Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bloglovin Added to LilacsNDreams New Blog

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Hello again everyone, and hope ya'll are doing well. Thanks for visiting with the "new" LilacsNDreams Blog. Hope you are finding me ok, or are learning of my changes with things I have been submitting to as well. With this post I am doing a quick posting so I can get this blog into "bloglovin" again to be seen, and to notify others of changes there as well.

I have been trying with Google to reinstate my other blog, or at least get access to it to retrieve some of the postings from there. So far I am suppose to be in review from what I can understand....sometimes things simple are made difficult to understand you know? No promises of course, but am trying. 

I have gone through notes I have here of some things I kept track of that I did for postings for all of you to read. Making a plan from that, and hope to get some of those posts back into here for everyone to see again. Again, I do apologize for any inconvenience and confusion this has made for you, and feel bad about it. But, it is over, done with, and I have to move on to get this back to where it use to be. Hopefully I have learned some things along the way that will help me just a little bit more...LOL:) I do have a completely different email address for this account which is noticeable, and is very fitting for this too....that should help with some of this too:)

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams "new" blog. It's coming along, and I have been able to use some of the same things as before to help things be familiar for those who know my other blog, and to better help know you are at the right place. 

Take care everyone, and see you again soon. 


  1. Thought I'd swing over from The Hive to help you get some action here on your new blog. Will make myself your newest follower too. I'm not up to speed on networked blogs, or bloglovin unless they've replaced blog catelog? I think that's what it was called. Can't remember joined it long ago.

    I might suggest you change the color of your font, it's rather hard to read on the pink/purple background. Think if it were darker that might help.

    Hope you get things all worked out, swing by for a visit the welcome mats always out.

    Also noticed your socialize button isn't clickable, assumed it was suppose to take people somewhere to connect with you?

    1. Thanks for the visit Sandy, and how sweet of you!:) Appreciate your input with the font color...yeah, got a lil bit light...sorry everyone. And...the Social button is a picture for the clickable buttons I will be putting underneath it. Got the pic done, but gotta get the buttons put there yet.

      Bear with me everyone...still a working progress. Still have things to add, rearrange, change my mind, and all of that wonderful designing to be done:)

      Thanks again Sandy, and have a wonderful day!:)