Monday, May 3, 2021

Repurpose Upcycle DIY Handmade Vintage Collectibnles

Repurpose Upcycle DIY Handmade Vintage Collectibles at LilacsNDreams. Welcome, and glad to have you drop by!

I’m so very very very sorry to all those who have visited, and no new postings done for you to read. I deeply apologize for this. Once in a while Life can throw a curve, or two. Well, that time came for us this past month. 

My husband was scheduled to have all his upper teeth pulled. That went successfully. The dentist liked how things looked his first day after surgery. The following few days from there husband was not feeling well. I was feeling a little off myself too. But, unfortunately for him he kept not feeling well. One of the biggest issues is he was not eating. About a week and a half later I took him to the ER. Great service there. 
Unbelievably he was not tested for COVID. They gave him an IV for dehydration, and talked with him about foods he could eat, and things to drink for protein.

Next day he had a dental appointment. Explained to them what had been happening, some of it they knew about the issues of not eating. Checked his upper mouth, things were still looking good for the healing process, adjusted his denture again to help him. My husband was getting bad headaches too. Dentist wasn’t sure what to say about that. The next night we had the ambulance at the house because hubby was having a hard time breathing, it would hurt, and some slight pain in his chest.

So, off he went in the ambulance with me following hoping we would get some answers as to what has been happening. He still wasn’t eating, drinking water, not enough, and the symptoms kept happening. Got him checked into the ER...different hospital than from a couple nights ago. Went over all the same things, same questions, blood work done, chest X-rays done, hooked him to the IV again, and we were asked again about COVID. He was not tested before his oral surgery, he was not tested at hospital other night, and this hospital was astounded no one had tested him. They tested him on this night, and it was positive. He had COVID Pneumonia, and he was admitted to the hospital. Here he stayed for about 6 days, and sent home with a few instructions. 

He came home on a Tuesday, and on Wednesday Night I took him back to the hospital. Same issue with breathing. He was tested, things look good, and given some instructions. Thursday morning I was woken very early, hubby had called ambulance again due to his chest, and breathing. Rescue unit got there first, his oxygen was good, and things calmed down. He cancelled the ambulance. About 1/2 hour after they left he had me taking him to the ER again. 

This time we spent all morning at the hospital. Ran tests, did a scan checking for blood clots, talked with him, etc. everything was coming out good, no clots, blood work good, etc. Doc spent time talking with him. Explained some situations of COVID, he had it at 1 point, nurse had talked with him about her having it, how long it can take to heal/feel like yourself , etc. This time they explained more, covered a little more, an gave a few more suggestions too. Some medicine had been prescribed, some over the counter sleep aid suggested, and an oximeter was suggested too. Now, with that object my husband treats it like a security blanket. It’s helping him get through this situation, he’s starting to eat more, getting more of an appetite, and he is up moving around a little more walking. He hasn’t worked for 3 weeks, its gonna be about another 2-3 weeks before he can consider working again. 

Who would have guessed this would happen, right? Never any issues with the cross country driving he does in the truck. I feel fine. Just dealing with allergies right now...that time of year you know. Lots of washing, cleaning, and spraying/sanitizing things around the house, the patio furniture, and the car too. 

So, to keep things healthy for him at this time I have not done any kind of crafting, thrifting, yard sales, shopping, etc. Getting a little antsy myself. Things will pass, they will get better...slowly getting there, and he will be back to work, and I can continue with things I have been doing. Slight delay right now, but it will be better soon. Just working with time right now, and this healing process for him. 

I’ve missed being here every week, and I deeply apologize for it too. I’m happy I could take a little time to share with everyone what the real issue is, and please ask for your patience with me during my husbands healing. 

Thank You so very much for visiting with LilacsNDreams everyone! Take care, be safe, and stay healthy! See you again soon, Toodles!


Monday, March 29, 2021

Thrift Store Shopping Good Will Hunting Price Changes


Thrift Store Shopping Good Will Hunting Price Changes with LilacsNDreams. Welcome to everyone visiting! 

Many of us like to thrift, some of us have our favorite second hand stores we will favorite, Good Will is popular amongst many too. As you frequent some of these places have you noticed a change with some of their prices too? Are you finding that some of them are a little bit spendy? Have you found some to have a little more than a thrifty price? 

