Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Pop Up Canopy Tent With Sides Vendor Fair Events


Hi, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! I know I’m a little behind this week. I am sorry I apologize for that. Wednesday house and dog sit for friend, and this weekend I will be gone all weekend too. So, trying to keep up with things at home to have it all done for the week, and to be organized a little for when I’m gone.

Ok, last week I discussed a little bit about the vendor fairs we do, that I enjoy them, and while we are taking time off from it I have been working on new ways to do our booth set up. Along with that is also the canopy that we use. We have done some events outside which I don’t mind too much. One exception is when it gets windy. We do not have side walls for our canopy. During some events we noticed a few would put their walls up, and yes it helped them with their booth. So we considered some walls for ours. I came across a deal to get a set of sidewalls for the canopy. I got them, and about a week later my neice informed me that our canopy is a 12 x 12. The walls I got were for a 10 x 10. So, the next thing is do we get another canopy to fit with these walls? Do we get another pop up canopy that comes with the walls? Upon viewing different brands, and some styles I have also seen some with the 4 walls, and an awning too. It would be nice to have the awning, but is it really needed? Then, trying to see what other vendors are using, and what they suggest to use. A lot of it depends on what money you would want to spend. 

There are many different ones to consider. Some are more water and weather resistant than others. Some do come with sand bags. I have also read that straight standing legs are better than the slanted tent legs too. Also, should we consider a color, or just use white? Right now we have a light gray which has been ok. The new table cloths are a royal blue, and the shelves we will be using will be black. Just so many things to think about. Of course with many of them I prefer to read reviews so I can consider issues others are experiencing as well. 

So, another project added to the list of to dos is to consider this issue with the tent. An average booth spot is 10 x 10 which we are accustomed to. So that would be another factor to consider when looking at them too. I don’t know, what do you think? Have you had this experience, and if you have what brands have you found to be good. Or, what style has benefited you? Please, feel free to share with all of us. 

I want to thank everyone for stopping by LilacsNDreams! It’s always a pleasure, and I appreciate the visits. Till the next time everyone. Take care, and Toodles!

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