Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Pumpkins Halloween in Home Decor Decorating

Halloween Wooden Stand Up Door Sign is an adorable project to be done at home. DIY, or include the family too. Visit for supplies, and instructions needed by sowderingabout blog. Enjoy your visit, and fun!

Pumpkins With Attitude is just to cute, adorable, sweet, and funny too! Visit mysalvagedtreasures blog for supplies, directions, and details. 

Here is a wonderful Fall Centerpiece that was done by realcoake. Visit their blog for the idea, and how to of this adorable fall centerpiece they did.

Hello everyone, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams. Always happy to have you stopping by to visit, read, share, and say Hi too. Nights are getting cooler out, leaves are changing and falling, watching people rake in the yards, and Fall is in the air. Tis the season that is now upon us with many changes, and many things that everyone is doing as well. Many people like this time of year. The season changes, colors are changing, and them creative juices are once again flowing freely for many. Fortunately, with blogging many like to share pictures, and instructions for some of their wonderful ideas that they have completed.  So much fun to see all of them, and never enough time to visit each, and everyone of them too.

Above you will see 3 pictures that I had chosen while reading other blogs, and found delightful. Just give a click with their blogspot names, or you can also click on their title name of the pictures too. Hope you will find this as enjoyable as I did. I can be addictive viewing, reading, and sharing with all these wonderful blogs everyone has. Great way to learn, and a great way to get your creative juices flowing as well. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, and sharing your time with LilacsNDreams everyone. It has been a pleasure, and real treat. Hope to see you again soon. Take care everyone. Toodle Ooooh.....


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    I am delighted with your blog and I found by aqui.Aqui have much joy, congratulations for customizing your corner mágico.E say that I'm already following you, I will be very happy if you go meet my corner, and I hope you enjoy .
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  2. Thank you for your sweet comments, and visiting with LilacsNDreams!:) Always a pleasure to hear from visitors/followers to here. Thanks again for visiting, and have a sweet day!:)