Some of the different shops still have reasonable prices for all of the changes we have been experiencing. Yet, some of them have become a bit spendy, and I find myself not able to shop with them. I don’t over price things myself I don’t think, and try to be reasonable in pricing myself. Like many many others I do have to make some kind of profit in order to do what I do, be able to offer what I do, and have fun shopping too. I take pleasure doing what I do.

Anyway, I feel it’s a bit bothersome when some of the clothing is priced higher than maybe Walmart, Target, and some of those stores. What is also disturbing is that some of the prices for items of interest are being priced as what is being found on eBay. Reason I mention this is due to a couple incidents I had. When I asked a couple of clerks how they determined some of their prices  for some pieces I had found I was told it was due to what they sell for on eBay. 

I’m sorry, and I know it is terrible of me to do, but the answer of using eBay made me chuckle. I then asked if they were an auction house accepting bids on items, if their items included shipping which evidentially they were not doing with physical shopping, and etc. They sad No of course not. I did remind them that items they were selling had been donated to them, and that eBay items sell for a different price due to different factors involved that they did not have in the physical store. Like people buying things in order to resell.  I also asked if they had collectors books to research with for pricing, and to actually verify what they were selling. I was told no to that. I did mention if it was of any value they were better to have a silent auction like they do from time to time.

I’m sorry, I do apologize. I thought Thrift Stores were for people to go to, and buy things for their homes, sometimes gift giving, and for crafting. Some people with a lower income, or having a hard time rely on some of these stores for clothing their children to be a little more acceptable with schools, societies, etc. 

At one time I had read an article with ecommercebytes blog about this particular subject. I found it interesting to read, think about, and read a few thoughts and comments left by others who shared their opinions as well. 

So, what about you? What do you think? Have you noticed some of this when you are thrifting, or bargain shopping?

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams! I appreciate you visiting, and letting me share some of my thoughts, and opinions. Remember, I am no expert with anything, but just like to converse and share things with you. Take care everyone, and be safe, See you soon! Toodles . . . . . . 

Monday, March 22, 2021

Glass Cloche Dome Cheese Dish Refurbished Restyled


Glass Cloche Dome Cheese Dishes Refurbished Restyled by LilacsNDreams. Welcome to all, and glad to have you stop by. 

                   Black Glass Cloche Dome Covered Wood Pedestal Stand Refurbished Restyled

                          Blue Glass Cloche Dome Covered Cheese Tray Refurbished Restyled

                           Pink Cloche Glass Dome Cover Cheese Tray Restyled Refurbished

                          White Cloche Glass Dome Cover Cheese Tray Restyled Refurbished

How has everyone been doing with their Thrift Shopping? My shopping hasn’t been to eventful itself. Thrift Stores are open around me, and I’m dying to rummage through them really. The weather has been good, you can feel spring in the air, and I’m excited to get out there. Unfortunately, due to us being in the process of house hunting, and moving I am trying to preserve myself right now. It’s killing me because it is that time of year to do these things with thrifting, rummaging, and hunting. However, less packing, and less issues with worries of breakage with things will make the trip of moving just a little less stressful for me. Until then I might work on small transferable projects,, and sharing some things I have done in the past. I apologize, and ask you to bear with me 1 more time. Soon I shall have a better area, and more room to work with...if everything goes as planned. Crossing fingers. 

All the pictures you see above are different Cloche Glass Dome Cover Cheese Trays I had refurbished, and restyled. These were all done with wooden bases, and were all done over time with different pieces found. Most of them I kept simple with priming, and painting the wooden bases. I painted 1 black, 1 blue, 1 pink, and 1 white. 

At the very top of these dome covered cheese tray pictures you will see the black pedestal dome stand I did. This one was fun, and a learning experience for me too. A bit challenging, but still fun! I used the original wooden base that you find with these cheese trays, and attached it to a wooden candle holder. After the glue dried completely I applied a gray primer, and then painted it all black. Once that dried completely I applied a piece of sheet music that I fitted to the circular center tray of this piece which had been slightly stained, and then mod podged. I used some of the scrap music sheet I had cut to apply around the middle of the wooden pedestal stand. Around the neck/top part of the middle pedestal I added a white satiny ribbon that matched with the paper. This added just a touch more character to this piece.

