Thursday, June 20, 2013

Online Summertime Sales Slow to None

Online Summertime Sales Slow to None

For many who deal with sales online, or in the brick and mortar stores will sometimes notice sales being slower. Some have not had many sales to speak of. When this happens, many of us will question ourselves about what are we doing wrong, do I need to change something, is there more I could do, and etc.

In all reality sales during the summer generally do become slower for many. Depends on what you are selling, supply and demand, and you know. Consider that many people, and families during the summer spend time vacationing, traveling, spending more time with family and friends, and their focus is not with buying too much of anything. Sure, they will buy when they are traveling, visiting out of town, and vacationing for different little souveniers. The majority of their time is not spending all their time online buying, but maybe emailing, researching with travel plans, some take the summer to prepare for winter months themselves with their diy projects, their online inventory, and things like that.   

Selling has usually been slow for me during the summer time which I have adjusted to. I have adapted with the sales being very slow, or if any at all. I like to try to take the opportunity to work more with my blogs, spend some time with my website, reorganizing things, do a little research about some diy projects, and hoping to take the time to repurpose pieces too. I also have been noting some of my inventory, reviewing past sales of what has or has not sold for me, and try to prepare a little bit for the next year or seasonal changes.  

Like many others I also like to take some time to go thrifting, yard saling, junking, visit some estate sales, maybe attend a few auctions, and enjoy the wonderful weather! It has been a different summer this year with the late start of it, but enjoying what I am able to now.  

So, if you are getting the summer time blues with your online sales or storefront sales, are concerned about slow sales, or no sales, don't be too worried. Just remember that summer time is generally slower for many. Now.....the season will soon be changing from vacations completed, traveling becoming minimal, and with school soon starting again for the little ones, those in middle schools, high schools, and college too. Once the season changes, and people are back home more they will be spending more time with their computers, and doing some of their favorite online shopping again.  

Hang in there everyone, things will soon get better!:) Thanks for sharing time with LilacsNDreams. See you all again soon!

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