we question just how many places should we be showing our products with. Through our readings we see things discussed about blogging, having a website, hosting, domains, having a domain name, and etc. I'll admit that it all takes time, a lot of work, and is quite confusing as well too. After time we do start seeing some results with our choices we've made.

One of the issues we will eventually come across is "Should We Buy A Domain"  I am like you, and often thought about that same question. Should I do it, or should I just forget about it? Why do it? Is it worth it? What benefits do I have with getting my own domain? Then, of course we see more cost, and expenses with doing this too. 

Is this something I really needed? Was it time to upgrade to this part of having an online presence? So, after some consideration with reading what others shared about this issue I took the plunge. As of today I have 3 domains that I have kept for a few years. I use to have more when I got caught up in things thinking I needed all of that. I considered different factors with having these domains, but mostly I considered what worked for Me. I can say that I am happy that I have done this, and kept up with the times of having the domains as well. 

I myself chose to go with GoDaddy for all of my domains. There are different choices out there, many share their opinions with this issue, everyone has their own views, and what I recommend is do what you feel comfortable with. Do what you feel works for you, and will be a good fit for what you are planning to do. Cost is something to look at, how many domains do you really want, and also how easy is it to direct your domain? If you point it one way will it be easy to redirect it to another way if you change your mind? Different little things like that.

Few things to think about when having your own domain:

1)  Use Your Blog -  I direct 1 of my domains to my Blog. It is much easier to remember the domain address compared to the longer blog address you start with. Also, it looks really good on business cards that you may have printed eventually for your use. I like to treat my Blog like a website for Me with my links shared that I sell at, social medias to find me, and etc 

2)   Landing Page - Show information about yourself, list your links, list your web pages, note your venues that you maybe are using, list your social networking information, etc. Having a domain would be a great choice if you have multiple blogs, websites, venues, etc. Use the domain for a landing page you can then share your other links with that you choose.

3)   Professional Page - Your Online Business, Your Domain

Having, and using a makes it easier to find you, and to remember you  too. Keep the traffic coming to you, and it works to helping finding you with internet searches, inquiries, etc. 

There are many ideas for choosing the domain name that you want. Some have chosen to use their own personal name...Like maybe a writer would do. Some choose a name according to what they are selling at the time, some choose according to their interest, likes, and etc. It's hard to choose a name that is memorable, something that you like, and something that hopefully others will remember too. It does get frustrating because you can have a name figured out, and find that someone else has it. 

How did I choose my name? It started years ago when I started selling online with Ebay. It was a unique name I finally came up with after many many attempts with other names already being used. When I got into blogging is when I decided to get a domain as it kind of locks it in for me having that name. Over time the name with my domain has become mine with Google Searches, and other searches as well. I don't have many expenses with all that I do. I try to keep my cost low as I have never really become anything big for what I do. The one expense I have had every year is having my domains, and of course the little things like business cards, and etc. Having these domains has been a small price compared to what it could be, and maybe could be some day. It helps with the branding of my name as well. As of right now....till I decide differently, I only have my domain with GoDaddy. I have not done hosting, or anything else. Times are changing, and maybe I will too. Till then I have chosen to stay with what I have been doing.

How many of you have a domain that you have bought? Are you happy with it, and with the service provider you chose? Maybe you are still considering this subject too. I hope that maybe this little bit I've shared with you will maybe better help you with your domain decisions that you make, and the researches that you do about it. Hopefully it gave you a few things to consider, and maybe more questions to ask about as well.

Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams!  Stop by anytime to visit!


Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Etsy Vintage Collectibles DIY RePurpose ReStyle Handmade

Etsy Vintage Collectibles DIY RePurpose ReStyle Handmade

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! I have been busy the past 3 days, and today was really busy! As you all know I have a shop at Etsy that I have decided to sell with again. It's been a working progress, but today I hit 20 total listings there. Today I did listings for 6 items. I just completed my last listing there a few minutes ago. 

Past 2 days I was kind of working with Google a little bit. I found something free that I could do there, and so that's been a working progress too. When you have time stop by to see what I am talking about at Kind of neat putting my information there I want to show, helps me show on Google Search and Maps, I can show pictures/posts there, etc. 

This Indiana Milk Glass Top Hat Fenton Style Daisy and Button Pattern is the last item I listed with my Etsy Store tonight. Whew! What a day!

I hope that everyone is having a great week so far! For some I wish you well with some weather/snow that you are/about to receive. Hopefully it will be the last for a while, right? 