Now, on the white cheese tray I used mod podge, and again cut some sheet music to fit the center. I slightly stained the cut sheet with some coffee, and tea. I then slightly burnt the outer edges of the sheet music before applying it to the center of the base. I had left the blue one plain, and with the pink one I had included one of my vintage doilies I had.

With all of these cloche dome covered cheese trays I had listed them with my Etsy Shoppe over time too. I enjoyed sharing pictures of different ways to consider using these too. 

While thrifting it may seem like we collect some of the craziest things, or that we accumulate things with no definite goals in mind. Showing these things to you is how it can all come together for me, and can for you too. 

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams everyone! Always glad to see you stopping by. Till the next time take care, and be safe! Toodles . . . . . . 

Monday, March 15, 2021

Etsy EBay Bonanza Ecrater Poshmark Mercari Marketplace Platform


Etsy EBay Bonanza Ecrater Poshmark Mercari Marketplace Platform with LilacsNDreams. Welcome to all who are visiting!

Been thinking about, and trying to feel what platform is for me to sell on. There are so many choices out there. Trying to choose one, or which ones you would like to use can be confusing. Everyone says sell here, sell there, no this one is better, etc. You need to choose the platform that will benefit for you, and what you sell.

I started years ago with EBay. Back then it was fun, and I looked forward to listing things there. Things started changing, and honestly I was changing too. From EBay I moved onto Bonanza, Ecrater, Artfire, and I did land on Etsy where I spent more time there too. 

Things are changing again with Etsy. Fees, rules, how they are charging the sellers, advertising fees that are forced upon you according to the money you make. I was fortunate enough to be able to opt out from that. If you offer free shipping, advertising, and so on its suppose to help with your position of how you are found in searches. Honestly with what little bit I do I have been seen more by my internet actions than what Etsy has done. 

So many places, so many ways to put things together for you to sell. Using a platform you pay fees with, place that you could pay monthly plans with, and many things to consider. Maybe you wish to do Big Commerce where you can work with Facebook Marketplace, and Instagram being in same place. You could consider Shopify, or maybe Square Space too. Then there are ideas for your own website.

So, now you need to consider the shipping company or companies you would like to use. Trying to use the best rates possible with shipping costs being an issue for some right now. If you do some of your sales yourself you need to have a payment processor for completing transactions by collecting money paid. 

Wow! It can be overwhelming can’t it? I have a friend who has a store at EBay, she does well, and enjoys what she does. She has also been using Facebook Marketplace, and doing pretty good there. Less hassle, less fees, and rules to abide by. If you offer items for sale there you should also consider offering shipping with your items too. People notice a difference with sales there by offering shipping which makes it better. I also just found out that if you have an item to sell for over $500 on the Marketplace they do not permit you to offer the shipping. Why I don’t know, but I do find it odd. Some are able to get around that by noting their price for $123, and explaining their asking price is actually XXX amount. 

I’d love to have my own website which takes a little money for that. So, till then I use Etsy a little bit, I show things with my Blog/Site that I have, and I have been picturing items that I will be offering at Facebook Marketplace for sale. Wish I could do more, and be speedier about it too. Unfortunately, there isn’t much support from home to do these things. So, working at my pace, and time I have for me is limited some days. 

I apologize if the posting I offer today seems kind of short. I have been feeling a little under the weather today. Nothing serious. I think yesterday caught up with me riding around looking at properties for sale, checking some areas out for living, realtor in the morning being given information and ideas to look for, etc. Over did it a bit I think, and the weather changes aren’t helping a lot either.

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Stop on by anytime, say Hi, share something if you like, and hope you enjoy the visit too. Till next time take care everyone, and be safe. Toodles . . . . 

Monday, March 8, 2021

Handmade Homemade Hand Altered Buying Online and Local


Handmade Homemade Hand Altered Buying Online and Local with LilacsNDreams. Welcome to everyone visiting!

Special reminder that buying products this way is better for everyone, creators and buyers. 

Handmade is considered made, or prepared by hand rather than by machine. It is made by hand, a hand process, and made by people using their hands. Individual pieces, or materials that compromise a finished item. Paint, wire, and pieces combined that create a final item. 

