Monday, October 22, 2012

Why Buy Anything Vintage Collections of Today

Why Buy Anything Vintage, Collections of Today. 

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Have you ever had anyone ask you why would you by vintage. I mean why would you want something that is old, been used, has a history, not new, sometimes needs altering, and when you could buy something new. 

Well, when you buy vintage you are getting something that is unique, rare, brings back memories, a piece of history, a treasure, or a keepsake. Also, when you are buying a vintage item you are getting something that cannot be found at every chain store by the thousands too. The items are limited treasures just for you. 

Vintage is a product of a specified period of good quality. "They don't make things like they use to" is a statement that is often heard, and is absolutely true! 

There are many things that are popular today with vintage shopping. That is why many like shopping thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, and so on. You can get some great prices on vintage pieces. Items often sought after are the vintage clothing, vintage and retro furniture, vintage jewelry, vintage accessories, and vintage home decor. Some of the pieces that are found can also be altered too. Maybe it needs a stitch here and there to sew, some paint touch ups, has a missing part that needs to be replaced or filled in, sometimes a little sanding, putting it back into shape, or sometimes it just needs some TLC with a simple soft wash too.

The styles, the colors, the uniqueness, quality, stability, durability, etc were great then, and are surprisingly sought after in times of today. I have, and always will like vintage myself. I adore the glassware of times past, I like the mannequins or dress forms that you often see, some of the furniture, etc. I enjoy being able to add a piece here, and there into the decor of our home. I have been working on our bedroom a little bit, and am pleased with things I have there in regards to a cedar chest, old chair, a lamp of my grandmothers, the vanity dresser, my grandmother's old jewelry box with some old perfumes that adorn it, and I just love working with it. 

So, do you have a special period in time that you like to collect with? What do you favor collecting of vintage? Many vintage pieces are wonderful conversation pieces, don't you think?

Happy Treasure Hunting to all you vintage collectors of things. Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams, and hope to see you again soon. Later...

                                     Today's Treasures With Yesteryear's Charm..........


  1. LOvely blog.I live with a house full of vintage items.We love searching out old interesting items and have found some wonderful things in France.But we are seriously running out of space.I even found several yards of beautiful old patterned linen to recover the seats of some 1920's dining chairs.

  2. Hi bois-fleurie, and thanks so much for visiting with your lovely appraisal to my blog! That sounds sooo yummy with all your precious lovelies, and that linen sounds fabulous too! Sometimes I find things that make me think of my grandparents, and I soooo wish I knew then what I know now! I would just love to have some of those precious things in my possession from their time.

    Have fun, and enjoy recovering those lovely old chairs! Thanks again for visiting, and have a wonderful vintage week!:)