Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Google Allowing Apostrophes Punctuation in Item Titles and Descriptions

Google Allowing Apostrophes in Item Titles and Descriptions, is it allowable, and is Google now approving it. 

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We all know about that big search engine called Google. As time, months, weeks, days, and hours go by things are always changing with them. They never really hand out anything that says definitely about different rules they want you to follow. You just get everything in pieces, and pretty much learn as you go too. 

Topic I seen come up in Etsy recently was about if the apostrophies are allowed in our item titles. I enjoy when people share what they know, what they have learned, and also can show where they also got their information from to confirm it too. As long as everyone plays nice, gets along, and they are no bad feelings about the discussions, and opinions shared. 

Anyway, it use to be that Google did not allow different punctuations within your titles for your listings. They also did not approve of it within your item descriptions, and if you did use it you would see some sort of symbol used in replacement by Google. With your titles it was always felt that those were extra spaces to use for letters, and to put towards more keywords if you could with your titles. Also, when searches in general were done how many people actually use punctuations with the keywords and phrases they are searching, right?

I spent a little time last researching in Google about this, and what they had to say for rules of this issue. Will they allow the use of apostrophes, and punctuation, or not. It looks like it is acceptable with some things to use the punctuations necessary for some of your titles. Google announced that they will no longer ignore certain punctuation marks.

‘ (apostrophe)
. (full stop/period)
, (comma)
: (colon) – however the colon that is a piece of the large intestine currently outranks the punctuation mark of the same name
; (semicolon)
# (number sign)
% (percent sign)
@ (at sign)
^ (caret)
( ) { } [ ] (bracket) – parentheses, brackets and curly brackets are all combined into the same search result
~ (tilde)
| (vertical bar)
“ (quotation marks)
< (less-than sign)
> (greater-than sign)
$ (dollar sign)
! (exclamation point)
& (ampersand)
_ (underscore)
- (minus sign)
+ (plus sign)
= (equals sign)
\ (backslash)
/ (slash) – however, guitarist Slash currently outranks the punctuation mark of the forward slash

This is nice to know, and hopefully helpful to those of you who need to use it. Google has no character limit to what they read, but they do limit to what they will display with your titles. General rule is that there is a maximum 70 character limit which includes spaces in the item titles. I myself like to use the spacing I am allowed for keywords, keyword phrases, and words that would be popular in searches for items that I offer. 

Thanks for stopping by to share your time with LilacsNDreams, and hope this tid bit of information was helpful to some of you with inquiring minds. Have a wonderful day, and come back to visit again soon. 

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