Hand Altered is glued, nailed, screwed, sewn, stapled, embroidered, inscribed, painted, drawn, photographed, etc. Any alteration, or embellishment to an item by hand, hand controlled machine, and traditional art or craft method. Hand Altered can also be referred to as hand embellished, or hand assembled too. 

Homemade can be referred to pieces that are repurposed, upcycled, restyled, reimagined, etc. Made or prepared in the home, made by oneself, crudely or simply made. Creative touches, quality supplies, ingredients, and so on. 

So, why pieces like this? Many reasons which I will mention a few.

1)  Find something unique. Home decor, clothing, wall decor, and many things will not be exactly what someone else has. You can keep up with the trends  by fixing, adding, changing, fixing it up. Makes it unique for you.

2)  Super Craftsmanship. Handmade items get individual care, special attention, focus on details, quality control, etc. There are no assembly lines with unskilled workers. 

3)  Putting money into good hands. When you pay an artist, or craftsman for their work they are actually getting the profit from it. You are not paying a CEO of a major company, their overhead, and so on. You can also improve the economy, and make a difference by shopping this way with Handmade, Homemade, and Hand Altered.

4)  Better Customer Service. I like to think that buying this way you get individual attention from the seller. When receiving products you might have a hand written note, a thank you, and once in a while you might get some little freebie included with your item. If you have a problem with some kind of mix up, lost or damaged in shipping, maybe item received was faulty, it is almost always taken care of effectively. These sort of issues though happen less frequently due to the care, and the concern Sellers strive for in having Happy Customers. 

5)  Go Green. Smaller scale operations will produce less waste, use recycled materials, found objects, industrial salvage pieces, etc. items that could have gone to the landfills, but with these technique of Sellers they are spared and used.

6)  Get custom items and alterations. Great to have things made just for you. It’s a pleasure to receive one of a kind items, and maybe to help complete a vision you might have of something not yet out there. Also, if you don’t have the skill or time to make it yourself, there is someone out there who does. 

7)  Make somebody’s dream come true. Many of us dream about quitting the day job, becoming your own boss, and doing what you love to do everyday. Whether it is for you, or helping someone else with this, it is very inspiring. 

                              “Do What You Love, and the World Will Follow”

As mentioned before there are many categories that fall into these topics mentioned. Jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decor, housewares, vintage, used, soaps, lotions, bath products, etc. they all have something in common. Start from scratch, connect things, or pieces making something for you. 

There are many wonderful sellers out there doing all kinds of work. They take much pride in what they do, and like many others work very hard at what they do to make their items to be offered to you. When shopping please don’t forget about them. I would suggest if you have not already bought something like this . . . Give it a try. You will be very surprised at what you get, and will want more. It’s addictive! 

The picture below was made by a friend who is no longer here. She took much pride in her work, and spent much time with it. This bunny was made from colored glass beads using safety pins to form the body. Under the body was a light, and when lit was so soft colored and cute!

Thank You for visiting with LilacsNDreams. See you again soon. Till then take care, and be safe!
Toodles . . . . . . 

Monday, March 1, 2021

Federal Glass Bowl Candy Dish Compote Holder Wood Bowl Glassware Home Decor

 Federal Glass Bowl Candy Dish Compote Holder Wood Bowl Glassware Home Decor with LilacsNDreams. Hello to everyone who visits today!

Yesterday was kind of a lazy relaxing day. So, when it was time to consider what to share with everyone I was a little bit stumped, and not quite sure what to share this time. So, I went back through old pictures, looking at past things I’ve done, having memories of things I did, etc. That is when I decided to share a little bit of things I had done over time. The pieces I am sharing have all sold back in time when I started this change of interests for selling. This would be around the time I was getting started with repurposing different pieces, and I was starting to experiment with painting too. I miss some of these pieces, and wish I still had them. I enjoy being able to combine sometimes a vintage piece with another to give it a new life for others to be able to enjoy too.

This is a Federal Glass Bowl Candy Dish Compote Holder I had repurposed, restyled, and upcycled. 
This was a cute, sturdy little piece that I combined 2 pieces of glassware uniting them to make this one compote piece. Many uses for it like a candy dish, candle holder, jewelry dish, catch all, in bathroom with some soaps and things, and the possibilities are endless. I used a gorgeous iridescent clear glass bowl by federal glass. I united it with a glass candle holder with an hexagon shape to make the base/stand for this adorable piece. Both glass pieces were sturdy, and just adorable together! It look store bought.

