Friday, May 28, 2021

Memorial Weekend Rememberance For the Fallen and the Serving

 Memorial Weekend Remembrance For Fallen and Serving with LilacsNDreams. 

Wishing everyone a safe, and fun Memorial Weekend. Please remember those fallen, and those serving today with sacrifices they make for our freedoms. Thank you to all !!

Thanks for stopping by everyone, and be safe!! See you next time.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Repurpose Upcycle DIY Handmade Vintage Collectibles

Repurpose Upcycle DIY Handmade Vintage Collectibles at LilacsNDreams. Welcome, and glad to have you drop by!

I’m so very very very sorry to all those who have visited, and no new postings done for you to read. I deeply apologize for this. Once in a while Life can throw a curve, or two. Well, that time came for us this past month. 

My husband was scheduled to have all his upper teeth pulled. That went successfully. The dentist liked how things looked his first day after surgery. The following few days from there husband was not feeling well. I was feeling a little off myself too. But, unfortunately for him he kept not feeling well. One of the biggest issues is he was not eating. About a week and a half later I took him to the ER. Great service there. 
Unbelievably he was not tested for COVID. They gave him an IV for dehydration, and talked with him about foods he could eat, and things to drink for protein.

Next day he had a dental appointment. Explained to them what had been happening, some of it they knew about the issues of not eating. Checked his upper mouth, things were still looking good for the healing process, adjusted his denture again to help him. My husband was getting bad headaches too. Dentist wasn’t sure what to say about that. The next night we had the ambulance at the house because hubby was having a hard time breathing, it would hurt, and some slight pain in his chest.

So, off he went in the ambulance with me following hoping we would get some answers as to what has been happening. He still wasn’t eating, drinking water, not enough, and the symptoms kept happening. Got him checked into the ER...different hospital than from a couple nights ago. Went over all the same things, same questions, blood work done, chest X-rays done, hooked him to the IV again, and we were asked again about COVID. He was not tested before his oral surgery, he was not tested at hospital other night, and this hospital was astounded no one had tested him. They tested him on this night, and it was positive. He had COVID Pneumonia, and he was admitted to the hospital. Here he stayed for about 6 days, and sent home with a few instructions. 

He came home on a Tuesday, and on Wednesday Night I took him back to the hospital. Same issue with breathing. He was tested, things look good, and given some instructions. Thursday morning I was woken very early, hubby had called ambulance again due to his chest, and breathing. Rescue unit got there first, his oxygen was good, and things calmed down. He cancelled the ambulance. About 1/2 hour after they left he had me taking him to the ER again. 

This time we spent all morning at the hospital. Ran tests, did a scan checking for blood clots, talked with him, etc. everything was coming out good, no clots, blood work good, etc. Doc spent time talking with him. Explained some situations of COVID, he had it at 1 point, nurse had talked with him about her having it, how long it can take to heal/feel like yourself , etc. This time they explained more, covered a little more, an gave a few more suggestions too. Some medicine had been prescribed, some over the counter sleep aid suggested, and an oximeter was suggested too. Now, with that object my husband treats it like a security blanket. It’s helping him get through this situation, he’s starting to eat more, getting more of an appetite, and he is up moving around a little more walking. He hasn’t worked for 3 weeks, its gonna be about another 2-3 weeks before he can consider working again. 

Who would have guessed this would happen, right? Never any issues with the cross country driving he does in the truck. I feel fine. Just dealing with allergies right now...that time of year you know. Lots of washing, cleaning, and spraying/sanitizing things around the house, the patio furniture, and the car too. 

So, to keep things healthy for him at this time I have not done any kind of crafting, thrifting, yard sales, shopping, etc. Getting a little antsy myself. Things will pass, they will get better...slowly getting there, and he will be back to work, and I can continue with things I have been doing. Slight delay right now, but it will be better soon. Just working with time right now, and this healing process for him. 

I’ve missed being here every week, and I deeply apologize for it too. I’m happy I could take a little time to share with everyone what the real issue is, and please ask for your patience with me during my husbands healing. 

Thank You so very much for visiting with LilacsNDreams everyone! Take care, be safe, and stay healthy! See you again soon, Toodles!