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Take care, and hope to see you again soon!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Blog Blogging Website Web Presence Venues For Free

Blog Blogging Website Web Presence Venues For Free 

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Quite a while back I had read about someone making the comment about their brick & mortar store. They had moved from 1 state to another. I'm not seeing the business name in my notes, but she was from California, and had moved to Ohio I believe. Anyway, she had made a comment about wanting to show that using free spaces on the internet...for instance your blog, website, facebook, it could be done, and that you would profit from it too. Her ideas she shared was that you could do this free with no/low cost, and that it could be done with results. 

So, I decided to implement some of the ideas of what she had suggested. I can say as of right now the one cost that I do have, and have kept is having my domains that I have for my Blog, another Blog, and Blog page that I have chosen. It makes the web addresses easier to remember, and of course shortens them for use too. I started with my .com which I have that lands you directly on this page to my Blog. I have which lands you on a page with my Blog that I use mostly for showing things that I offer for sale. I note that you can contact Me for purchases and invoicing through Paypal, I share links for items if you wish to purchase through my Etsy Shop, and I will also share items of others who sell with links back to their items for purchase. Another place I haven't worked with for quite some time is another Blog I had started, and I do have my domain directed to that as well. 

Then, I decided to work more with Social Media too. That's something that is always mentioned to help all of us being seen, found, advertising our business, etc. Now I found if you can follow charts/analysis with these different places you are able to see what you benefit with, what is helping you, where your traffic is coming from, etc. I have played around with Google a little bit. I have a Google website that has been ignored for a long time. Recently I have doodled a little bit with which gives you a minor free website. You can share a little bit about your business there, it helps with locating you in google maps and searches, and you can also share some posts there as well. Here is where I shared 2 items I have listed for sale, I can be contacted through email, or to visit my Etsy Shop to see more pictures and more descriptions of items, and to purchase there as well. Just the other day I looked closer at charts that Etsy shares for the sellers to view their traffic, where it comes from, their views, and etc. It was quite interesting, and helpful too. 

From some of the charts I seen with a few places where my traffic comes from. It's nice to see that my Blog helps with some of my traffic. I can also see that traffic comes from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.  Once in a while I will see some things coming from LinkedIn as well. What's great is that all of these places mentioned are free for everyone to use. No, I do not sit with all of them all the time. I don't do it morning, day, and night. Facebook I will visit, make a comment with others, and I share things there I have been working on with some links. Pinterest has been known for being good in helping with your traffic too. Not just pinning items of yours, but also of others who have the same interests as they come around and pin on your boards too. Twitter I have set up where my postings on Facebook, and my Blog will go there. When you can do something like this it's a big help in completing tasks that you have for the day. 

With some of these free sites we use to help us we can also get notices sent to our phones, emailed to us, etc. I didn't like the idea, sometimes it still bothers me, but I have found it to be helpful when you do sales online. It's business,right?

I am no professional, and I enjoy sharing with you things I have learned along the way, things I have read by others, what maybe works for me can possibly work for you, etc. I hope this was understandable, and you were able to follow some of the ideas I have shared here today. If you have any questions contact Me. If you have anything to share Please feel free to do so with the comments/talk that you can do below my posts. 

Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams! I enjoy the visits, the contacts made, and comments that are made too. Take care till the next time everyone. 

Friday, April 5, 2019

Vintage Collectibles Blue Glass Diamond Ring Etsy

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! I have been busy trying to respond to people, do some listings with my Etsy shop, and working on my LilacsNDreams Shoppe page here too. Whew! So far it's all going well. Pictures of 3 items I have listed to give you an idea of some things I am listing right now. 

Son left this morning to go back to base, unfortunately. He was not happy to go, but duty calls. So, now here I am doing all of this. 

When you have a chance hop on over to my page LilacsNDreams Shoppe to see what I am doing with that at the top of here to click on too. You can also visit with my Etsy Shop too. Get an idea of what vintage things I have been listing there. Soon...I hope real soon...that I will be able to start listing my crafty items that I have worked on as well. Table is cleared off, and I am hoping to start being constructive with things again. 

Wishing you ALL a fabulous weekend! Have fun, be safe, and see you again soon!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Blog Blogger Blogging For Business Pleasure or Both

Blog Blogger Blogging For Business Pleasure or Both

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Blog Blogger Blogging is an interesting subject I would like to look at, and discuss with everyone. Is this something we do for Business, Pleasure, or maybe both? So, question is Why Blog? Should we blog, does blogging work for our purpose we chose, does it work for business? 

There are many reasons for why we have chosen to Blog. This is a great way to express our experiences with different subjects. Some of the subjects I have chosen over time have been about vintage collectibles, repurposed or upcycled items, junking, restoring, crafting, handmade, business, just to share ideas and thoughts, and so on. Some may use blogs as a diary, a journal, and there are some who do it for money as well. The list could go on for Blogging. 

