Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Decorating Colors Themes DIY Projects

Blue and Silver Christmas

Blue and Silver Christmas decorating

Purple and Silver Decorating

Purple and Silver Tree Decorating

Traditional Red, Green, and Gold tree decorating for Christmas

Red, Green, and Gold tree topper decorating

Snowman Themed Christmas decorating

DIY table runner done with ribbon that was weaved! How Neat!

Of course the Whimsical Fun Christmas is great too!

Christmas Decorating Colors, Themes, DIY Projects.

Christmas is not really much further away. Are you ready? Have you done your decorations, or any this year? I know, there are some that do not do decorating, and some this year have chosen not to decorate for different purposes. I have a hard time getting into the Christmas mood unless I have some decorating done myself. Anyway, if you decorated what did you do this year? Do you have certain colors you decorate with? Maybe you decorate according to a theme you have chosen. Along with decorating were you able to get some DIY projects done to decorate with too. 

For Me I use lights...inside, and outside the home. I use wreaths, I have a big standing Santa that my grand daughter wore out with dancing him all the time, and playing his music too. But, he is still a good decoration to have which I hung onto him for that. I have a small home, and to make sure I have room for everyone coming this year I have put smaller trees up around the house. On an end table which that one is white, and has lights and pink bulbs on it, on the floor another white one...don't know if that will stay there yet and it does have lighted box gifts with it, and I have one in the kitchen bay window too. That one is a blue tree with white lights on it. Sometimes I use traditional colors, and sometimes I will choose certain colors to use, or focus a color in one area. I generally put out vases, and have flower arrangements that go into them as well. Those I have not done this year. But, there is still time, and they might still come out....once I can see the table again with messes I have made:)

If you decorated, what did you choose to do this year? Did you choose a color, or a theme? Did you do some handmade projects for the occasion as well. If so, would love to hear what you did. Please share with us your fun decorating festivities. 

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  1. I love all the colors schemes you have here. It's hard to decide which I love the most!

  2. Lisa...LOL:) I go through this same thing every year. I want to do different, some of the same, etc etc. Kind of depends on my mood at the time I am decorating too:)

    My brick & mortar store I use to have had 3 windows to use for displays...2 as you walked up to the door to enter the store & faced the street, and then 1 flat one facing the street. I soooo enjoyed decorating them. My last year in the store I decorated 1 window with a white tree, blue lights, and blue accents. Another window I used a white tree, pink lights, and pink accents. Window facing the street was a green tree with the known colors of christmas of green, red, and some gold too. I LOVE decorating Christmas!

    Thanks for visiting, and sharing with LilacsNDreams Lisa. Have a wonderful week!:)