Monday, July 2, 2012

Trash to Treasure With Thrifting Repurposing Recylcing and Reusing

Trash to Treasure With Thrifting Repurposing Recyling and Reusing. Welcome to LilacsNDreams for a little more share time of something that I, along with many others, enjoy doing. Thrifting, Repurposing, Recreating, Reusing, Collecting, and as some would also consider making Trash into Treasures.

I have always enjoyed vintage collectibles, and another side of me hates seeing things being thrown out too. Every time I might consider throwing something away, or maybe donating it I always have that little thought in the back of my mind....what could I do with this, what else could be done with this, maybe I should paint it, maybe this piece could be glued to that part, is there another way I could use this, and so on. No, I am not a hoarder of treasures, but consider myself to be a keeper of such things.

You have them same thoughts too? Sometimes vintage collectibles are used to repurpose with. Other times it might be a lonely piece that needs a little loving. You know, a single plate, a glass piece that is missing it's partner to it, a single candle stick that came from a set, etc. I love thrifting for things like this. Yes, I thrift for the home, and sometimes things to wear, but I also look for them lonely pieces that no one wants anymore. I feel that if given a new life they could also bring joy to someone adorning their homes with such things. 

Instead of buying new, why not save a little bit of money and do some thrifting, and reusing of pieces. With the reuse market of today you actually will find items that are both good quality, and are inexpensive too. Keep in mind that not all thrift store merchandise is junk. Sometimes they need a little wipe from the dust that collected, maybe just need to be cleaned and polished to be alive again, maybe just a little mending of sorts, and so on. If you would really honestly look you would also find that you will see brand name items being offered in good used conditions, some are like a new condition, once in a while some items are new with their tags and were donated to the thrift stores, and of course this is all found at a much more reasonable price too.

Thrift Stores are found in many areas, and there are many ways to be thrifting too. Visit Goodwill, some stores specify they are a thrift store, your local second hand stores, Savors, your missions stores have some really nice donated items, and then there are some stores that operate with their monies going towards maybe women shelters. There are many kinds out there in all sorts of forms, shapes, and sizes. There are many possibilities hidden within these stores that are looking to be reloved. Consider it doing more with less, and loving your home again. Sometimes turning junk into treasures is a feeling of accomplishment, and loving some of them pieces all over again. 

I have different Thrift Stores I will frequent, but always enjoy finding a new one to add to my visiting list too. Thrift Stores, Second Hand Stores, Consignment Stores, Goodwill, Missions, and more. I find many things to add to the home to make it more comfortable, and to make it a welcoming home for all to visit as well. Where do you like to thrift, and what do you like to thrift for? What are your passions when it comes to thrifting?

I want to thank all of you for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. Make sure you come back to visit again soon. Never know what I might share next, and of course I enjoy when everyone shares along too. Happy Fourth of July to all. 


  1. Oh yes, same here. Before I throw something out I feel that little tug saying, but wait, I can be used for... So, funny how I argue with an object about this, no you can't, but yes I can, no, yes, no, yes. It either wins and gets put away again or I win and it gets thrown out. It is a good thing that I reorganize every so often and after a long enough time, 'it' leaves my home.

  2. LOL:) The one issue I have been having lately...just happened again. I might consider donating a piece, thinking about it, and when I get ready to box it I have gotten notification how it has sold in 1 of the shops!:) Reason for every action that we do, and don't take right? I have used some extra pieces I have, and made different cake cupcake plates pedestal stands, and some candle holders, candy dishes....possibilities of what these pieces can be used for. Making a lil bit of room, but time to get pics done again, and get them posted. The humidity is making me lazy today....that is the excuse I am using, and sticking to it!:)...LOL:)

    Thanks for visiting again Victoria, and have a Happy 4th of July to you, and everyone who visits!:)