When you do an engine search say with google you will see web pages, not just websites that could show for what you are looking for. Every time you post a new Blog post it is a new page that gets noted, and could show in searches. Doing these particular pages could help you do well within ranking for searches. There are some websites that do have their Blog with it too. I have chosen to make my Blog my website, and have my domain as Google likes content, and Blogs give a new page all the time with your postings done. Think of it as a Blog post = web page and web page = a search opportunity. 

Blogs can describe things in depth. It also is a tool that lets you get new content out continuously, or as often as you choose to post content. Blogging can be used as a hobby, or for some of us Blogging has become a part of our business venture. Blogging has grown over time. Many have realized that it  is not just for a professional writer, or maybe for the marketers with a product/service they have to sell. It is also suitable for anyone who has some stories, or ideas to share too. 

If you made it with me this far....Thank You! I will be covering a few things, and please note that this post could become a little lengthy too. 

3 Things you will need for the Business Blogging:

Use The Right Platform
There are many platforms to choose from. Everyone will have their own preference to what they will use. Many use Blogger because it has been known to be easier to work with, and of course is good with Google Searches too. Quite a few will also use Wordpress as well. Using Wordpress you get more plug-ins to work with on your pages. I use wordpress myself as a Blog page, and I also have another of my domains directed to it. IF you visit there I want to warn you that it also is way behind, and a working progress for me. Now, if you have not decided on a Blog platform do a little bit of a search, see what others have to say, look at some reviews, and most of all find what will work for you. Something that you will feel comfortable with, and willing to work with. 

Own Your Own Domain
You would like to be able to Blog from your own property. IF you would decide to move to another platform this would allow you to retain all of your inbound links that you have gathered. I have seen it suggested to use your .com for Blogging. I have chosen to use my .com for her as I consider this like a website for me. I use my .net for Wordpress which I treat as my blog. I also use Go Daddy for my domains. I have had no issues with a redirect for my domains, and it has been easy to direct my domains where I want them too. 

Be Committed With Your Blogging
Keep in mind it takes time to get seen, heard, and to have followers. It will take a little time to get comfortable with topics you would like to discus, and share with everyone. You need to find what works for you. Put some of your own character into it so that people can get a feel of who you are. This is how they will get to know you, maybe share your links with others, some will become your friends, and some may even become customers if you have something you are selling. 

I have seen noted that on an average you should try to blog about 2-3 times a week. I know...where do you find the time to do this, and everything else right? We all will go through this, and we will all find our way that fits for us too. I still do Facebook, I'm working on my Pinterest, instagram is another working process for me, my Twitter is still active from my facebook postings I do, and I'll dabble a little with different groups or social medias. I try to spread my time out. I don't Blog as much as suggested. I do mine once a week right now. 

I like Blogging, I enjoy it, and I like researching a little for the next topic I will share with you. Whether it is for business, something I learned, a little about me, or something I enjoy doing I always feel that a little bit of something shared with you is better than not doing anything. Once in a while you might see me drop you a note, or announcement in between postings too. 

It has been suggested that you should start your post with your post title. Have keywords in the title, and know that the search engines give a little bit more weight with the first 3 - 4 words. Use keyword phrases through the body of the post. 

Use links to appropriate pages in your Blog. Link name to the page on a site where you can buy the item from, link to sharing on pinterest, share your links on facebook twitter and instagram too. You can link your keywords too. For instance use the word vintage with a sentence, but note that you also like to repurpose treasures, and adore upcycling too. I have directed these words that are clickable to either my Etsy Shop, or to my LilacsNDreams Shoppe page that I have with my Blog/Website. 

Do not over do it with the linking. I cannot find a set limit to watch for, but I do know that if you overload with all of it Google will also see it as bad. If they happen to see it as bad you will not make it out to searches, or will be really really far out in searches. You should also work on inbound links. Those are links that come from other web pages to your blog post. Preferably it is from other web pages that deal with some of the same things as you do. This will have more weight with your searches too. I like to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn by leaving my domain links in those places that will direct people to here. 

There are many things out there that you can choose if you wish to Blog. Do it for fun, to help you, and maybe for business purposes too. You'll see many suggestions, and offers of how to make money Blogging too. Please, check into everything carefully. Let it be fun, enjoyable, and maybe profitable for you as well. 

All of this has been shared to you by skimming research, and some of it comes from things I have also learned too. So, in conclusion to help with your Blogging rankings and searches you should *perform a keyword analysis to know the keywords that drive traffic to you. *Put keywords in your titles, content, and through out your Blog post. Remember do not overload on keywords either. *Create content that will encourage people to link to you, your Blog, and they want to share your Blog with others.

Whew! I better sign off for now. Sorry for the mini book, but I hope it helps those who are going back and forth about Blogging. 

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Take care, and see you the next time.