Monday, April 15, 2019

Domain and Domain Name is it Needed is it For Me

Domain and Domain Name is it Needed is it For Me

LilacsNDreams Welcomes you! Topic today is something that is often discussed, and questioned if it is really needed. The Domain, Do I need a Domain Name, is it really needed, and is it really for Me?

Many of us are sellers online, are considering selling, have chosen to work with things we enjoy, maybe you have been blogging, or maybe you are considering a website for yourself. All of us are always looking at ways to improve our sales, trying to get our name or presence out there, and just doing everything we can to make our online presence better for us to be seen and found. 

We look at different venues to sell at that we know about, or have found in our researching. Then we question just how many places should we be showing our products with. Through our readings we see things discussed about blogging, having a website, hosting, domains, having a domain name, and etc. I'll admit that it all takes time, a lot of work, and is quite confusing as well too. After time we do start seeing some results with our choices we've made.

One of the issues we will eventually come across is "Should We Buy A Domain"  I am like you, and often thought about that same question. Should I do it, or should I just forget about it? Why do it? Is it worth it? What benefits do I have with getting my own domain? Then, of course we see more cost, and expenses with doing this too. 

Is this something I really needed? Was it time to upgrade to this part of having an online presence? So, after some consideration with reading what others shared about this issue I took the plunge. As of today I have 3 domains that I have kept for a few years. I use to have more when I got caught up in things thinking I needed all of that. I considered different factors with having these domains, but mostly I considered what worked for Me. I can say that I am happy that I have done this, and kept up with the times of having the domains as well. 

I myself chose to go with GoDaddy for all of my domains. There are different choices out there, many share their opinions with this issue, everyone has their own views, and what I recommend is do what you feel comfortable with. Do what you feel works for you, and will be a good fit for what you are planning to do. Cost is something to look at, how many domains do you really want, and also how easy is it to direct your domain? If you point it one way will it be easy to redirect it to another way if you change your mind? Different little things like that.

Few things to think about when having your own domain:

1)  Use Your Blog -  I direct 1 of my domains to my Blog. It is much easier to remember the domain address compared to the longer blog address you start with. Also, it looks really good on business cards that you may have printed eventually for your use. I like to treat my Blog like a website for Me with my links shared that I sell at, social medias to find me, and etc 

2)   Landing Page - Show information about yourself, list your links, list your web pages, note your venues that you maybe are using, list your social networking information, etc. Having a domain would be a great choice if you have multiple blogs, websites, venues, etc. Use the domain for a landing page you can then share your other links with that you choose.

3)   Professional Page - Your Online Business, Your Domain

Having, and using a makes it easier to find you, and to remember you  too. Keep the traffic coming to you, and it works to helping finding you with internet searches, inquiries, etc. 

There are many ideas for choosing the domain name that you want. Some have chosen to use their own personal name...Like maybe a writer would do. Some choose a name according to what they are selling at the time, some choose according to their interest, likes, and etc. It's hard to choose a name that is memorable, something that you like, and something that hopefully others will remember too. It does get frustrating because you can have a name figured out, and find that someone else has it. 

How did I choose my name? It started years ago when I started selling online with Ebay. It was a unique name I finally came up with after many many attempts with other names already being used. When I got into blogging is when I decided to get a domain as it kind of locks it in for me having that name. Over time the name with my domain has become mine with Google Searches, and other searches as well. I don't have many expenses with all that I do. I try to keep my cost low as I have never really become anything big for what I do. The one expense I have had every year is having my domains, and of course the little things like business cards, and etc. Having these domains has been a small price compared to what it could be, and maybe could be some day. It helps with the branding of my name as well. As of right now....till I decide differently, I only have my domain with GoDaddy. I have not done hosting, or anything else. Times are changing, and maybe I will too. Till then I have chosen to stay with what I have been doing.

How many of you have a domain that you have bought? Are you happy with it, and with the service provider you chose? Maybe you are still considering this subject too. I hope that maybe this little bit I've shared with you will maybe better help you with your domain decisions that you make, and the researches that you do about it. Hopefully it gave you a few things to consider, and maybe more questions to ask about as well.

Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams!  Stop by anytime to visit!


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