Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Social Media Social Networking Connections and What is It

Social Media Social Networking, Connections, and What is It. 

Welcome again to LilacsNDreams everyone. Social Networking, and Social Media can be done for fun, for pleasure, and for business too. Many things discussed today among many is Social Networking which can also be known as Social Media too. In order to get more of an understanding for defining these I had gone to Wikipedia for this. 

Social Networking Services is an online service, a platform, or a site that builds and reflects from social networks, or social relations upon people. An example is from people who share the same interests and activities, and people with similar interest, activities, and backgrounds that make their own communities. These social networking sites allow people to share ideas, some activities, events, and some interests within their own little networks. If you visit Wikipedia you can read of what I have noted here, and of course a little bit more is shared too. Make sure to not just read the meaning they show, but to further follow down the page reading as well. Very interesting reading. 

Websites that invite you to interact on the site, and with other visitors will fall into the definition of Social Media. Some of our first thoughts when seeing this word is of instrumental. As you read further you will also see how it relates to the issues of Social Networking too. I have found the definition for this at Please visit to also read about this too.

Social Networking can be a great home for us on the Web, or the Internet. Helps you to connect with people, maybe connect with some old friends, reconnect with some long lost friends, and it can also help you with your business career by making some connections too. The Social Networks range from a friend based network like Facebook, My Space, Google+ onto some with movie networks like Flixster, and Last.FM to more of the business Social Networks like LinkedIn, and XING. I did find this little tidbit for this at

Make sure to come back, and visit with LilacsNDreams. Keep in touch with Me, and also to watch the next few postings I am working on for Social Networks, and Social Media being used, some brief explanations for them of what they do, and so on. 

Thanks for sharing your time with Me. Have a most wonderful day!

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