Now, this is a picture showing some items I found while thrifting back in 2011. Pay more attention to the brown wooden bowls. Those bowls were my first projects that I painted. I used white spray paint, a French blue spray paint, and the pink paint I used was a pink slipper color. It was a trying time to learn to paint with spray paint, what to do so it wouldn’t run, and I also tried a little of distressing with the white and blue bowl compote stands. The other pieces you see I eventually did some plate compote stands with them too. Creativity of uniting pieces is fun, and makes the finished items unique in small ways. Adds a little life, and character to items being repurposed and preserved for new times and uses.

Below you will see a picture that shows the wooden bowls I had painted with the colors mentioned. I was pretty proud of myself, and how they looked when finished. It excited me to do more too!

Hope everyone enjoyed seeing some of my first repurposed, and restyled pieces I made. I haven’t done as much with the compote plate stands like I use to. But, I do dabble a little bit with it yet. 

Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams everyone! I appreciate you stopping by, and hope to see you again soon. Take care till the next time, and be safe everyone! Toodles . . . . 

Friday, February 26, 2021

Vintage Collectibles Repurpose Refresh Upcycle Handmade DIY Crafting


Welcome to LilacsNDreams! I’m a little excited, and motivated right now. So, that is the reason for another posting here this week. 

At the top of this page under my banner you will see other tabs that you can click, and it takes you to another page that is associated with this main page of my blog. One of those pages I have hung onto is something I am slowly working on. Trying to anyway. It is a page I wish to use for the items I will be offering for sale. I am in the process of changing from using LilacsNDreams Shoppe to LilacsNDreams Shop. Shortening it a little bit, and a little more memorable too. 

Things are so crazy with EBay, their payment system there, how they do things, the rules they have, and for me it just isn’t fun selling there anymore like it use to be in it’s earlier days. 

I like Etsy, but they have been doing some changes themselves, and I do not like these more recent changes. For one thing the fees are terrible!! Not only do you pay the percent with them, but they charge you a percent if the sale you got resolved from an advertisement. When you put the numbers together you end up paying around like 12% - 15% roughly. For some items sold there you hardly make any kind of profit. I was fortunate since my sales were not much there I was able to opt out of the offsite ads, but some were not able to. They have no choice if they want to sell there, they pay the fees like that. Even more upsetting is in the spring Google went from paid selling, to a free selling. If you do things correctly you have chances of being placed within Google Searches yourself. Something Etsy talks about, and is included with fees. So, why charge sellers for Google when they have made the changes. Etsy fees stayed the same with No changes. Sad. 

So, this is where my LilacsNDreams Shop page is being worked on to use more for me selling things I have to offer. I intend to do some selling with Facebook Marketplace as well since I will be offering shipping with things there too. Doing things this way, using these places for selling I should be able to offer just a little bit better price on items since I won’t have all the fees to consider when doing those wonderful numbers. 

I will still use USPS for shipping, but getting the little bit cheaper shipping price using Pirate Ship. Invoices/Payments will be done using PayPal. I have used them for years with no issues. Trying to do everything as cost efficient as possible. If I would ever do enough sales to justify I am an online seller than I could move onto having my own website, use shopping carts there, and have it feel more like an online shop. Till then I am doing the best that I can.

So, that’s the news I wanted to share with everyone. Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend too. Take care, and be safe everyone! Toodles . . . . .

Monday, February 22, 2021

Mini Wooden Crates Handmade Restyled Repurposed DIY Crafting


Mini Wooden Crates Handmade Restyled Repurposed DIY Crafting with LilacsNDreams! Welcome to all who are visiting.

Today I am going to share with you an item that is used for crafting, and give you a few ideas that have been shared too. All of the pictures below came from one of the Facebook Groups that I follow, Dollar Tree Farmhouse DIY. So much fun, others helping others, and sooo many crafty ideas are shared there too. Many crafters you will find get a lot of their supplies from the Dollar Tree stores, and Dollar General stores along with other places too. With these 2 stores you get new products you can create with. Painting, Mod Podge, glue, calendars, placemats, wired garbage cans, pizza pans, sheet pans, and the list goes on. 

