Saturday, June 15, 2013

Have a Wonderfully Fun, and Safe Saturday Everyone

Have a Wonderfully Fun, and Safe Saturday Everyone!

So so very sorry for not being here for a few days everyone. I was working on my posts Tuesday with some research, pictures, etc. Moving right along, getting ready to post here, and zap! There went my computer monitor. Just went black, no warning, nothing. So, few minutes later I tried again. Monitor would start to come up, go black, come up, and then go black to where it finally would stay black. Had sounds, and all, but nothing else. 

Thursday I was able to get the monitor to a computer place to have it diagnosed. I was really truly hoping it was maybe a bad power cord, or vsg cord. Nope, no go! I was told I would be better off to get a new monitor. Not really what I wanted to hear. 

So, anyway, today I hit the road a bit with garage sales, second hand/thrift stores, and etc. Was in search of a screen to grab quick till I could get to a bigger city to have choices of monitors, or at least research on line more for some computer monitors.

As you have guessed I found a screen to use. Smaller than my other one, and I am still adjusting to it. But, this will do till I can find a bigger one that I like after doing some research. When that happens I will always have this monitor as a back up if I were to have another issue:)

Sorry to have missed you all the past few days. Thanks for sharing some time with LilacsNDreams. Have a sweet, fun, and wonderful weekend all! See you again on Monday!:)

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