Monday, June 24, 2013

Back to Basics Pretend You Are Moving

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 Back to Basics Pretend You Are Moving

Do you have a lot of inventory with treasures in your homes? You have enjoyed every piece that you have found from Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, Estate Sales, and so on. Got some really good deals, sold a few pieces, repurposed and upcycled a few pieces, and you can remember how you got some really good deals with most of the pieces too. It is sometimes a haunting picture with all the inventory sitting there, right? 

Now, think above all the excuses you use to hang onto your treasures, and imagine you had to move. Oh yeah, Ouch! Some of us are really moving, some of us would like to move, some of us are making plans to move, and some of us are thinking about moving. Happens all the time. Think about if you were moving, and all this inventory that you would have to pack. Yikes! It's a haunting thought isn't it? I know it would petrify me, and the thought does sometimes cross my mind. So, what do you do? 

Over time I have been downsizing my inventory. I have been very very controlling about Not buying anything when I am out thrifting. Believe me it has been hard, much torture, and a fight with an addiction. I have only gotten what is necessary for diy projects, or to accomodate for birthdays, gifts, and that sort of thing. It truly has been very hard, but I am proud of how my inventory has come down, and I have controlled my addiction of over thrifting. Yet, there is still much there that has not sold for me, did not work for a project I thought of, have changed my mind, etc. Some of this stuff has been around for quite some time. When is it the right time to let it go? 

Think of it as Moving. You will be moving soon, and your inventory has to be downsized to make the move easier. When you think about it you got some really good prices on things from thrifting, and yard sales. You did what you could with those pieces. Some of the pieces are still sitting there from when they were bought, and maybe collecting some dust too. So, why not donate them back to charities, and the thrift stores? Let someone else find use for them that really needs them, and can enjoy them as we have. Your best bet is as soon as you think of it you should do it. Don't hesitate, and give it a second thought. You are more likely to move on your goal you have set, box it, and take it. If you leave it sitting, and have secondary thoughts, you just might change your mind, you will doubt your decision, and later the guilt with regrets. That is not the purpose of downsizing things. Remember, you are "moving" think you are, and keep that thought.

Just tell yourself that you "have to do it" and "you need to do this" LOL:) Yes, if you are like me you will still purge, but the feeling of downsizing, and thinking of moving really truly does help the situation. 

So, how about it? Finding yourself over whelmed with all of your treasures?  Taking the first step is hard, but so worth it when you do! One step at a time is good. So, go ahead and take it. You will truly be happy with the decision.

You can relate to this, right? LOL:) Don't let it over whelm you, there truly is some hope. I hope you all enjoyed the visit, and the thought of "moving" and "packing" today does help you. Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and see you all again soon. Take care, and Happy "Moving"



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