Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sentimental Upcycling Repurposing to Make Memories Last

                                                      Quilts From Baby Clothing
                                Favorite Family Recipe Custom Dish Cook Handwriting

                                                       The Broken Plate

                                               Custom Messenger Bag 

Sentimental Upcycling Repurposing to Make Memories Last

Many of us over time have had items of family members, special friends, spouses, and etc that we dearly cherish. Over time the items get worn, maybe have had an accident that it breaks, or it has been sitting collecting dust too. We often think to ourselves I hate to get rid of it, darn I broke it, I am not using it, and this is the time when we need to know that we can convert something sentimental into something useful. Our wonderful memories can be cherished in another way. 

Old items have their own memories, energy, and emotions that have come from times past. This is when it is great being able to give new life to a memory, and keeping it alive and present with us by using the craft of upcycling, and repurposing. Some of us are able to do this ourselves, but most of us will instead pay someone to do this wonderful art. One advantage is the quality, and craftsmanship in old items is great. The old saying "they don't make it like they use to" comes to mind with this.

So many things can be done with everything we hold dear to us. Some popular things that are being made is brooch bouquets, use of materials once worn or used from times past making a quilt, throw pillows, stuffed animals, maybe paint some old wood bowls, baby blankets can be used, hang onto them broken dishes as they make wonderful brooches & necklaces & pieces of jewelry, plates printed with family recipes, lace buttons and linens, and the list is never ending. See just a few pictures I shared above from some of the merchants at Etsy showing what they can do with various things.

So, remember that some of those heirloom pieces you may have will have many ways to give them extra years of love. Incorporating pieces of your past so they can be preserved forever is something to treasure. It is always a joy to make something new again with what we already own. So, don't throw anything away just quite yet. Find a way to preserve that memory just a little bit longer for you, and maybe to pass along with your family members too.

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