Thursday, May 31, 2012

Social Media Tools Used For Vintage Handmade Homemade and More

Social Media Tools Used For Handmade Homemade and More.

LilacsNDreams Welcomes you. Recent postings have been discussing a bit about Social Media, and Social Networking, and I would like to continue a bit more with this subject. 

Today I will be noting some of the more popular social networks that are being used, and make a little note about them too. Please remember that these places mentioned are not all of them out there as there are so many of them. Just depends on your interests, your business, your personal thoughts and feelings, what your goals are, and so on. So, good luck to you in your choices, and please read on.

Social Media Networks to Maybe Consider:

Facebook:  This social networking service allows the users to upload pictures, and allows text to be shared too. What use to be Facebook Pages, and is now the Facebook Timeline allows you to have followers, or rather people who Like you. With this they can better follow you for your business, and stay better up to date on specials, events, announcements, etc. A regular Facebook page is how many start off to socialize with. Some do not desire to have the extra page, and do quite well too. 

Google+: This is another social network service which happens to be newer than Facebook also. Here you can also upload photos, text, and videos that you would like to share with everyone. When sharing such things they are done publicly, or you can also choose to only share with certain circles of your choice. Having a circle has been organized by you which are different groups of people that you wish to share with. 

Google+ Pages:  This is something that is organized by groups, some organizations, and some businesses that set up profiles for posting which will post information to other groups that would be interested. 

LinkedIn: Another social network that focuses a bit more with business relations.

Ning:  This is a social network that would be designed by you the administrator with the needs that you have in mind. This social network generally includes having a forum, photo galleries, blogs, some have live chit chat, and is a place for others to collect to that share some of the same interests, and same businesses too. It is a way to be active, and interact with others which can be beneficial, fun, and a learning experience for many as well. If you click on my Lets Get Social Tab at the to you can get an idea of what some of them do with some I have listed. 

Pinterest:  Has become another form of social networking which is quite popular now, and has grown pretty fast too. This form is done by using pin boards. You use a photo technique of things that you find of interest which might include vintage, collectibles, repurposing, upcycling, handmade, homemade, blogs, websites, and so on. Another great way to bookmark things you find of interest, for further reference, and also great in organizing some of your thoughts and ideas too. 

Wanelo:  This is another form of social networking using the pin board idea too. Here again you will pin, or save photos into collections that you have organized yourself. With Wanelo the difference is that you are openly allowed to do self promoting here too. 

Please remember that these are the most used, or more popular social networks that have been mentioned. There is much more out there to see, and find. Some days I surprise myself when I come across yet another social network, and am reminded how the internet is such a big place. 

Remember now if you would happen to know of more, or wish to bring more to the attention of all of us here you are more than Welcome to do so. Love to hear ideas, and more input from others that are willing to share with us. Don't forget to say Hi also so that if possible I can also hop over to visit with you. Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams, and see you again soon. 


  1. Wanelo is new to me. Thanks for sharing about that. I'm going to check it out.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  2. If you do pinterest you will notice Wanelo is a bit different as it is still newer than them too. There have been many at Artfire who say it has been helping them, and some have gotten sales from the views there too.

    Good Luck, and enjoy pinning! It is sooo addictive, and fun too! So many things to see, so much time spent with it, so enjoyable, and just so darn addictive!....LOL:)

    Kim ~ Lilacs