Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Feedsacks Burlap Sacks Used For Repurposing Handbags Home Decor and More

Burlap Chair Upholstered With Burlap Sacks

Feedbag Decor at Olivine

Burlap Sacks Kitchen Curtain

Feedsacks Burlap Sacks Used For Repurposing Handbags Home Decor, and so much more!

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! I just love using all sorts of things to repurpose with, recycle, upcycle, reuse, and much of it is with or about being vintage inspired too. I hate throwing things away, and I hate that I keep so much too...LOL:) But, I also hate seeing things going to garbage because I know some where some how there is a need for it, and something that can be done with it too. Which brings me to Feed Sacks, and Burlap Sacks. Remember, there is always more, but this is a start. Some of the bags used might be less than perfect, have maybe a minor stain with it, some minor flaw with the fabric, but some of them are so yummy big to use too! As bags you could hold many things from Flea Markets visited, when you go Thrifting, shopping for your animals and traveling with your animails, or for other travel purposes too. These materials can also be used in making pillow, curtains, covering some of your furniture with, and etc. So many possibilities. 

Let's see there are the Grain Sacks, Feed Sacks, Burlaps, Seed, Flour, Sugar, Salt, and Coffee Sacks which can all be used. For the Handbags the same material could be used to make the handles, and other materials found could also be applied for use with these too. Get a big enough bag you could maybe store some of your pet foods in them for those times that they need to be kenneled, or maybe staying with family/friends too. 

Along with the totes and bags I have seen sunglass and eyeglass cases made, some checkbook covers, table mats, table runners, napkins, hand tags, a table cloth, and soooo many more things. Endless possibilities. 

In your pioneer days some of the families' only source of cloth for their needs was from these different feed sacks that they would use. Clothes, little girls dresses and blouses, menss workshirts, women's aprons, dish towels, and so on. The way I talk that list could really carry on with all sorts of ideas. 

Using these kind of materials is good for our environment, part of being green, some enjoy that rustic look with their home decor of covered furniture, wall hangings, and other things mentioned too. 

When I did a Google search I got a few pictures to share with you that you see above. The links to where I got them from should also be there for you to visit as well too. I did not make any of the items shown, but they have come from other very crafted, and talented people. 

Hope this little tidbit helps some of you with them creative juices, gives you a few ideas, and to also remind some how the vintage and old can still be used in today's times. Have fun everyone, and if you have some other ideas to share, please do! Can never get enough thoughts, or ideas about things, and I always love to learn and see more too...like many others. 

Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams, and hope to see you back visiting again soon. Take care everyone, and have a wonderful day!:)


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