So, one of the members of the facebook group asked for some ideas that have been done with the wooden mini crates that are sold at the Dollar Tree store. What you see below the picture of the crates is just a few things of what everyone was sharing. 

Crates shown are what is being used for the craft ideas people were sharing

The mini crates here were painted, chalkboard tags added to the front, some wooden balls making mini pulls, and these mini crates were placed inside the bigger crates which have been painted, and stacked too.

This project was created with the mini crate which was added to 1 of the handled cutting boards. You can see what was painted, paper/cloth added, wording, ribbon, etc. How cute for a counter top, or on the table too.

This is cute too! Looks like the crate was stained, had some stained feet added to the bottom, white wording was added on the side, and some cute embellishments were added in the top of the open crate.

This is another crate stand that had been made by putting the smaller ones into the bigger stacked crate boxes. Chalkboard tags added to the front, and this piece shows how they can be used for pull out storage drawers probably in the bathroom.

Another popular craft to make with this mini crate is the appearance of stacked books with wording, some saying, names, dates, etc painted on the side. This one was decorated with some twine wrapping the books together.

Both of these pictures show the front, and side of this stand. You can use popular arrow signs for the sides with the wooden crates/boxes, or you could even use some paint stir sticks put together. A rope twine had been wrapped on the sides adding a little more character to this stand. The mini crate boxes could set within the trays used on this stand. 

There are so many things that can be used to craft with, and create with at your dollar stores, things found from thrift stores, and so on. The possibilities are endless. The next time you see something you like, you want it, but don’t want to pay the price on it. Keep in mind that maybe you can still have it by making it, and spending a lot less than what you see in the store. Plus, you can alter a little by putting your color on it, some little touch you want to change, something you might want to add, and etc. 

Hope you enjoyed this, and maybe are able to get some ideas of things you can do too. If you’re not the crafty type, but know someone who is, maybe they can help you out with your idea. Don’t forget to check online too. There are a lot of crafters out there who would be happy to help you because they love what they do.

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Hope to see you again. Till the next time take care, and be safe. Toodles . . . . . . 

Monday, February 15, 2021

Wooden Spindles Repurposed DIY Upcycled Craft Ideas

Wooden Spindles Repurposed DIY Upcycled Craft Ideas with LilacsNDreams. Welcome, and glad to have you stopping by today!

I myself have not done much crafting with wooden spindle pieces. I so adore the different things you can do with them! You can find scrap piles of the wooden spindles being offered from some of your favorite thrifting shops, or maybe inquire with some too. If you google it you can maybe find some offered by homes being brought down, and another place to check is with your Habitat For Humanity stores too. You might have some within your possession now with maybe an old chair that is falling apart, some old table legs, some from an old fence, finials from some old beds, another place is from balusters, and so on. 

Let your creative minds find many ways to craft different things with them. You can make different candle holders with them, make some different tiered stands that are popular, make side tables with them, ladders,  dragon flies can be made using ceiling fan blades attached, angels with different items for wings, and just so many endless possibilities it’s exciting. I have a few candle holders myself that were made from these. I have 2 heavy white ones that came from a baluster, and 1 is part of a table leg. I’ve had other simpler ones made that are lighter and painted a slipper pink, and french blue too. 

Wooden spindles are great to use for either small, or bigger pieces for different holidays of the year. Some can be made for different seasons, and you will find some made for outside uses with the porch, and gardens.

Here is an angel that I mentioned earlier. So many ways to make these, and have fun too! No rules, but made the way that suits you with your decor, style, and likes.

This is one of many dragon flies you will see made. This particular one was made using some old ceiling fan blades. I have seen some made using different wires to form the wings too. Again, endless possibilities which is so much fun!

The joys of crafting with all the possibilities is so fun. Even thoughts, and thinking about it you easily get caught up with the flowing creative juices. 

The pictures above were all found on the internet by googling wooden spindles images, and another great source for ideas is with Pinterest too. A couple of crafty places to see is with , and also with too. Couple of pictures came from them sharing their creative ideas. 

I hope the ideas shared here will help you with your own creations, and help you with some ideas to consider too. It’s always a pleasure having you visit LilacsNDreams. Hope to see you again soon. 

Take care everyone, and be safe with all you do. Till the next time. Toodles . . . .