Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How Many Pictures is Enough to Use and Show

How Many Pictures is Enough to show with all that we do online?

Hi there, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams. Gonna bring up a simple topic today for ya'll. Many of us do online sales, have websites, work with blogs, and for the most part we are trying to sell our goods that we have to offer. Along with us offering different products for all to buy we include pictures with our listings. A question that gets asked sometimes is How Many Pictures is Enough?

Some people only like to do one picture, and feel it to be enough. Sometimes some sellers can offer too many pictures that you can get lost in when viewing. Better yet, too many pictures and they all start to look alike too. 

With each venue we use to sell our products with they all have a different amount that is allowed with our listings. Ecrater allows up to 10 pictures, Artfire allows up to 10 pictures, Ebay has changed and is allowing up to 12 pictures free, Etsy allows up to 5 pictures. These are ones I am familiar with, and do know that there are other venues out there used by many others too. 

For many of my products that are vintage I like to show all possible pictures that I can. Main view of an item, top, bottom, both sides if they are different, makers mark, any flaws that are visible, sometimes pictures with some possible uses to help customers consider some things, and etc. For items I repurpose upcycle I like to show all pictures possible which sometimes can include the before picture of how things looked too. When I do pictures I try to remember the customer.....they are not there to see it in person, feel it, smell it, look it all over, etc. Also, sometimes pictures can explain more of what our words cannot tell too. So, if I can use up to 10 - 12 pictures I try very hard to fill them all up. Sometimes I find that only being able to use 5 at Etsy is difficult because I think I need to show more. Then, again, only having to show 5 is sometimes enough too. 

Each item is different, each seller is different, each person has their own feelings of what should, and should not be done. But, you as a customer, what do you like to see? Do too many pictures get used sometimes in your opinion. Perhaps sometimes there are not enough pictures shown for your shopping purposes. Would love to hear some opinions with this. Share with us all what you like to do, and why you do it. 

Remember everyone, there is no right or wrong to things I talk about here. Much of it is opinions, and sometimes I share how things should be, or what research does show us. So, go ahead and share with us all here. Keep it clean, no one be nasty, and please remember everyone does have their own opinions that they are allowed to. 

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams today everyone. Take care, have a wonderful day, and see you again soon. 

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