Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Blog For LilacsNDreams Come Visit With Me

Welcome back to New Blog for LilacsNDreams everyone! Always glad to see you, and visit with all of you. 

I want to apologize for any inconvenience this has been to anyone with the old blog shutting down unexpectedly, and getting this new one up fast for ya'll to come too. I appreciate the kindness, and understanding during this time. 

As we know this week is just a lil bit off for me...LOL:) I am not doing regular posts for this week. I have been backtracking to find some of those, or get them retrieved some how if I can to help put them back into this new blog for everyone. They are nice reminders of some things, and are great to have as reference a little bit too.

Please visit the pages, and see what has been done so far. Keep an eye out as some of it might still change yet too. Just trying to do a standard structure from what was there before. 

I would also like to note that the blog is not yet completed here. Still working out some kinks, organizing things, adding some things, removing some things, and so on. On the right side bar I have gotten a start there. The pictured boxes with words in them like Socializing, Friends, and etc are pictures for the links or buttons that will be under them. Some of the areas have things completed, and some are still needing completion. Sorry about that. Trying to get all the pages back in here that I can from before - those are the tabs at the top. Reorganizing a bit of what I had before, and trying not to have it too cluttered yet have it well stocked. With some things when I add pictures or links I try to make them clickable for you. Some are easy to do, and some that come with a button picture I have to work them just a bit to get the whole thing in with the right coding for them. Or, as some of you will know...some html, or css coding, or whatever it shall be called:) I am not computer literate, do not understand it all, and learn as I go along. I am self taught so therefore I am a bit slower than some doing it too...LOL:)

I would like to again thank everyone for the visits to LilacsNDreams new blog as they learn of things that have happened, and also for the words of encouragement that I have received with all of this. I have put notices out to FB, Google+, twitter, and with some of the social networks I am associated with too. I still feel horrid about those who were following me, would leave comments, and how they are going to click to something not there. In time I hope to have some normality to things again....what is normal?...LOL:) 

Thanks again everyone, and love you all for being patient with me during this trying time. Ya'll take care, and have a wonderful day!:) See ya again soon!:)


  1. Hi Kim, I came to visit for a few minutes before I call it a day. I have to work tomorrow. I like the looks of your new blog ans I will be back to visit when I can spend more time. Our weather has been crazy starting off cool and getting hot late in the day. Take care my friend and I hope you get your other blog back after all of the work you have put in it. Plus the pictures mean the world. Have a wonderful weekend. Your Missouri Friend

  2. Hi Shirley, and glad to see you back!:) Thanks for your kind words as always. Getting my other blog back right now is not looking promising, and is quite upsetting as I am not completely sure what happened to have it deleted/disabled/not found, or whatever other excuse gets used. So, I will keep working with this blog, and building it. Just hate starting over, but hopefully things can go smoother for me the second time with it too.

    I did find one place that I can retrieve some of my old posts that I had shared here that were informational, learning and informative for some too. I have been making notes preparing for postings that I hope to start working with this next week. Hand hurts from writing, but trying to get all the p's and q's in order to go forward too.

    Thanks again for visiting Shirley, and enjoy work tomorrow. Your weather sounds like some we have had here along with tornados about 25 minutes from here, winds, rains, and just been a great weekend, and the way the week started...LOL:) Take care my Missouri Friend, and see you when you can visit.