Monday, May 7, 2012

LilacsNDreams New Blog at Blogger

Hello everyone, and Welcome to the new LilacsNDreams Blog! Thanks for following me over to here, and I do hope everyone is able to find me ok.

Long story short...I was changing gmail accounts for my email, directed my sign in email for my original blog to the new gmail. Verified, approved it, accepted it, no reason to keep old gmail account for not using it, deleted that, and when I awoke on Monday morning....My blog had been deleted. Trying to get a hold of someone with Google is another real support. So disappointed as I had worked so hard on my blog, had all my links there, and was getting some really good people to share, comment, and follow along with me.

Something so simple can become something of a mess, can't it?

So, here I am again doing it all over, and hopefully I can get this done, and brought some what up to speed again. I hate doing this all over since I had my other Blog since sad. So, my profile here shows blogging since May 2012 when in reality it has been since 2009 I started with all of this. Who knows, maybe during this week I could get lucky and have my original blog back up....would be great. But, till then I had to do something for everyone....So, here I am again:) Blogger has changed over time, and things are different, and I am trying to find my way around again. Whew! Bear with me everyone...please.
Thanks for understanding, and working with me everyone. Hang in can only get better, right?:) Take care, and see you again soon.
New Blog URL is as follows:  Working on getting my .com directed to here. It's Monday...GoDaddy is having problems loading pages. Just my luck, right?:)

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